Tsar's Guide to Capital Ships! Update: V1.81 [10/10/04]

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Tsar's Guide to Capital Ships! Update: V1.81 [10/10/04]

Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:15

[[ Forward ]]

I think Its time somebody Did a really in-depth run down on all the Capital ships, their stats and their uses, so that we can point people to the thread when they ask "Which Capital Ship should I buy?" Now i do know there have been other threads, but they have been scattered across the land and tend to only give you an overview instead of a ship-by-ship rundown through every one of the ships' aspects. In this guide, atempt to give you a full run down on all Capital Ships, compareing on their Uses, speed, manuverability, shields, cargo bays, hangers, weapons load outs (notably the much loved PSGs (Pulse Shockwave Generators)), price and ofcourse, aesthetics. So, without Further adue, I give you:

V1.81 [10/10/04]

Now linked to the Ultimate Guide Thread! For the instant "Classic" feel!

*New: Part 3: TLs!
*New: Edited my reviews on M1s, I was quite unfair to some of them, and I have re-evaluated them baised a lot more around price, considering the huge fluxuations in price between the different M1s.
*New; Removed "HQ" comparison of the M2s, HQs are M1s, not M2s, so the comparison was pointless. This has changed the outcome somewhat, and now the Ray is tied with the K.
*New: brought it up to date with V1.4 i.e, the Ks have 5 bays now. This makes the Ks winner of the "Best M2" award.
*Fixed: on the M2 final line up, I accidentally called the "Python" a "Raptor" fixed it.
*Fixed: A bunch of errors
Added: a "Note" bit, where applicable to some of the ships.

Part 1:M1s

What is the Function of an M1?
Right, an M1, is supposedly a carrier, but it is used by most players as a mobile HQ, a place to store your trusty nova and drop off goods, aswell as dock your recently captured ships... and it performs this task admirably.

M1s arent usueally used as a carrier because of their fatal design flaws:
1: it takes a long time to launch a few wings of fighters
2: Pre 1.4 the AI is so bad there isnt any point anyway.

But M1s do make decent battleships, and excellent HQs, and when the 1.4 patch comes along, there will probably be a good reason to use wings of fighters.

Which M1 should I buy?
Ok, so You have decided you want the rich mans plaything, an M1, a mobile HQ ay? Well, here goes:

-Teladi Condor
summary:One of the few caps Ive flown, so let me tell you: It turns on a dime! but it has turrets in quite awkward positions... so doesnt make a wonderfull battleship... then again most M1s dont. A huge shield and cargo bay make this a very good HQ ship. Also earns extra Kudos for good looks. But, it should be noted, that this ship is only for patient 9or cheating) players, because it's speed is very low. Over all, I would say this is the best M1 out there, it can serve as a good warehouse and as a great HQ, which, as i said are the two main reasons to have an M1. And for all this, it comes at very reasonable price.
price:65794388 Credits (you know you want it! Its a bargin at this price :wink: )
speed:126.12 (Are we there yet?)
weapons: As far as Weapons go, the Condor isnt a heavy hitter, it cant equip PSGs or IonDs that many people are fond of
shields: 875000W, Lets put it this way: To break its shields you need a fast physical interaction with a supernova.
Docking: 60 ships, through a door in a shielded position below the ship, very neat, but easy to miss! Should mention, that 60 ships is a low docking capacity for an M1... but 60 ships is quite a lot when you think about it!
Cargo Bay:6900 You could probably fit Jupiter in there!

-Split Raptor
summary: This is a very popular M1. It has Good speed, good docking and low shields. It is also exceedingly expensive. Now, it is quite a specialised M1, this ship, I would use for fast fleet manuveres, and not for combat at all. But, I am still going to bash it for haveing such an astronomical price tag.
price:95228416 (for that price you might as well get a fully equiped Condor)
speed:234.24 (It could outrun my Bayamon (just) definatly the fasted M1, this can arguably compensate for hte poo shielding.)
weapons: Not sure.... Is rumoured to be weak to the bottom of the ship... I cant really give a good assesment as I havent even seen one of these ships! Let alone seen it in a fight! Also, PSG fans take note, this beast cant equip them. Neither can it equip Ion Ds.
shields: 625000 W, thats low for a carrier... very low.
Docking: 150, best docking capacity of all! But Where are you going to get 150 ships? and do you really want to wait that long to unload them?
Cargo Bay:2900 Dead average for an M1.

