NVidia 3D Vision

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NVidia 3D Vision

Post by vrod » Fri, 26. Jan 18, 19:57


I am running X3TC in Borderless mode with NVidia Surround and using 3D Vision for anaglyph.

I have twin video cards GTX980Ti's (SLI) and 3 monitors connected. (2 to one card and 1 monitor to the other card.)

The 3rd monitor does not display the anaglyph at all. (the other 2 monitors do.)
Other games anaglyph work fine in Borderless mode, just not X3TC.

Also to note. Anaglyph mode works fine in X3TC, but only in FULLSCREEN mode.

So the issue is something that X3TC is (or not) doing in Borderless mode that other games do not. ...I am just guessing.

Does anyone in Egosoft land have any ideas?


Alan Phipps
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Moderator (English)
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 26. Jan 18, 21:58

I had a chat with a dev who would likely know and the gist of it was that X3TC just sets a commonly-used OS flag to achieve borderless windowed mode and with a pretty standard implementation methodology.

If any of your other games that are successfully using your set-up in borderless window mode are directly comparable with X3TC in their use of its legacy DirectX and XP OS functionalities, then it may be worth doing a direct comparison of your system connections and set-ups for the games to see where X3TC's might differ in any way from the other's.

That is probably about as much as the devs can suggest as there is little direct knowledge of Anaglyph in their office.
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Post by vrod » Fri, 26. Jan 18, 22:33

Thank you for reaching out to someone.

I'll sharpen my pencil for the setups between the 2 games and see what I can come up with.

The other game is Amnesia: Dark Descent.
I will experiment and see about the setup differences.

Here is my setup right now. The next video I make will have Terran Conflict running in it (as that as what I have gotten back into.)


(sorry if you have seen this before)
I am trying to interface with X3TC as much as possible at the moment. Having fun. Would like to see more log files to extract data. ;)

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