Why did I Lose Taladi stock exchange?

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Why did I Lose Taladi stock exchange?

Post by Leoten » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 16:19

What reason could have I lost the Taladi stock exchange off my list of stock exchanges? It started after I reached the first level of Paranid rank. Do the Taladi and the Paranid don't like each other?

Jimmy C
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Post by Jimmy C » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 17:48

Do you have a satellite or ship in a sector with a Teladi Stock Exchange? I believe you need one of those in the sector to access the Exchange.

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Post by Leoten » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 18:49

I had one there but someone must've blown it up because that's where I made money from trading Nividium. I made over at least 160 mil there it got me all the factories and ships I have.

Bill Huntington
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Post by Bill Huntington » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 21:22

Leoten, you don't say the sector or whether it's AP or TC.

Sometimes I board or cap a lot of Paranids. At times they respond with an expedition that attacks me or my assets deep in other territory. They probably aren't attacking the Teladi. They're attacking you.
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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 22:11

Teladi Trading Docks have infinite internal docking bay for fighters. Leave a cheap M5 there; it should not get kicked out.
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Re: reply

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 22:28

Bill Huntington wrote:Leoten, you don't say the sector or whether it's AP or TC.
The Stock Exchanges were first introduced with X3AP. ;)
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Post by Leoten » Tue, 6. Feb 18, 13:45

Listen I went up a rank in Paranid trading system somehow. I think one of my universal traders went there and done some trading. I was in a completely different area of space when it happened. But I finally figured the problem out with the gentleman's help that replied first.

Someone blew my satellite out of seizewell space. I don't know who but I replaced it with another one.

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Post by fireanddream » Tue, 6. Feb 18, 15:22

Open your log there should be an entry that says your ship your satellite was destroyed in sector Seizewell be XXXXX.

XXXXX is your revenge target. :goner:

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