-Argon Collossus
summary:Average. This is your typical Argon ship, mid range in everything. this ship is so good at sitting on the fence its practially useless IMHO, since an M1 needs to be specialised: a general M1 has no perpose... But even worse, is the price tag, the price may be average for an M1, but for such an average ship, its not really worth it, especially, when you can buy the superior Shark for 25 000 000 less.
price:88033416 Average for M1, but over-priced.
speed:162.16 Average, maybe a tad slow.
weapons: 3 of those PSG slots... only APSGs though. And the 3 slots that arnt PSG capable are Ion D capable, so its quite nicely balanced. Has been pointed out tha tit can equip MDs aswell though, and an MD Ion D mix is handy...
shields:750000 average.
Docking:130 average.
Cargo Bay:2900 average.
note:According to delta7, the unique combot of MDs and Ion Ds that the Collossus can equip make it idea for captureing! As the Ion Ds blast the shields and the MDs slowly crush the hull, and ofcourse with such a big hanger, you can store your newly aquired ships easily on the go!

- Boron Shark
summary: Well, as far as looks go, to me, this ship "ownz". Apart from the looks, the Shark is not particularly outstanding in any one field... Infact, to sum up the Shark, think of a Colossus with less hangers and more speed. This is not necissarily a bad thing however, as it is very comparable to the Colossus, but costs more than 25 000 000Cr less! If you want a cool looking and decent carrier for a bargin, look no further.
price:62358096 Very good price, its cheaper than many M2s.
speed:199.09 nice for an M1
weapons:Not spectacular, can equip one PSG... and only an APSG at that. All of the slots can take Ion Ds however.
shields:750000W Average.
Docking:100 Slightly low
Cargo Bay: 2900 Average

- Paranid Zeus
summary:Ive recently changed my mind about theZeus. Its a really good ship, infact, I might go as far as to say it is one of the better M1s. It has decent specifications, but the big winner for this ship is the weapons, it can mount BPSGs all around with GPSGs at the front left and right. Ivebeen takeing it into action crushing the split, and it does a very good job of obliterateing stations and other ships. Ive also warmed to its apearence, aside from a graphical glitch in the engines, it does actually look quite cool. So, I admit it, It is a very good M1, however, Its price tag is not very good.... and if you couldn't get cheaper M1s that were only a bit less great for 30 000 000 less, then Id love the Zeus, but as it stands, Im much more likely to spend money on a cheaper M1.
price:89624646 (anyone get the license plate of... I wasnt run over? Oh? I just saw the price tag? Riiight, I'll go for something cheaper then!)
speed:194.59 Pretty zippy
weapons:As with most Paranid ships, its got a nice weapon arry, and can mount the highly praised PSGs. And lots ofthem too! :D Cant equip any Ion Ds however.
shields:750000W Average
Docking:81 low.
Cargo Bay:3900 Pleasently high.
note: The Zeus is by far the deadliest M1. It's PSGs can chew through stations and other capitals.

-Xenon J
summary: Slow... Slow... and slow.... This ship is a tad useless... it excels at nothing. its slow... and everything else is either average or low. i cant think of a good use for this ship other than to sell it.
price: The time it takes to dig out your "gimmeaship" script.
speed:158.56 slow
weapons: No IonDs or PSGs, lots of PPCs however.
shields:750000 Average
Docking:100 Slightly Low
Cargo Bay:2900 Low.

- Khaak Carrier
summary: Very Deadly...
price: Time it takes you to script it in.

Right, Ive updated this conclusion, because I didnt take price into account very well last time.

For all rounders, it comes down to how much you want to spend. The Shark, Collossus and Zeus all fit the role of all-rounder, they have really quite similar stats.
And, in my opinion, the Shark wins, it can do what the expensive ships can do, and it costs a hell of a lot less. So, the Shark wins my Support for an all-round M1.

There is no competition for HQ, the Condor is the best ship in the game to act as a warehouse, and with that pricetag it is affordable even to the entrepaneur who isnt onto the really big proffitssss.

And, for tactical deployment, the Raptor wins, no competition, it is fast and can carry a huge fleet in there. Just dont take it into battle, and dont try to use it as a warehouse, treat it as a rapid response unit.

With it's PSGs and easy of positioning to maximise fire arcs, the Zeus is the clear winner for "Most Deadly M1" however, It's pricetag is also pretty deadly if you have a weak heart.

