Rustams Guide to M6 Corvettes

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Rustams Guide to M6 Corvettes

Post by rustamk » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 16:59

Rustams M6 Guide

When you hit the 12-14 million mark you will be eager to switch to something other than a Nova, and as you don’t have enough scratch for an M2 you will definitely think about getting an M6. This guide is intended to help you choose your M6, and prepare you for the benefits and tears of M6 ownership. I say tears because I am assuming you haven’t flown anything larger than M3 yet, and there is an unpleasant surprise in there somewhere.

Why on earth did I mention 12-14mil? The most expensive M6 out there is about 10Mil! True, but unless you are only buying it to fly it around you will want shields, weapons (and multiple choices of them) and an M5 to accompany you in your quest for destruction. And if you get the more expensive M6s then you will not get away with less than 14mil in your account.

Obviously, some might have different views. Some might say that looks is all that matters. I don’t think like that. When reviewing ships I will take those minor things into account, but not much. I deal in data. I have flown every single one of the below M6s.

So here is the menu:
1. What are M6 good for?
2. Why buy it?
3. Which M6 to choose?
4. How to go about buying it
5. How to maintain your M6
6. M6 Battle Tactics

1) What are M6 good for?

Nope, don’t even think about it. M6 have generally good cargo space, but they cannot dock at stations like M3s, M4s, M5s, TSs and TPs. Just maintaining it is a pain, let alone trading with it.

M6s tend to pack a lot of heat. They are not good for capping, and most cannot equip Ion Disruptors. Unless you are hunting another M6 or an M2 (good luck on that one) then M6 are not your game, switch back to your Nova and “cap” away. Some might have different views, but I don’t see how one could capture a Mandalay or a Bayamon with an M6. I have trouble doing it in a Nova!

So what is it good for?
Destroying. Assassination missions, Xenon invasions at a lower and intermediate level, story-based missions etc. Everything to do with destroying. If an M2s job is “kicking a** and kicking a** and kicking a**” as the Cow Empire guy said in his brilliant M2 review then the M6s job is to kick a** of small stuff. Other M6s, M3s, M4s, M2s and M1s if you have the Osprey or the Nemesis. Some use them for sector defence, which isn’t a great idea since they are quite slow, but it works. Some people use them as wingmen to their M2s and M1s, (M1s and TLs often don’t have the firepower for face-to-face combat), which is good, but I haven’t tried that because I haven’t hit the magical 100 mil mark yet. They are nice as your personal ship for now, while you are on your way to make those billions. They cannot be used for mining.

M6s are in a way like small destroyers. This is especially true for the Osprey, which by stats is comparable to a Split Python. I mean, it only has 125MW less shields, and similar firepower if you include the PSGs.

2) Why buy it?

Why spend 15 million on an M6 if you can buy 13-15 Solar Power Plants for the money? (15 solar power plants can make you 100000 x 15 = 1500000 p/h if you are good at placing them). And M6 can make you triple this if you do lots of assassination missions. M6 will pay for them very quickly, and they will help you survive.

If you would rather get the SPPs, configure them, and go sleep and place them on 10x SETA for the night the night, then you will get 1.5mil x 8 (hours of sleep) x 10 (SETA rate) = 120mil when you wake up. Although it is kind of cheating. It’s your choice. I think I would get the M6 and earn the cash the honest way. I would buy an SSP or two, but not too many.

3) Which M6 to get?

Argon Centaur

Speed and Manoeuvrability: The Centaur has a good speed and manoeuvrability making it a good wingman for the Titan and the Phoenix. It will keep up with any M1 except the Raptor.
Shielding: 2 x 125MW. Average for an M6
Cargo: 1250. Why on earth do we need cargo in M6s? To carry E-cells for the jumpdrive and ammunition for the Mass Driver. 1250 is quite nice.
Weaponry: This M6 has slots for 2 GHEPTs on the front, and 1 BHEPT on the top and bottom, no aft turret, this ship can equip the Mass Driver.
Looks: Quite cool, I like box-shapes and it looks nice and mean.
Price: 7mil

Evaluation: This is an all-around ship typical for Argonssss. It is good as an escort ship, but I wouldn’t choose it as a personal ship because it doesn’t pack enough heat, and it doesn’t have an aft turret. Escorting M1s and TLs is the best use for it, since M1s and TLs are generally underpowered. It is not very expensive, and it comes with some shields, the total price tag would be about 10mil or less. Why do I like when a ship has an aft turret? It is excellent for missile defence, and “run away” tactic. This M6 is very good for anyone wishing to get a balanced Argon fleet.

