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X4 Pioneer Systems
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Joined: 04 Jun 2015

PostPosted: Thu, 4. Jun 15, 23:22    Post subject: X4 Pioneer Systems Reply with quote Print

1. After the invention of the Jump Drive new undiscovered systems were found. These new systems had planets and worlds waiting to be transformed into new habitable planets. As a pioneer it is your mission to jump to these newly found systems and fly to planets and set up a docking gate. Once the gate has been placed in orbit around a planet you must deploy a former that will make the world ready or habitation. Once the world has be transformed to earth norms, you may zone or allow colonization by Human race. Each new world colonized will increase your rank and income by 40,000 credits per mizura. Note that you type in your name to be shown in text conversations.

2. Mission one I am jumping to the Tau Ceta System. Jumping in three, two, one. Jump complete moving into orbit over planet now. Deploying docking gate. Docking gate deployed. Initializing former. Planet ready for colonization. Now that you have clicked on the colonization icon the new world will have a small trading post and new industries will provide metals and food and other resources as new colonist arrive.

3. Now that the planet has grown you can invest in the planets economy with the stock market option, As founding a colony will give you 40,000 credits per Mizura you may start investing. The stock market covers a wide range of planet companies. Once you reach ten million credits you may make system purchase such as Space Ship yard a space factory that will allow you to build space stations as in the normal X universe.

4. As your planet grows your space station will purchase resources and sell ship to customers from your planet. Also a new space ship yard will have a Transporter ship to start moving stations into the sector. A new Ship Yard has enough resources to build ten space stations and four capital ships as well as ten freighters and fighter craft but must be purchased from the station.

5. After you make another million credits you may buy an new space equipment dock. The dock will have most all upgrades and extra upgrades can be researched. Note that in X4 Pioneer Systems all rudder optimizations and engine upgrades have no limits but become prohibitively expensive. Once you buy a few upgrades you may also have bought a few space stations. Starting with the solar power plant and a crystal factory. You may start scanning asteroids for ore, silicon and nividium and new ores or Titanium and nickel as well as most of the elements of periodic table. These new ores of elements go to making upgraded reactors, armor and weapons and some are used in research at your ship yards, and equipment docks.

6. Research stations are a new station that helps to make new and custom ship plans as well as designing new shields, weapons and missiles and as well as building new types of reactors an power plants. The new power plants such as the thorium breeder plant makes either energy cells and can breed uranium 233 to make nuclear missiles. Radiation based weapons are new as they can cause damage to pilots in space that can penetrate normal shields. Special shields generators will have radiation damping properties or be made to defend from micro meteorites as well as some forms of ammunition fired at ships.

7. Researching Gates can allow you to build gates back to Earth as well as to other systems that you can colonize. The purpose of building in space is to defend planets you colonized. But also you must balance stock investments with station building as well as setting up trade ships using the standard trade software found in other X games. The goal is to expand the number of worlds for human habitation.

8. Menu options choose race, Human, Argon, Teladi, Spit, Boron, Paranid and new races such as Vorga, Torjourn, Quieg. Each race has new race specific technologies that you can research and improve. Each race has specific factories that only they can build. If you can not get access to a race specific resource try increasing race relations or reserching alternatives to that resource.

9.Races: Vorga are a peaceful race of simple Plant like creatures that set up forest factories that produce rare metals such as Endurium that is later refined into Triderium. These are the hardest known metals to be found and make the best armor. The Vorga have strange energy plants that seem to be made of crystals call Suel that they burn in fuel cells that has an energy density similar to that of uranium 233.

Torjourn are an advanced race of humanoid that posses strange crystalline technologies that defy the know laws of physics. They use crystal computers, crystal armor that absorbs energy weapons fire to make shield like fields around ships. The Torjourn also have need for lots of nividium to make their special crystal technologies work. They seem to use some sort of Lorentz force crystals for the power source of their ships. They use crystal based projectors for weapons as well as a powerful beam technology similar to the Kha'ak.