The Collossus, it has come to my atention, via delta7, has a unique weapon arrangement allowing it to act as a good ship for captureing.

So, overall:

All rounder - Shark
HQ - Condor
Tactical Carrier - Raptor
Most Deadly - Zeus
Mass Captureing: Collossus

"You know it makes sense Dont'cha?"

Part 2:M2s

What is the Function of an M2?
An M2? So you want to hear the story of an M2? Well, gather round, now are you sitting comfortably? Yes? good, because I aint! My back is killing me, but I digress, so: M2s. Right, An M2 is a killing machine, it has two main functions: Kicking A** and Kicking A**. M2s are also good for sector defense (if you can afford it!), they make very nice flagships and are great fun for fireing at a pirate base, sitting back, and enjoying the fireworks. And if you want to invade a system, the invasion wouldnt be complete without an M2.
An M2 needs to be versitile, because of the many things it will do within your Empire, it needs to be a capable flagship, good at offense, defense, cargo capacity and speed, a specialised M2 is not necisarraly a good thing.

Which M2 to buy?
So, you have decided on an M2 hmm? Well, i cant say I blame you, they are certainly nice to look at and a joy to kick A** with, so heres the run-down:

-Argon Titan
summary: The capship from the intro, and consiquently, probably the first ship that you will wet the keyboard drooling over. As far as stats go.... is another Average, borderline sit-on-the-fence Argon ship. It has no weaknesses, but excells at nothing, it is truely a Jack-of-all-Trades. This is not necissaraly a bad thing. Because an M2 needs to be a versitile ship (unlike an M1) it serves as your mobile base, your flagship, your battleship, your cargoship, and to some extent your carrier, so the Titan is a good, conservative choice, it will get the job done. But it is noteably slower than most other M2s.
price:64562392 quite expensive for an M2
speed:175.67 On the slow side of average.
weapons: Trust me, this ship will decimate your oponents in no time, It can equip all sorts of nice things like PSGs and it has 9 Ion D mounts to the front, left and right, Tasty!
shields:625000 Average.
Docking:4 Average.
Cargo Bay:3500 Nice.
note: I went with the Titan.

-Split Python
http://www.the-commander.com/x2python.htm (full lineup of picks)
summary: The link above is the full line up of pics so that you can understand the sheer magisty of the Python, the jutting wings, the glowing engines, the sublime and unconquerable beuty of this ship. Every time I see it I want to knaw my own leg off in apreciation, it is a beutifull ship. Now, apart from the sheer aceness of it's looks, lets talk about how it performs...
well, the Python is the second fastest M2, to emphasise this, let me put it in Ghetto slang "My Man, this bad baby will get you to your h** and back lickity-splits, no s***!" This ship is faster than an M4! You'll leave your oponents in a trail of space dust as you fly around like a mad thing. Which is good, since your shields sure arnt going to save you!!
It has however come to my attention, that this ship is pants in combat. Totally undeniablely pants. You will get eaten alive by other M2s, it really makes no sense, and I'm quitely campaining Egosoft to shange the position of the side turrets onto the front wings, so that this ship will have 8 guns faceing forward, but would be weak to the back, this, to me makes much more sense and suits the Split a lot better. As it stands, however, this ship only has two forward faceing guns! It makes no sense! Crazy Split warriors need lots of forward guns!! Whenever I talk about the Python, I keep asking myself: Who came up with these stats? The Python is just so bad in every department!
But Im such a poser I don't care! Give me ace looks any time!
price:61485844 relatively high for what you get.
speed:292.79 (zoom zoom zoom!! :D )
weapons:noteable absense of PSGs, but its not the end of the world. Should be noted, it has a lack of forward faceing guns. As well as the lack of any Ion Ds.
shields:500000W Won't stop a spacefly with a AIRE. :P Ok, it will, but its still low for a Capital Ship. But thats why its so fast!
Docking:1. poo.
Cargo Bay:3500 Nice.
note: The Python has utterly pants manuverability. It is a very slow turning ship.