Would I get it? Well, my opinion doesn’t matter really, but no, I wouldn’t. It isn’t good anything, and if you like firepower (which is the primary directive of the M6) then this is not the cherry in a cake.
Boron Hydra

Speed and Manoeuvrability: The Hydra is like on of them super-fast cars with jet engines on them. It is fast, but you will have trouble dodging asteroids with it.
Shielding: 2 x 125MW. Average
Cargo space: 1500 units. Very good, even better, since you would not use a mass driver, so all the space is free for e-cells.
Weaponry: This is what lets this ship down. I would have looked over the terrible manoeuvrability, if not this, it has a front and a rear turret, the one on the front can equip 1 GHEPT or 1 IonD. The aft turret can take up the APSG, which is cool, but the alpha version isn’t that good, or a BHEPT. At these stats the Hydra has about as much power as a nova, and doesn’t justify its price tag of magical…
Price: 9mil
Looks: *shudder* although I usually don’t take looks into account this thing is horrible (some might think its cool). I want to be flying a vessel of destruction, not some lobster.

Evaluation: Fast, not manoeuvrable, underpowered and overpriced is the summary. It would make a good escort if it had a bit more firepower. It isn’t good for anything. I am sorry to all the hydra-lovers, but it isn’t.

Would I buy it? From the above I am sure that you can see that the answer is “NO WAY”.
Paranid Nemesis

Speed and manoeuvrability: Very good for an M6, it can keep up with all the M1s and most M2s, except for the K and the Python.
Shielding: 2 x 125MW. Average.
Cargo Space: 413 units, which is quite poor if you ask me.
Weaponry: The front turret can equip GPSG which is very good, and GHEPT. The problem with GHEPT is that it can only equip one. Other turrets can equip BPSGs and BHEPTs. It has 3 weapon slots, and it doesn’t have a bottom turret, but this is forgivable since it isn’t very important anyway. It can equip BPSGs in the rear which is great for missile defence and the “run away” tactic.
Price: 7.5mil
Looks: Cool, like one of them race cars mentioned above. Similar to the Split Dragon.

Summary: It is a very powerful ship for one reason: PSGs. When equipped with HEPTs it is less likeable, but with PSGs this thing can take on anything. Of course, the obvious problems are friendly fire, and things turning red towards you, making it only good when you specifically know what to destroy, where to find it, and how to avoid hitting others. Perfect for taking out pirates for boosting reputation and visiting the Xenon (only to some extent). I wouldn’t use it for an escort or sector defence because of the friendly firepower problem. When armed with HEPTs it doesn’t have enough firepower.

Would I buy it? No, because it is not my “style” of ship configuration, but overall it is a ship that is worth its price, unlike the Hydra, and if speed and PSGs were my style then I would gladly get it.
Split now give you Dragon

Speed and manoeuvrability: Best M6 on this around. Fast, manoeuvrable, ideal for escorting, sector patrol and fighter pilots who yearn for a smooth transition from fast and light to slow and heavy. It handles great for an M6. Wonderful on this. Similar to other Split ships.
Shielding 1 x 125MW. Like most split ships, this one has trouble with shielding. With its shields being lower than most M6s, an IonD equipped Nova has no trouble taking it out, unless its weaponry takes the nova out first. This is the main reason for me not choosing it. A Khaak cluster will make short work of it.
Cargo Space: 875. Below average, but still acceptable.
Weaponry: 5 slots, all are GHEPT compatible, no rear turret, all slots are Mass Driver compatible, the front slot can equip APPC, which has a long range, very good firepower, and the lack of an aft turret brings it down a little.
Price: 5.3ml, which is cool, it is the cheapest one out.
Looks: Similar to the Nemesis, very nice.

Summary: An excellent escort or sector patrol ship, and a good personal ship, although the lack of PSG or IonD compatibility brings it down quite a bit. The PPC at the front can ravage a target from a long range, but it is only 1/3 as powerful as the GHEPT, so it is not worth it. A very good attacking ship, best used together with other ships because its shields will not last long when an enemy chooses to concentrate his fire on it.

