X-perimental Quest + CWIR mod

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X-perimental Quest + CWIR mod

Post by skullwarrior » Wed, 12. Jul 17, 15:04

I'm being using CWIR mod for a long time, with several game starts and in none of them the X-perimental Quest was working, a week ago I decided to do the plot(never finished before) so I began a new game of course without the CWIR mod, I finisehd the plot and continue to play without the CWIR mod in order to test if is this mod that break the x-perimental quets, and It does.
With the CWIR mod the quest is stucked in the first stage, when you collect the 10 jump drive component(rare) and they ask you to return the pieces to some NPC, the guidance system doesn.t work and I spend a lot of time traveling station by station looking for this NPC, but in my last game(without the CWIR) the guidence is working and I already deliver the parts, she ask me for a rare engine and I delivery it back and now I'm doing the jump drive coolant part(still missing 10 of them).
As far as I tested the CWIR mod disables the x-perimental quest, I don't know why, but it does it. I hope the mod developers can fix this. This is a GREAT mod.
So if you want all gadgets safaly, the only way is finish all the quest before activate the CWIR mod, but it takes long, looong time to complete all quest, but it worth it.

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Post by Ezarkal » Wed, 12. Jul 17, 16:06

I observed this in the past as well, but not in all of my gamestarts. It did work in some instances. It's been a while, though, and I can't remember the exact gamestarts I used when it failed and when it worked. (Both instances happened in 100% CWIR games, though. I just can't tell if they were CWIR starts.)
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Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Thu, 13. Jul 17, 00:11

It sounds like the original NPC quest-giver station is getting nuked occasionally as part of normal CWIR gameplay. Tryng to defend it could help but may not fit with your intended race relations.

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