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Space Game

Post by tomplast » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 14:27


My name is Tomas and i search for people who wants to make an online space game. The game will be coded in ASP and that will not be changed. Everybody that wants to join is welcome:)

The game can be in german if you want but then you will have to write the text for the game because i can only speak little german.

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Post by boogyman » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 16:15

Looks like you have a little trouble with English also :lol:

Only kidding mate!

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Post by Gandalf The White » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 16:58

Hi Tomas,

Welcome to our little corner of siber space.

Although I am not interested/don't have the knowledge for the project that you have mentioned, what ideas do you have about it? For example, what sort of space game do you intend to creat? Even if it's just a proposal, it can help to get the creative duces going of anybody that might be interested in going into this project with you.

Anyway, enjoy your stay hear.

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Post by Deleted User » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 20:28

It doesnt matter, even if you cant program or design you are welcome.

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