Would I buy it? Yes, I would, it is absolutely brill. Oh, hold on a second, nope, the shields don’t cut it out for my purposes. What I want from a ship is different to the things that this ship delivers. But, saying that, I would not hesitate to pay the small price for a sector patrol, or a friend to fly by my side. Its just that I wouldn’t choose it as my personal ship.
Teladi Osprey

Speed and manoeuvrability: The slowest M6 out there, it is quite manoeuvrable for an M6. It makes a good escort for a Phoenix or a Condor.
Shielding: 3 x 125MW makes this ship a fortress of its kind. That is almost as much as the python! That is brilliant.
Cargo Space: At 1500 units the ships cargo space is very good.
Weaponry: The ship has an all-round weapon slots except for side turrets, all turrets except the rear one can equip GHEPTs which is brilliant, and the front and the aft turret can take BPSGs which adds sugar to this cup of tea. In total it has 6 weapon mounts, making it the most heat-packing ship of the game.
Looks: Cool, I like the “hazard” paint scheme and the blue engine glow looks nice. Similar to the Centaur, I think it looks nice.
Price: 9mil. A tad expensive, but definitely value for money. Once fully equipped this ship will cost you the full 15mil.

Evaluation: Throughout this review you might have guessed that I like shields and firepower, so you may have concluded that I like the Osprey. I am not alone on this, the guy who wrote the brilliant review on M2s and M1s also loves them. A mini destroyer this is. It is best used as a personal ship or sector defence (although never on its own). Escorting is difficult because this thing is quite slow, it only escorts smaller ships.

Would I buy it? Hell yes! This is in my opinion the best M6 around, just like the phoenix, it is slow and powerful.


If you are into Fish and Chips then get the Hydra.
If you like speed, or need an escort with reasonable firepower get the Dragon.
If you are low on cash the Dragon is best for you.
If you want a mini battleship that is slow but powerful get the Osprey.

There is no overall winner as all M6s except the Hydra are good for something. However, going back to the Primary function of an M6, the Split Dragon, and the Teladi Osprey are the best ships out there. One is good for escorts, the other for personal use. When I will be a billionaire in X2 universe my M1s and TLs will definitely have a Dragon somewhere around for extra protection. If my primary ship will be the phoenix (I really like the xenon K as well) then an Osprey will be around. For now, with 15mil in my pocket I will gladly go to the Teladi Showroom and get the Osprey to serve me loyally as a personal ship.

4) How to buy it?

So, you’ve decided to get your M6. Go to the required shipyard and buy it. I suggest getting as many things as you can for it straight away, because looking for those things somewhere else will be troublesome. Get engine and rudder upgrades and cargo upgrades. A jumpdrive is a must.

Once you’ve bought it make a shopping list, jump into a TS with a jumpdrive. Buy Transporter device, salvage insurance, G and BHEPTs, any other weapons, 125MW shields, all the necessary computer upgrades and anything else that you need.

Load it into your M6 using the transport cargo function (I haven’t tried that yet, but that is what people say they do, when I did it I ejected the cargo from the TS and picked it up with the M6. Then take the TS again and get lots and lots of E-cells and Mass Driver ammo, and beam it up again. Now you are ready to fight.

Where to buy stuff?

Very often I see messages like “where the hell are those 125MW shields?” the answer is here:

But, if you want a simpler route:
125MW shield factories are in sectors:

Lucky Planets
Depths of silence
Ringo Moon
Getsu Fune
Argon and Boron Equipment docks
BPSGs can be bought at:

Dukes Vision
Friars Retreat
GPSGs can be aquired at:

Pontifexe’s realm
GHEPTs can be found in:

Family Rhonkar
Cloudbase NW
Split Equipment docks.
If you are after BHEPTS then look in:

The Hole
Thuruks Pride
Paranid Prime
Emperors Wisdom
Argon EDs
You can get salvage insurance and the transporter device at the goner temple in Cloudbase SW.
Jumprdives are sold at TerraCorp headquarters in Home of light, and the above-mentioned Goner Temple.
If you want to refuel your M6 with E-cells with ease, you can dock normally with the TerraCorp Headquarters to buy them.

