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Changes In The Wind –New Horizons pt9 – Orbital Bombardment of the Rabbit Hole.
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PostPosted: Mon, 8. Jun 15, 06:04    Post subject: Changes In The Wind –New Horizons pt9 – Orbital Bombardment of the Rabbit Hole. Reply with quote Print

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Changes In The Wind –New Horizons pt9 – Orbital Bombardment of the Rabbit Hole.

She was gone. The Cyborg lay dying. The ship was truly mine but it didn’t feel like a victory. I didn’t feel like a powerful Warrior. Stupid stupid Split!!!! We are taught to discard the weak. That honour is there for the taking. But all I felt like was a petty survivor. NO! Less than that! I was Captain of a powerful warship, more powerful than any back on that dirt hole probably in the whole ‘dynasty’ HA! If it could be said there was still a dynasty! Yet all I could think of was HER! HER!!!! How could this happen? How did I fall for her as if she was a life mate? There was a hole inside of me that only an army of concubines could fill… That only an epic battle of redemption could heal. All this for a pathetic Argon too weak to take a vaporisation blast from a disruptor pistol with a custom grip and bevelled trigger. Damn! Damn damn damn damn!!! I Picked the pistol up from where it lay on the deck, it was a beautiful pistol, perfectly balanced and Mk4 targeting sensor, I turned the power setting down it was still stiff as if never used… The Cyborg lay broken and writhing on the deck. His control interface too damaged to be effectual. It was a pathetic creature, “Please no… we can work together… With this ship we can build an army of drones and become powerful” Mercy? It sought mercy? The metal sole of my boot stamped down upon its carcass as the sound of ten shots resounded around the bridge. What little mercy I had, had died with her creature! That moment I felt stupid. I had robbed myself of the revenge of torturing it’s sorry hide to death… Stupid mistake.
A nanite ship that heals itself, was this not an amazing creation? Perhaps now the only ship in the universe capable of it and it was mine! The three high grade turrets, done bays, powerful engines… Plenty would kill for this ship! As a split I had been remiss of my duties but no more… With this ship I would take my place on the council… but first is was time for revenge. All those whom had opposed me would die… It didn’t matter how… just so long as they did! She was no longer there to sway my hand. The guardian of the smallest most insignificant gate would return as Emperor! No as a GOD! The pain in my chest brought me back to earth. But first I would need to go to the medical bay. The Sieron cutter had burnt straight through the chair and into my chest cavity I was bleeding profusely my boots were getting heavier as I stumbled through the corridor. My palm slammed against the door control my fingers barely able to grasp the lockout control and pull it to. The Bay lights were blinding. My legs gave away and the world turned dark. The automated arms of the medical emergency protocols gripped me tightly…. Some god I was… maybe just Emperor then…