Quieg: Are an ancient race of technology lost and long forgotten. They have stayed isolated from much of the universe working and researching teseract technology which gives their ships incredible cargo capacity even the smallest ships have a cargo hold of 5000. The armor of the ships seems to self heal from nanomachines constantly at work. And they use some sort of thoron plasma weapon. The shield technology is advanced enough to take absorb the fire power of most Kha'ak ships.

10. Menu options also include starting credits up to 100,000,000, ship, race, location, job, as well as ships internal equipment even how many space stations you start out with. The menu has a graphics setting, window option or even sound controls. Simulator has a special feature that pays you credits for each level out of 100 you complete increasing by 100,000 for each level that carries over to all saved games or new games starting out. It will also increase your rank by one for every ten levels you complete.

11. Planets can be landed on if they have a docking gate. They will have a trade depot, bar, equipment dealer, ship dealer, as well as a upgrade center to upgrade parts of a ship such as reactor, shield, weapons, engines, and computer systems. These cost credits, or crystals, to even using different metals, such as super conductors, boron, titanium, cerium, neodymium and so on. Districts allow you to mingle with the citizens of planets, explore planet hotels, restaurants, and junk dealers and flea markets. Sometimes you can find a deal on rare artifacts or upgrade material that could not otherwise buy.

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PostPosted: Thu, 4. Jun 15, 23:40    Post subject: Story So far. Reply with quote Print

1. General Tagert: Lt. Bryant you are tasked with the job of colonizing new planet for the Earth commonwealth. We have high hopes that you will make the dreams of our predecessors reality. Beware of possible hostile Kha'ak and Xenon out there.

Lt. Bryant Thank you sir. Where is my first mission?

General Tagert: You are to go to the Tau Ceta system. There is a planet similar to the continent of Australia. It has large oceans and Earth norm gravity. It should be a quick and easy mission to train you and set up system as a base of operations. Once you have set up a colony and space industries you are to build a gate to Earth to allow the expansion of the Commonwealth.

Lt. Bryant: Thank you for this opportunity, I won't let you down.

2. Lt. Bryant: Well I got a new colony setup and a Gate back to Earth Completed. I guess I will go down to Planet Vista and check out the local district.

While exploring the flea market a strange object catches your eye. Clerk: It is an alien artifact found while digging through some ruins on the planet. It seems to be a map of some sort. If you are interested it is yours only for 20,000 credits. Lt. Bryant: Sound like a bargain. I will buy it/ don't buy it. Clerk: Thank you come again.

Lt. Bryant leaves the flea market and flies back to out to Earth to report to the General. \
Lt. Bryant: General the planet had Ruins and artifacts here is one I bought. It seemed to be a map of some sort. Yes, It may lead to a new system. I will have our scientist examine it right away.

Flying to the Earth Lab and docking Lt. Bryant talks with a female scientist Kate Brennen. Kate: It is a map to a new unknown sector but it seems to be in habited by some civilization called the Quieg.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 01:32    Post subject: Alien Encounter Reply with quote Print

3. The system seems to require 500 energy cells for a Jump Kate says over the ships speaker system. I have a few back in the hold. Kate replies, you may need to buy a cell generator that make energy cells from your ships reactor if you are running low. Check going to the equipment dock Lt Bryant signs out.

4. After getting the the energy cell generator Lt. Bryant jumps to the Quieg System. Explosions surround the ship. Mayday Mayday my ships reactor is going critical I only have about fifteen minute before a reactor breach, Shields damaged, All weapon systems off line. Engines down.

5. Scanning noises are heard. A strange garbled sound on the intercom. Reepeep,.. Computer system is hacked and files are downloaded. Hello Lt Bryant this is Hanna Zorin of the Quieg Republic Ship Yamato. We have decrypted your ships systems. We have removed your damaged reactor and installed a small 500 MJ fusion generator with a helium 3 fuel tank. You will have to refuel every 80,000km of space flight. And We have add a 5 MJ 300 PSU shield generator. Credits are accepted in the amount of 500,000.