-Boron Ray
summary: looks Great! Its also a good cheap and solid M2... not much else to say for it... Except that it has a lack of cargo space, so it isnt for long hauls... this ship is really recomendable for sector defense... if you are willing to pay 49000000-65000000 for sector defense!!
Overall however, price taken into consideration, this ship is really very good! As it serves as a very average M2, much like the Titan, but much cheaper! Not to mention, it looks great! I think many people under-value Boron Capital ships, so please dont write this one off, it is worth the money, I assure you!
price:48309932 :D
speed:234.23 nice
weapons:Acceptable, but a lack of the fabeled PSGs, all mounts are Ion D capable however, and it can mount PPCs. Perfect for mass-capping.
shields:625000 Average
Docking:5 Nice
Cargo Bay:2500 A bit poo, you'll be running out of Energy Cells before you know it.
note: I tried out the Ray, but in the end decided to revert to an older save and buy a Titan... the Ray is a good ship, but it's cargo bay just isnt up for bounty hunting (prolonged stays in deep space require lots of Ecells) not only that but my Khaak M3 couldnt undock properly...

-Paranid Odysseus (Odi)
summary:Another cowpat with engines as far as looks go, but aside from that, this is widely recognised as the best M2, it's weapons will kick serious you-know-what in no time. This is mainly due to the full line up of PSGs it can equip, it is well known for decimateing other M2s in seconds. I however, am not that taken with it, it may be the deadliest M2 but that doesnt make it the best.
price:67568304 Acceptable.
speed:225.22 Average.
weapons:This is widely recognised to be the most deadly M2... and I will atestify to that... It can level a wing of pirate Ships in 5 seconds flat. It also so happens to be the only M2 that can equip all types of PSGs... coincidence?? No Ion D slots however, and a few good PPC slots.
shields:625000 Average
Docking:4 low/average.
Cargo Bay:3000 A bit on the low side.
note: I did give the Oddy a whirl, It was a good ship, but didnt like the looks and found myself low on cargo space...

-Teladi Pheonix
summary:It may look like a bunch of cardboard boxes thrown together, but this ship is deadly... very deadly. Good sheilding render it almost invincible, and it's impressive weapons array will make anyone think twice before takeing one on... plenty of cargo space for jumps aswell, but as with all Teladi ships, it is very very slow.
price:89592696 (Very expensive.... very.)
speed:153.15 (Captain:"ETA?" Navigator:"3 years." Captain:" :o ")
weapons:It burns!! This ship, as I said, is deadly, with it's weapon configurations, you can very easily (more so than with other M2s) align the ship to have 3 turrets fireing at one taget all at once.... Flapjacks anyone? No PSGs, but you probably wont need em. Not Ion D capable.
shields:750000W To break these shields you need either a black hole or a fleet of Ion D equiped Novas.
Docking:5 Good.
Cargo Bay:5000 Very good, it will be a while before you need a refuel... and you will still have space left over to use this baby as a warehouse.

-Xenon K
summary: Deadly, Very deadly, and fast, very fast, faster than a Python... This ship is good on most fronts, and fast aswell... Just found the stats for it, so Ive updated it. Ive also been lucky enough to see a few of them in action.. and WOW! In my humble opinion, this is one of the better M2s, dispite the docking problem, it earns my seal of aproval for being so damn fast without any major downsides when it comes to combat, it is fast, yet still has average shields and weapons. It also is the most bland ship in terms of looks... I cant say much about it, its not "Gnaw-my-own-leg-off-in-apreciation", but it isnt "oh-my-god-im-haveing-bowel-movements-its-so-ugly" either! Its just... spacey, and there is nothing that makes it particuarly stand out.
price:Free, the K is captuarable in the 'transport with Xenon threat' BBS missions (why BBS? I would have said Station Bulletin Boards, SBB)when you have a high enough rank. (Ace of Aces 1st Grade)
speed:306.3m/s (ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! :D )
weapons: Lots of PPCs! But no PSGs or Ion Ds. Major weakness though, it cannot hit fighters that sit in the indent just below the cockpit, and so can quite easily be destroyed by them. But, the AI havent worked that one out, so take this as a tip for destroying Ks, not necissarily as something to worry about while piloting them.
shields:625000 Average
Docking: 5 As of V1.4 Patch pre 1.4 the Ks do not have any docking!
Cargo Bay:3500 Average

-Khaak Destroyer
summary:"Whip out the butter Maw! Its Roasty-Toasty time!" This ship will hand your unmentionable-place to you on a plate, in a rosemary glaze. Possibly capturable, I dont know, simply, see one and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Some very creative windscreen wipers aswell. :D
price:How long it takes you to script it in.
notes: good fun to pilot. Its a bit over-rated in combat actually, I can cream them in no time with my Titan.... even though they *supposedly* crush Titans....

