[X3:AP/LU] Changing weapon Stats

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[X3:AP/LU] Changing weapon Stats

Post by andu » Tue, 5. Jun 18, 21:10

Hello, I'm curently playing X3:AP with LitcubeMod and I find that the fact that the weapons rate of fire was lowered made the combat more boring.

Because of that I trying to double the rate of fire while lowering the damage by half (atm the energy consumtion per shot is fine if it goes down).

I tried to extract the TLasers and TBullets and change the values opening the txt using excel as csv and then save it back but the result is that ingame the weapons have no icons, the range is nonexistent but the fire rate is increased.

Any tips of what to do next?

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Post by dizzy » Tue, 5. Jun 18, 22:11

LU is a mod about building a large scale empire and fleet and destroying an apocalyptic enemy. Other than the early game, you won't be spending much time in a cockpit shooting at enemies so it doesn't matter that much how the rate of weapons fire is. However, the low rate of fire is very important for high performance in those late game large battles (it significantly reduces the number of projectiles the game has to track thus improving FPS).

That being said, see this other mod that probably already does what you want: https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=398092
X3LU 1.5.2/1.7.0 Youtube series with: IEX 1.5b + LUVi, SIaF r7 (previously also used Phanon Plus 4.02, Revelation Plus 1.04, Diverse Game Starts - LU Edition)

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Post by SirNukes » Wed, 6. Jun 18, 03:29

It sounds like the conversion back from csv didn't fully restore the original format; you would need to compare the original and final files to see what changed other than the fields you wanted to edit.

You could use X3 Editor 2 for this, but I assume you are aware of that tool and wanted to use Excel to make the editing process easier.

An alternative would be to use my game customization tool (see sig), which originally grew out of my own attempts to conveniently reduce fire rates when getting into big fights. It reads and edits the game files for whatever mods are in place, guided by a user provided script, so should work fine with whatever version of LU you are using (if it doesn't, let me know). The appropriate transform to call is Adjust_Weapon_Fire_Rate, which has a general scaling factor and an optional floor (so already slow weapons don't get too slow) and optional per-laser overrides.

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