6. Thanks Hanna. When do I need to refuel. Well Lt. I suggest either buying a bigger fuel tank or upgrading the efficiency of the reactor. It just happens to be based on distance flown where each 500 units of helium 3 takes you 80,000km. Also you can buy engines that boost that range nearly double. You may have to buy fuel at the helium 3 space station but you may buy solar collectors that pull fuel out of solar radiation to refuel your tank for 5,000 credits. The fuel tank will slowly refill over time while your ship is stationary.

7. Hanna is there anyway to do away with having to buy fuel? Our technology is ancient but it should work. If you have better technology you are free to change it later. Okay that will be 500,000 credits at your convenience. What is my incentive to pay you back? Well Lt. your ship has a pretty advanced shield. You may find buying our technology to your advantage. A 300 PSU shield is equivalent to a 10GJ shield of your old technology that we examined. Our electronics are bit more advanced as well which come in handy for research. Your Jump drive is in working order Lt. But the energy cell generator needs repairs. IT would cost an additional 400,000 credits to fix. As we have no gates out it may be to your advantage to do business with us. Thanks for the heads up Hanna. You are most welcome Lt. Bryant.

8.After trading and building a few space factories Lt. Bryant has 1,000,000 credits. Time to repay Hanna and get the energy cell generator fixed. But first I will upgrade the reactor efficiency to cut fuel use 90% for 100,000 credits. Okay I have the money and please fix my energy cell generator. Okay Lt Bryant your debt is replayed and the energy cell generator is fixed. As a bonus I have added a solar array to your ship to help refuel your tank out of our system. Remember our ships are jump capable so we can sell space factories to any system you jump to. Thanks for the info Hanna. Have a good day Lt. Bryant.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 01:46    Post subject: Good News Reply with quote Print

9. After jumping back to Earth space Lt. Bryant flies back to contact the General. General Tagert I found a new race and they seem to have advanced technology that they are willing to share. Good work Lt. Bryant. And there is more good news. Kate our chief scientist has explored the Ruins on Vista Prime. It seems we have new jump point coordinates. It will take 1000 energy cells. Please dock with the equipment dock for use to do a few detailed scans of the alien equipment then you can be on your way.

10. After docking with the equipment dock the scanners run for about ten minutes. The reactor and solar array ore scanned along with the shield generator. They draft plants for prototypes to be researched at your research lab in Vista Prime. Jumping to Vista Prime sector. Docking with research station. Research of new parts will cost 1,000,000 credits or 100 titanium, 600 nickel and 500 cobalt along with 100 uranium 233 with ten Samarium. Okay I will order a freighter to load the materials to bring to the research station to begin research. And now to jump into the new system and begin exploration.

11. Jumping to new space sector in three two one. The sun looks bright red. My fuel tanks are running low. What is happening, my solar collector is not working. Mayday, Mayday my ship is loosing power. A strange flying organic ship that is turquoise and dark brown flies into view. Scanning noises are heard.

12. An strange plant creature appears on the screen. !@#RSD@D.. TERSDC, Hello Human I am Vorga captain Ferg. Welcome to our star system. It seems your ship needs helium 3 in order to run. Or star is made of antimatter and this would seem to prohibit you from gaining power. We will install a fuel cell for 10,000 credits but fuel cost 500 credits per unit. It should allow you to go 60,000 km for each unit of fuel. But the Suel fuel takes up one s cargo space in your hold. Or factories should make enough suel for your needs. That is quiet generous of you. How much does the fuel cell put out Ferg? It generates 1000MJ that should be enough to run your ship. Upgrades are available to increase that 100MJ for every 1000 credits at the equipment dock. You may also order suel engines as they use .01 units of fuel for 100,000,000 km of distance traveled. This is because they react to the antimatter in the Vorga system.