Conclusion: I cant give you an over-all winner, all the M2s are good for something... However, the winner in terms of stats is the Khaak Destroyer.... but you cant get one, so there isnt much point in me telling you about it... so I'll instead give you my preference: I will probably get a Split Python at some point Just for looks... sure its got low Docking space and low shields, but I like to get places fast, and being able to pull off good manuvers in M2s is what M2 combat is all about, so I would go for the Python... Unless ofcourse, I was able to somehow get a K... The Titan called to me aswell, you just gotta love that behemoth, and in the end I bought one... Its agreat ship. And, as I suggested earlier, it was the first ship I wet my keyboard with drool over, and it serves as a good all-rounder. But enough waffle, Heres a quick few recomendations:

For Speed: Python / K
For Firepower: Odi
For hangers: Ray/ K -As of 1.4!
For Shields: Pheonix
For Everything: Titan / K
For Price: Ray / K
For sector Defense: Ray
For a Flagship: Titan / K / Odi
For Looks: Python / Titan / Ray
For Cargo: Pheonix

Final Scores:
K 5 Points
Ray 4 Points
Titan 3 points
Pheonix 2 Points
Odi 2 Points
Python 2 Points
Khaak 10 (Disqualified)

Its getting a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest isnt it??

If you take the ships on my point values, the Xenon K Wins!

Part 3: TLs

What is the Function of a TL?
A TL is a very usefull ship. It changes the whole way that you play the game, it lets you carry factories half way across the universe without haveing to wait for a hired TL, it can serve as a mini carrier, as a mobile base, as a place to store your captured ships, as a frieghter, and as part of a mobile mineing team. TLs are probably the most versitile ship in the game, once you get one, you wont look back.

But, haveing said that TLs are very usefull ships, keep in mind that they are not exactly combat ready... you might be able to take out a lone M3 on a good day, but a group of enemies will take ages and a Cap ship will probably kill you. If you want to take it to dangerous places, keep a M3 in the Hanger, you will probably need it.

Which TL to buy?
Well, thats really down to your wallet, and what you are going to be useing them most for... all of the TLs are good for something... but some are better than others...

-Argon Mammoth
summary: It looks a bit like a grapelling hook with a cockpit, but its a good ship. Infact, id say this is statistically the best TL, especially for how much you can cram in the cargo bay.
However, it is exceedingly expensive, and I dont think that its statistics can justify the 'mammoth' price tag.
price:45446724 (ouch, the Mammoth is the most expensive TL, for the same price, you can get 3 hercs, which will do a better job than the Mammoth... but if you like all your eggs in one basket...)
speed:225 Slow for a TL, but compared to other ships it pretty zippy.
weapons:3 Turrets and one main gun, max weapon is the GHEPT on the left and right turrets, and BHEPT to the rear, or the Mineing laser in the Main slot.
shields:5x 125MW Average
Docking:12 Alright
Cargo Bay:21000 The best out there

-Paranid Hercules (Herc)
summary: This is the cheap and cheerful TL... and is adviseable as the first capital ship you buy, even though M6s are cheaper, TLs are more important.
Hercs are cheap and usefull and good at most things, I used to fly one myself, and I am very impressed by it, it totally changed the game for me.
Also, if you look at it from the side, it looks like a cute Anime animal with a basket on it's back and holding a toybox... or maybe thats just me.
price:17073228 Very very resonable, it is one of the best buys you can make as a new player.
speed:227.2 Slow for a TL, but compared to other ships its pretty zippy.
weapons: 1 main laser capable of GHEPTS and mineing lasers (but the ship has such a large bow you should NEVER atempt to mobile mine with it, unless you like the "The End" message) and two turrets (to the left and right) GHEPT compatible.
shields:6x 125MW Pleasently high, you'll fell pretty safe at the helm of one of these.
Docking:27 Second best, and considering the ship's other stats, this is very good.
Cargo Bay:13000 A bit low for a TL, But, you can still fit any factory in... but you may have to transfer some cargo into smaller ships, if like me, youtend to keep a good few thousand E-cells in the cargo bay.
note: I bought ths ship. Great ship very handy, but after I got my Titan, its been sitting in Heron's Nebula until I come back from Bounty Hunting and get around to setting up more factories.