5) Maintenance and Care

You have probably discovered the biggest problem with M6s and larger ships on the whole. They do not dock at stations other than shipyards, wharfs, piers and Equipment docks, and the TC HQ. That is a big set back and takes away a lot of fun. So, how do we get the needed stuff? The only way is to shuttle it back and forth with the M5 that is docked with your M6. That M5 is better be the Teladi Harrier. Either command it to shuttle something back and forth, or get the Fleet Support thing, (I don’t use it myself yet), or get a TS, buy stuff with it and beam it up to your M6. Or you could go to the TC HQ (TerraCorp Headquarters) to get e-cells. To view the Station Bulletin Board jump into your M5 and dock in the station. If you accept a mission then get to the M6, and go get’em. Take care not to bump into other pilots, a bump at max speed will tear apart most ships except the larger ones leaving your M6 relatively unharmed, so it is best not to do it.

6) M6 Battle Tactics

Coming up soon, my fingers hurt now, so I will post it tomorrow or in two days.

I hope you found that useful and informative

Information was taken out of my experience and Argonopedia website. Some lines were taken out of the Cow Empire guy’s review (eg *shudder*, and the general layout).

Distinguish opinions from facts! I might think that the Hydra is a piece of overpriced junk, but you might have a different opinion. That is fine with me and should be fine with you.

Happy killin’ :twisted: :lol:


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Post by spence336 » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 17:42

thanks for that, do you know how i can get me nova to dock with my osprey?

actually forget i said that, i went on argonopedia and foud it cant dock ships, ****!!!
1 teladi osprey 5 pirate ships
1 paranid nemesis 1 argon nova
1 argon centaur 1 argon discoverer
1 split mamba 1 boron barracuda
1 split scorpoin 1 boron manta
2 paranid pegasus' 2 boron dolphins

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Post by rustamk » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 17:45

The only ship classes that an M6s can dock are M5 class ships. You simply cannot dock an M3 with an M6.

If you want to carry the nova around, look into the "wingman" option. The osprey is a little bit faster than the nova, so don't leave it behind. Don't forget to give Nova a jumpdrive and e-cells so it can follow you around if you will use a jump drive.


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Post by JungleJim » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 18:10

In the long run, I've found I use M6s for 4 purposes:
Taxi mission mothership
Sector exploration & satellite placement
Combat (intermediate between M3 & M2)

My picks for these are:
OOSD - Centaur or Nemesis. Because laser value number not type is the important parameter, use HEPTs not PSG on Nemesis. In my opinion the Nemesis is slightly more expensive and slightly less survivable. Therefore, I favor the Centaur for this role.

Taxi mission mothership - Osprey or Hydra. The primary consideration is cargo space & these ships are tied. Of secondary importance is flight speed (the Hydra is much better) but I'm hesitant to buy a Hydra solely for this role.

Sector exploration & satellite placement - Hydra. The Hydra really is the best ship for this role, with high flight speed,& large cargo bay. Every other candidate has a major drawback in this role but if I had to pick an alternate, I'd have to pick the Dragon.

Combat - Nemesis, Dragon, or Osprey. Which comes out on top, really depends upon your combat technique. I've found it quite easy to clear Xenon sectors in a PSG laden Nemesis. I think it would be equally easy with an Osprey, but I don't have the patience to fly around in one :) . Combat in a Dragon is very much like that in an M3. I have never taken out an M2 with a Dragon and don't know if this is my combat style or whether the Dragon is just more suited to taking out other M6 and smaller ships. Regardless, killing things with a Dragon is really fun.
Be seeing you,


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Post by stella » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 18:20

OOSD is a biggie.

Once (if at all) your empire starts to grow, you may well have a large number of stations in one sector. If the Khaak get in there, they'll wreak havoc.

An M6 is the way most people go about protecting their interests.
Attack enemies in radius -here

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Post by Zarathustra » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 19:17

Nice work. Other people have tried to do a comparison of the different M6s (like Damar Stiehl’s guide which is linked in The Ultimate Guide For Everything), but you’ve put in plenty of extra information too.

There’s one point where I strongly disagree with you though, which is that M6s can be great for capturing. The issue is more about the weapons you use, rather than the ship. HEPTs do too much damage too quickly, so keep some lower-powered weapons around for when you want to capture and not kill. Alternatively, PSGs can be excellent for capturing with an Osprey or Nemesis, because used with care they do hull damage very slowly. There shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t capture a Mandalay or Bayamon while flying an M6 (although if you can afford an M6 then the resale value of a Mandalay is probably too small to interest you anymore).