13. Thank you Ferg I thought I was in a real heap of trouble. I will pay you back as soon as possible. Take your time. We Vorga consider friendship more valuable than credits. I hope contact with your race will enrich our culture and bring peaceful trade. Well Ferg I guess I will do a bit of trading now. After making the credits needed and buying a upgrade or two Lt. Bryant pays back Ferg. Back so Soon Lt. Bryant? We have a gift for you we have an artifact crystal that may have Jump coordinates for you to investigate. Thank you Ferg for all your help. It is we who are grateful to do bossiness with such as you.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 02:17    Post subject: Kate reserches the crystal Reply with quote Print

14. It is time to go back home. Lt. Bryant jumps back to Earth commonwealth space. Flying to the research lab. General Tagert I have a new artifact. It would seem to be jump coordinates to a new space sector. Great and what of any alien races. Well I encountered the Vorga and they seemed very friendly for plant like creatures. They seem to have an antimatter star. It seems that helium 3 technology would not work. They saved me before loosing power in the antimatter filled system. You sound lucky Lt. Bryant to even be here. Kate so nice to see you again. Here is the crystal. Great I will get to work on this right away.

15.General Tagert: Lt. fly to the equipment dock. I know more scans right. That is right. We have work to do. Lt. Bryant flies to equipment dock and docks and the scans begin. It seems Suel fuel has a strange high density greater than that of diamond. Okay the scans are done, they did not take long it was just simple technology but made of rare unknown materials. I guess it is time to fly to the research station and see what I can do.

16. It seems that these will be a bit harder to research it will take 100 endurium, 60 Triderium, and 100 uranium, and 50 thorium with 50 neodymium with 3 superconductors. I guess I will have to equip a freighter with a jump drive to get the materials form the Vorga.

17. Lt. Bryant we have begun to decipherer the crystal it is a large data base that describes a race called Torjourn. They have advanced crystal technology. This one crystal alone can store 500 Exabytes of data. It seems to be damage and that has corrupted the date, despite the crystal being harder than osmium or iridium. I am uploading the jump point to your ship now. Thank you Kate. I will jump as soon as I am ready.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 02:33    Post subject: Torjourn Space Sector Reply with quote Print

18. Jumping to Torjourn Space. The sector is eerily dark. It seems like the system is complete deserted. Out of nowhere a Kha'ak Cluster appears and begins to fire. Entering Combat the Kha'ak Cluster breaks apart. A strange ship that is bright and glowing appears out of nowhere. Kha'ak ships begin exploding as a white beem light hits the ships.

19; It is moving away. Lt. Bryant begins to follow the glowing ship to what begins to be a great light in the distance. Com opens up. poisdf dkfj. Scans. Hello Lt. Bryant this is Torjourn ship Excelsior. I am captain Garret. Sorry for that attack, The Kha'ak are active in this space sector due to high amounts of what you call Nividium. It looks like your fuel cell is running on Suel fuel, we can install a 2GJ crystal power source for 1,000,000 credits. That sounds great Garret, I will buy one. Crystal power source installed. If you want you can buy ship upgrades and trade in our system. Thank you.

20. Traveling to the Torjourn system is full of glowing crystal space stations and ships. There is no sun but rather a brown dwarf. It has little light and is barley visible from a bit of hot faint flow gases that are still hot. Torjourn Prime in the distance is brighter than the brown dwarf in the distance. Lt. Bryant time to do some exploring.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 02:48    Post subject: Return jouney Reply with quote Print

21. General Tagert I have contacted the Torjourn. They seem to have encounters with the Kha'ak because their system is full of Nividium. They also have advanced technologies and beam weapons. That sounds very promising Lt. Bryant. But we found a new star system with an Earth like planet. It seems to be abandoned like some former Xenon world. I don't know why the Xenon would just abandon a world. But your missions is to find out why it is abandoned and see if you can colonize the planet.

22. Yes General I will get to it. Lt. Bryant. Yes General. I want you to go to the equipmenet dock first and get scanned. Then build a fleet of one Hyper Carrier ship that will haul two battle ships and a fleet of smaller ships before jumping and one fully loaded transported ship loaded in the hyper carrier. Yes General. Will do.

