X3AP question - Red flashing sectors mean...???

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X3AP question - Red flashing sectors mean...???

Post by Blackknight8x » Thu, 26. Jul 18, 13:01

Kind of all in the title. To my limited knowledge it's something of mine is under attack in that sector. However I have nothing there and the sector name on the galaxy map is also red.

The three sectors this currently affects is Omicron lyrae, circle of labour and heretic's end.

Ran a Google search but came back with nothing on this subject at all so sorry if this has been asked before, just can't find information on it. I'm running Vanilla game with no mods.

Thanks in advance 😀

Solomon Short
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Post by Solomon Short » Thu, 26. Jul 18, 13:24

It's been a while since I played, so "Asset under attack or destroyed" was my first thought, for which I'd recommend checking your logs for notifications of ships destroyed whilst transiting the area.

But since you mention 3 sectors, all of which are "War Sectors", it's probably an indicator that they're not safe for building or AI travel until you've ended the war.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Thu, 26. Jul 18, 15:01

It just signifies the active war sectors where you will see conflict in progress and can expect to lose trade ships due to collateral damage - and perhaps also to get war missions there relevant to the plot/achievement.
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Post by DrSuperEvil » Fri, 27. Jul 18, 12:50

In the 6 war sectors the race with the least rank of Argon or Terran will attack your assets OOS.

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