aditioal broadcast commands. how to?

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aditioal broadcast commands. how to?

Post by Conrad86 » Mon, 8. Jun 15, 12:05

How can i ad aditional broadcast commands?

u know. there are several ships in sector and u want them tu make the same. so if its a standart aktion u can call all of them or only your TPs and so on to do that.
but what if i want do make a new script . set them as a comand in the comand menue AND want to set them as a valid broadcast comand too?

does anyone know it?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 8. Jun 15, 16:33

I don't think it's possible to add additional broadcast commands. What you could do is adding your script using a normal command slot and either hardcode the ship classes that the command will be assigned to or ask the player for input. As for using command slots there is a tutorial by Cycrow about that here. It was written for X3R, but should also apply to X2.
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