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Post by Williamm » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 17:57


I am using upgrade 1.4 x2. I see liners transporting people in the game. Is there any way I could do that?


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Post by JamieKnowles » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 17:59

Yep, read the BBS missions when your docked, you should find some 'tour of a lifetime' mission where you get cash for showing ppl around.

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Post by Deleted User » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 18:00

check on the bbs, sometimes they is a tour of a lifetime mission, you will need a tp to do them though.

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Post by Williamm » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 18:08

thankyou both

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Post by frymaster » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 20:28

they generally only appear at trading stations, not factories.

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Post by Jha'dur » Tue, 24. Aug 04, 20:44

*Ahoy there, matey. I want ta share some piratin' tips, even though ye scurvy dogs surely don't deserve it. Some of them thar liners have more wind in their sails than you would expect, if ye know what I mean, and getting hold of a-one of them could boost yer business*
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