- Split Elephant
summary: By god its ugly! It looks like... I dunno what but its ugly. Apart from my initial reaction of "oh-my-god-im-haveing-bowel-movements-thats-so-ugly!", its adecent ship... but there are better buys out there... Its weapons are a bit iffy, as is it's cargo bay, but it has the best docking capacity and speed... so it is often refered to as a "poor man's carrier". And so is usefull for capping.
Update; Many people seem to like the look of it, but I have a screenshot linked to so you can form your own opinion, if you like it, thats fine, I dont really care that much, I dont like it, and a guide tends to invole the opnions of the author, and I dont like it. So there.
price:19477168 I hounestly wouldnt bother, the herc is better and cheaper.
speed:303.67 Oh damn I just ran over ANOTHER TS that couldnt get out of my way in time!
weapons: One main laser, on back turret. Both GHEPT and Ion D capable.
shields:5x 125MW Average.
Docking:30. Very good (see summary)
Cargo Bay:11000 poo. You can barely even get every type of factory in there.... so you'll need to hire out a mammoth for seriously heavy haulage.

- Boron Orca
summary: As far as looks go its very asthetically pleaseing, and as far as stats go, the orca is a pretty midrange TL, but it has a nice cargo bay and has no real downsides (apart from the slightly low docking), so its really second best as far as these things balance out.
The Orca has been described as a "poor man's Mammoth" and I tend to agree with that, it can carry a decent amount, and isnt too heavy on the wallet.
price:25969556 A bit on the pricey side
speed:247.74 average
weapons: 2 Turrets (left and Right) and main laser, all GHEPT compatible, and the main laser is mobile mineing capable aswell... though why you'd bother lineing up a TL is beyond me, its easier with a TS.
shields:5x 125MW Average
Docking:10 A bit poo...
Cargo Bay:17000 nice and high! Second best cargo bay.

- Teladi Albatross
summary: As far as looks go, the Albatross is strait down to buisiness, it is a workhorse and doesnt hide under flashy exteriors... it has a job and it does it... expensively, slowly and not all that well...
price:32461944 High... especially for what you are getting.
speed:234.23 Predictably, for the Teladi, on the slow side of average.
weapons:Very good loadout, it can equip 3 guns on each side as of 1.4 (apparently, I havent tried it) it can even equip PSGs, so this TL gets the prize for "most Deadly"... but TLs arent made for combat, and the prize of "Most Deadly" TL doesnt say much.
shields:6x 125MW predicatably good... its a Teladi ship after all.
Docking:10... a bit poo.
Cargo Bay:14000 A bit out of character for the Teladi... this is only average.

Conclusion:Due to a massive amount of argueing flareing up, Im going to right a much more neutral conclusion, because people seem to be much more passionate about their TLs than their M2s or M1s, for some strange reason. So, im not going to rant about each one, instead, Im going to do a short bullet point summary and a short conclusion.

All the TLs have their uses, some are more usefull than others. In My opinion:

Herc: Is the all round best TL, it is cheap, and has very resonable stats. For the price of some other TLs, you can get several hercs, which will do a much better job.

Orca: is a very decent buy. It is a very sit-on-the-fence type ship in some respects, and is a conservative choice. (note the small "c")

Albatross: Is next to useless, with its stats being depressively average or low, and its major strength being it's weapons, which, in my opinion, isnt the best thing to look for in a TL.

Elephant: Apart from finding it ugly, the Elephant is a good ship for storage of ships, but despite all the fans it has, Im sticking to my guns: It has a major flaw, it has a very low cargo bay for a TL, and it just isnt going to cut it if you are going to set up a lot of factories. And I still think its ugly. :P

Mammoth: Its really far too expensive... It has a lot of cargo bay, but as pjk pointed out, for the same price, you can get 3 hercs, which has a much higher net cargo bay, and also a much higher ship storage capacity... so the Mammoth is arguably usefull. From looknig at it again, Im doubtfull as to wether or not its worth buying one, but they are still good for hireing.

So, that makes the overall winner the Herc, in my opinion... and I still dont know why anyone would bother with an Elephant or an Albatross, they really to me have very little merit to them.... But other people think otherwise.

Part 4: Capital Class Care and Feeding

Now, you are ready to buy it, let me give a few post- and pre- purchase tips:

You may want to have a few TPs/TSs full of energy cells on hand at the Shipyard when you buy the ship, so you can fuel it up without haveing a big hassel (TPs/TSs cant dock with M2s, so you need a transporter, or a fighter with a large hanger or a lot of patience as you collect ejected cargo.) If you havent had TPs/TSs sitting in the Shipyard with fuel and equipment, then go on to the next paragraph, if you have, congratulations, you have foresight!