The air was strange! Very non-airlike! I remembered the shot… I remembered the pain… but I was very much alive! I didn’t understand… until I saw her! My mother slowly walked towards me, through the swirling mist, she looked at me strangely almost confused “My name is Anikka. Who are you?” her face looked so much younger than I’d ever seen her even in my father’s pictures. She couldn’t be much older than me but it was definitely her! “I…. I…. I’m… your daughter… My name is Lyss!” her eyebrows raised a incredulous expression on her face as she looked me up and down again. “Your Mother? Great the first person I discover and she’s strung out on Space Weed” A nanite tendril formed to explore me but I instinctively put up a barrier. My mother’s eyebrow rose again. “So you’re not just a figment. So tell me… If you are my daughter and I do admit there is some resemblance between us how is it possible? I have only been disconnected from true space for a few minutes… Maybe less!” Realisation spread across my face the rich brunette shade of her hair, her youth… This was not my mother! Well it was my mother but it was her before she was my mother! “I let my mind open out beyond my barriers feeling Anikka connect to them… her mind connecting to mine, seeing my life as lived through my eyes but as if in fast forward. Comprehension and confusion spreading across her face in equal measure. As her eyes once again met mine “So… it’s true… umm. But I’m not your mother. This other me… but I feel …” I rushed into her arms but the hug wasn’t as I had dreamed of… She was shorter… I was about the same height and her arms seemed unaccustomed to it… Her shoulders were tight with stress. Her nanites poised send a shockwave out to push me away. This really wasn’t my mother. I pulled myself away leaving a damp patch where my head had rested. “I’m sorry. I know you’re not my mother… I just.” A little sob came out of my mouth. This woman in my mother’s body looked awkwardly at me. A young navigation officer with barely any more life experience than me, all those years on the farm had not happened for this woman... no wedding... no childbirth. It was as if the Supernova had not occurred at all. Her mind strayed across mine trying to figure out where I had come from. I stretched my mind out with hers feeling that the mist wasn’t endless after all but contained… it was the ship. I felt the nanites repairing the ship… They had used the plating to great effect and were almost done. Then I found Useless, his mind was faint against the rest of the ship but then I felt Anikka’s mind too! She’d found him too! I felt his thoughts become confused. ‘two signs?’ I felt excitement rise in Anikka’s mind, then I realised this was the way back to reality! She was the other presence I’d felt on the ship… faintly in the background. That pain I’d felt was her trying to rip me from my body! I tried to wave my arms and tell him I was here but her voice drowned mine out! I felt her become less corporeal in this world as she transitioned into reality! I would be lost in the grey mist forever! I had to do something! The shockwave came from me like a scream “Useless!”, he felt it like a sea spray on his face. I felt the world become more colourful and materialise around me. I felt the deck hard on my back as I reopened my eyes I realised she was here too… her dark hair a stark contrast to my crimson red. We both stared at each other... she had after all almost condemned me into nothingness without a second thought. The air seemed to burn my lungs like they had never breathed before... but then these lungs never had.
The ship suddenly lurched and Useless scowled “Could you please perhaps prevent your boyfriend from killing us all? If it’s not too inconvenient at the present time. My cheeks burned red... "He's... not... my... boyfriend" was he?


She was gone! Even that pretty Argon trollop from the pleasure station had not helped. It had just made me wish to experience HER more. Three months of looting freighters… blasting escorts and raining death on convoys had not sated my grief… they were not big enough challenges! The gesture must be felt in the afterlife! SHE must FEEL that I am a success! My deeds must echo into eternity! This meant taking my battle to the council itself! The great orbital battle fleet! But I couldn’t just waltz up to the orbital defence station and start attacking! They would have to come to me!! Bringing up the sector map I saw the small training camp on the second moon these was an automated deep bore mine, literally mining out the centre of the moon. It supplied the majority of the quadright explosive for the split military. The control to the turrets was simple enough. The bombardment drones tore through the bore hole. Scans registered explosions deep into the core, micro abrasions, no… cracks forming. The barrage drones flashed up ‘depleted’ but it didn’t matter... Gravimetric fishers were beginning to make themselves felt in space… The moon began to tear itself apart… a giant fracture opened up as a piece tore off and began to spin into space… The core exposed to space as the rest of the moon shattered completely. *Sigh* well… that would at least get their attention. Blowing up a moon should have given me a smile at least. *Sigh* It was such a small moon though.
I disconnected from the control console… To see… two of her… one redhead and one brown… it was… not possible…. She was dead!


As we arrived on the bridge the ship rocked slightly... gosh! Had he gone insane? I reached out and felt the moon explode deep out in the space beneath us. The control console slid from his handsome face... he looked at me and Anikka confused but I couldn't help myself. I kissed him deeply... the stress draining out through my lips. This had been a long time coming... we both lingered for a while, neither knowing what to say or do next. There was a little couch we both turned to Anikka "That's just... uhhh! Awkward! Gross!" She turned and walked away disgusted but I couldn't wipe the smile from my face as he held me.

Last part is the finale

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PostPosted: Sun, 18. Oct 15, 05:30    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I am already looking forward to reading it.

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