[X3 AP] Station contruction calculator?

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[X3 AP] Station contruction calculator?

Post by mistercat » Wed, 15. Nov 17, 05:50

I remember there was a station construction calculator in excel for complexes. What is the current Albion-compatible version? I think I remember it even had asteroids you could pick for yield from a database of real asteroids in the game. It was a great way of designing self-sufficient installations.

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Post by zazie » Wed, 15. Nov 17, 13:03

You can still access to em3e3's great Online Complex Calculator [X3AP-version] through the Wayback Machine.
Credits to Giulisk8 who posted it some weeks ago .
For X3TC you can still use this link: http://grangegame.co.uk/x3tcocc.html

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