Once you have bought the ship, see how comfortable the leather seat is? And all the pretty lights, and the consoles and the armour and the guns? yes? Good, now thats enough admireing. To equip this thing, you are going to need to hunt all over the place for the required 125MW shields, and the large guns. Allways buy the best guns you can equip, this is your flagship after all, But dont forget a few Ion Ds for good measure,(if it can eqip them) if you want to do some group captures, they'll come in handy.

Now, flying this thing all over the known universe is slow, very slow (unless like me you are impatient and so are more likely to buy a Python or a Raptor, or even *shudder* an Elephant), so, first off, you NEED a jumpdrive, second off, you really should get a TS or TP with a Jumpdrive, fly this TS/TP personally (useing the jumpdrive) to equipment docks across the universe that have the weapons and shields you want, and relay back and forth between them and your ship, there is no point in flying to the equipment docks in your brand spanking new M1/M2/TL, you'll get bored, you'll have to swap to the TS/TP to dock anyway, and its cheaper to jump in the TS/TP than the M1/M2/TL.

Now to get the equipment from your TS/TP to your M1/M2/TL, you need the Transporter Device upgrade, you can pick one up at the goner temple, either that, or you can get the TS/TP to eject the frieght and fly over it in your M1/M2/TL with your cargo bay open. Or, even more time consumeing, relay the equipment back and forth in fighters (if its an M2, which cant dock TPs/TSs). TPs/TSs can dock with M1s/TLs, eleminateing the need for all the faffing around

Another Tip: Get a Docking computer on all your 'ferry' ships and on your Cap Ship, it saves time... lots.

And one last Tip: you might want to, as soon as you enter a system (this is especially applicible with TLs), to fly a few KM above or below the trade routes, because, other pilots seem to have unhealthily poor eyesight, and tend to end up as splatters on your windshield. This is really not good for your race relations. but if, like me, you are mentally deranged, you'll love splatting split against the hull, and laughing manically at their screams, then you'll be swerveing madly all over the tradelanes in no time, screaming "THERES ONE! MUHAHAHAHAHAA!"

[[ Quickstart Combat Guide ]]

http://www.egosoft.com/x2/forum/viewtop ... itol+ships
(dont bother if you bought a TL, you WONT be useing it for combat.)

I was going to do a comprehensive strategy guide on combat, but it was takeing so long just to fuel up my Titan I got a bit bored, so I tried the age old trick of asteriod nudgeing. Guess what? It works! the asteroid flew off..... so did my ship... in a thousand pieces! :oops: And Bleh's strategy guide is very comprehensive so I dont think its necissary to follow in his footsteps.

But, if you want a quick start guide, here we go:

What I would do in an M2 is as follows.

-Take it to a Xenon sector, 347 is good.
1: look for a lone K/J, if there is one, skip to step 3
2: If there are only groups of them: Swap into an M3, fly towards a group of Ks/Js, shoot one, and zoom back to your Oddy.
3: now, as the lone K/J approaches, switch all turrets to "attack enemies" snd go into 3rd person view.
4: charge at it, not had on though, aim above and to the left or right of it, unleashing 3 turrets at once.
5: if it is still alive after the first pass, turn your ship around quickly and observe the K/J's manuvers, the battle is now all about maximiseing the turrets on your ship that can fire and minimiseing the ones one the oponent that can hit you. so, try to stay at right angels to the enemy, as if, right infront or behind it, directly left/right/down or up. And make sure the enemy doesnt have right angels to you. this way, your ship can allways fire atleast 2 turrets and the baddie can only fire one.
6: rinse and repeat, untill you get the hang of it, then try multiple targets.

Golden Rule:
Stay at right angles to your oponent, so they can only fire one turret, and make sure your ship in in an angle that it can fire atleast 2 back.

If in doubt, dont engauge, if you get too many hostiles at once, run for it.

The general tactics for all of the M2s are about the same, however, the Python, due to it's lack of forward guns, (should never be bought except to look at! ) should engauge from the side.

(Originally written to help Free Trade Inn to pilot his Oddi http://www.egosoft.com/x2/forum/viewtop ... 874#620874 )

[[ Final Thoughts ]]

I hope you've found my "little" guide usefull in finding the perfect Capship for you, and once you have made your decision, you might want to learn how to fly the thing, if so, visit this nice little guide by "bleh":

Good luck, and happy hunting! (and saveing!)