Try taking an Osprey, put GPACs in the front and GIREs in the turrets, then dive into a Khaak cluster. Unlike an M3, you have more than enough shields to be safe. While you focus on the M3 with your front weapons the turrets will take out all or most of the M5s, and often capture a few for you. :)

Incidentally you forgot to mention that BPSGs and GPSGs are available in Paranid EQ Docks.
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Post by rustamk » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 19:23

Yes, I suppose that if you were to equip your M6 with BPAC or APAC then you could capture in it, but face it, you would rather be doing this in a Nova with IonDs. (Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even me). I haven't tried doing that yet, a good thing to try.

The reason I didnt mention that PSGs can be bought in Paranid ED is that they usually don't have any. Silkworms (cool name) can bebought at Argon ED, but they are usually fresh out of 'em.


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Post by Zarathustra » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 19:53

In terms of pure fun, I’d rather be doing it in a Bayamon! :D But if you happen to be in your M6 when the opportunity arises for some capturing, it’s nice to know the ship can handle it.

When I go capturing Khaak in particular I rarely use IDs, because the real profit is in the weapons not the hulls, and the IDs tend to fry the ship’s equipment. I can live with doing more hull damage for the sake of getting weapons more often. For me this means the fact that most M6s can’t handle IDs isn’t a major concern.

Plus the extra shields of the M6 are a big help. In a smaller ship, if I go after a Khaak cluster, or even a big group of pirates, I find I have to use a more ‘cat and mouse’ approach to pick them off one by one. In an Osprey you can just dive straight in.
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Post by rustamk » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 21:53

I have decimated everything in the ospray, but I am still cautious about the Largest Cluster out. Can it even take on that thing? It has like 50 ships in it! Better than a Carrier! Id love to see them go back together too.


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Post by Some Strange Man » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 23:12

JungleJim wrote:Taxi mission mothership - Osprey or Hydra. The primary consideration is cargo space & these ships are tied. Of secondary importance is flight speed (the Hydra is much better) but I'm hesitant to buy a Hydra solely for this role.
A Hydra has the BEST cargo hold.

I mean, a maxed out hydra with all weapons being available has...1418

And a maxed out Osprey with all weapons being available has....1345

Hopefully one of the suggestions I put on devnet will be looked at and make the Hydra useful for a specific mission type. (The idea was the mission type.)

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Post by CBJ » Sun, 17. Oct 04, 23:16

I've added a link to this thread to the Ultimate Guide at the top of the forum.

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Post by James_2k » Mon, 18. Oct 04, 00:38

Some Strange Man wrote:
JungleJim wrote:Taxi mission mothership - Osprey or Hydra. The primary consideration is cargo space & these ships are tied. Of secondary importance is flight speed (the Hydra is much better) but I'm hesitant to buy a Hydra solely for this role.
A Hydra has the BEST cargo hold.

I mean, a maxed out hydra with all weapons being available has...1418

And a maxed out Osprey with all weapons being available has....1345

Hopefully one of the suggestions I put on devnet will be looked at and make the Hydra useful for a specific mission type. (The idea was the mission type.)
you could change the hydra yourself.

knowing you; probably add gpsgs :P

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Post by rustamk » Mon, 18. Oct 04, 01:41

What do you exactly mean by "Taxi missions". You don't need much cargo space for that?

In my opinion an M6s use is to act as suplementary firepower or transition from M3 to M2. The only reason to have cargo space is to stock up on e-cells and ammo for jumping. I welcome alternate suggestions for uses though...

Yes, the hydra is underpowered... It is a shame since there is not much to write about it. Fly it in the Bonus mission if you want to give it a go. Yes, it is a pity that there is a ship that is practically useless. I don't like to use the word but that is how it is. Transporting stuff is really TSs or TPs job.


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Post by johnstrt » Mon, 18. Oct 04, 02:45

(\wearily) Hydras are undergunned and overpriced, but they're not useless: one of the best M6s for OOSD, as many people have pointed out many times(\wearily)

M6s with PSGs are fine for capping - especially Khaak in 1.4.

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Post by rustamk » Mon, 18. Oct 04, 02:53

What does a Hydra have that a Dragon doesnt for sector defense, except the price tag?


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