[[ Bibliography ]]


Edit, thanks to the person who mentioned the Argonopedia, Ive got the stats for the Xenon ships... still no Khaak info... but now you get a slightly better Idea of the ships.
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Post by gillrichard » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:20

:thumb_up: good effort there! :) I have an aversion to cap ships at the moment unless I am playing MWM, but yes, very good.
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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:23

Thanks, it took forever to compile that!

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Post by Brody » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:35

Wow, that's verty thorough. Helpful too. Well done.


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Post by Tudders » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:36

Fantastic guide :thumb_up:

looks like my odi doesn't get the thumbs up :headbang:
might have to check out the titan or ray til i get to ace of aces 1st

Some might consider it cheating but equiping a cap ship can be made a lot easier by running the black market script, you order the goods and a pirate ship delivers them to you for the price of the wares plus a little extra for himself. I find it extremely useful, others might too :?:

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Post by JustHere4Coffee » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:36

from memory, and indeed from the argonopedia, the Xenon K is faster than the Split Python by about 10m/s... but you can't dock anything on it when in-sector (hopefully this will get fixed eventually!)

oh, and I've never heard that the J was capturable?

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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:38

I have the guild script and I used it for equiping the thing, I think its semi-cheating since its instant... but you still have to pay which makes it better.

Thanks for the thumbs up, and Well ,i said the Odi was the most deadly of the M2s, but over-all Im not impressed.

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Charlie Whiskey
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Post by Charlie Whiskey » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:40

J's are not capturable as far as I know, only K's are.
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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:42

JustHere4Coffee wrote:from memory, and indeed from the argonopedia, the Xenon K is faster than the Split Python by about 10m/s... but you can't dock anything on it when in-sector (hopefully this will get fixed eventually!)

oh, and I've never heard that the J was capturable?
1the Argonopedia was one of my sources (unless I'm confused as to what the Argonopedia is) and it doesnt list Xenon or Khaak stats, and without spending a further 4 hours flying around grabing them, I wouldnt be able to find them out, so I hoped for the cheapo way out, and just put down summaries from memory. I'll mension that the K is fast.... its still my overall winner ofthe M2 award though.

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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:42

Charlie Whiskey wrote:J's are not capturable as far as I know, only K's are.
Well ,I wouldnt know im not that rank yet( edits)

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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 16:46

Found stats on Ks and Js, I'll update.

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Post by JustHere4Coffee » Mon, 24. May 04, 17:04

Tsar_of_Cows wrote:it doesnt list Xenon or Khaak stats
turn the spoilers on ;)

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Post by Tsar_of_Cows » Mon, 24. May 04, 17:12


Right... Ic ant update the Khaak info now. but Im too tired, and hungry.. .so I'll do so later.

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Post by simonnance » Mon, 24. May 04, 17:33

dont forget that the Python can only hold 2 forward guns.

ou allso miss out the IDs and MDs alot, with more emphasis on the PSGs.

Also the K is a bit buggy, and as an HQ/Flagship it would be a bit poor with no docking capacity (Where do i put my baracuda?) plucs it has the average sheilds, so im not sure why it gets the sheild vote....,

Otherwise well compiled and helpfull. Im glad the OVARALL winner of the M2s wasnt the Oddy for its PSGs alone! Nicely done, good effort

Im gona get a titan, and prob stick with it for the weapon versatility. I fancy a ID PPc mix up front. May stick PSGs in the tail (who said anthing about a weak spot at the rear :twisted: )
want the FACTS about X2/X3?
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Post by johnstrt » Mon, 24. May 04, 17:45

Now, Just before you rush out and buy the ship, remember that once you've bought it, and left the shipyard, it is not possible to upgrade the ship's engines, cargo bay, or rudder any further, so make sure you have enough for all the upgrades at once, also ,you may want to have a few TPs/TSs full of energy cells on hand at the Shipyard when you buy the ship, so you can fuel it up without haveing a big hassel (TPs/TSs cant dock with M2s, so you need a transporter, a fighter with a large ahnger or a lot of patience as you collect ejected cargo.)
You can still get the equipment screen by docking at a shipyard (press Escape to move from the shipyard screen to equipment). The simplest way to load with cells etc. is to capture a Goner ship, which is treated as an M3 for docking purposes, but has a cargo bay of 400.

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