23. Flying to the equipment dock for more scans. It seems they crystal technology is made of much nividium. Nivium mine technology will have to be researched to extract the material to get started research the power crystal technology and beam weapons. And I also have to research that Hyper Carrier at my shipyard before building that Behemoth ship.

24. It would seem it is time to do some research again. Flying to Vest Prime Lab and docking. It seems the Suel engines can be upgraded to use .001 units of fuel if an antimatter tank and generator are add. It only cost 400,000 credits and a little deuterium along with some thorium and Praseodymium. The hyper carrier will cost 300,000,000 credits to research to bring plans to the shipyard. Other extras include the thorium breeder reactor 3GW for 5,000,000 credits and 4 thorium and 6 fluorine and 60 zirconium and ten silicon along with ten oil.

25. After researching everything it is time to take the plans to the shipyard and begin construction of the hyper carrier and support ships and having them upgraded and loaded on.

26. Preparing for jump cost 40,000 energy cells. Preparing jump. A strange alien ship wreck is found near the planet. The ship begins turning on. It does not look like a Xenon ship. It is badly damage but is is beginning to fire.

27. Battle with the alien ship begins, Deploy all ships begin attack on alien ship. Attack target command. General Tagert I have begun to attack an alien derelict ship. Kha'ak ships begin jumping into the space sector. A super Kha'ak Destroyer jumps into the system. The Alien ships destroys the Kha'ak ships with ease. What is going on, Why are the Kha'ak helping me? A small fleet of alien ships jumps into the space sector. My battle ships are heavily damaged.

28. Hello Lt. Bryant. General Tagert here I thought you needed some help on this one. Why did the Kha'ak help? I guess they were the ones that destroyed their home world. It turns out the Xenon damage the ships main weapon but they were defeated. Some of your friends are here to help. Thanks General., All ships fire on the enemy ship.

29. All ships fire on the alien derelict. Many ships blow up. We can't take much more of this. I have a plan. I am setting the behemoths reactor into overload. I am flying in. LT. Jaden Bryant bail out. I know what I am doing. I am taking he TL transporter out now. The massive Hyper Carrier crashes with a spectacular explosion taking it and the alien ship out. That was a close one Lt. Bryant. Just call me Jaden. Kate: I thought we were goners for sure. General tagert: I just hope we don't run into that race. It is clear we need to research new technologies before encountering this new enemy. Maybe our new allies can help.

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PostPosted: Fri, 5. Jun 15, 04:23    Post subject: Clean up. Reply with quote Print

30. Garret., Ferg, and Hanna Thank you for all your help. Garret: I hope you don't get into such a mess again Jaden. Yeah, me too. Jaden this is hanna we are happy to help set up a joint research lab here. That enemy ship was made of some alloy stronger than anything we encountered before. Thanks Hanna. Ferg here, we detected strange energy readings from the alien ship, it was part alive but part machine. I think it is strange if it was a cybernetic ship.

31. General Tagert:if all parties are agreed we will dedicate this system for joint research and development. Ferg: I think we would like that. Then it is agreed Garret, Hanna your respective races are free to research the remains of the alien ship. Jaden please begin salvage of your wrecked hyper carrier, the resources could be salvaged to make more ships. Yes general. I will colonize the planet and build a salvage shipyard.

32. Kate: Jaden I think we need to build a research station here as well. I think that ship has a few secretes to be revealed. When you get a chance please do a quick scan of that alien wreck. Okay Kate. I know how brilliant of a scientist you are. Maybe we can find where that thing originated from.

33. Placing the docking ring on the planet allows colonist from the 3 main races. The stock market on the planet is crowded due to new artifacts found on the planet better invest while the stock price is still low. Going to the public district Kate sits at a restaurant that serves tacos. Hello Jaden checking out the planet. Yes I found that this world is rich in artifacts. Well I have found a few strange metal artifacts that seem to be made like hand held computers but have organic memory cores. I think they may be the technology based on the alien ship. I wish you luck in that Kate. Thanks. They have great tacos here. I think I will buy a few myself.

34. Going to the planetary launch menu you can order a salvage yard. It cost 50,000,000 credits. Ordering the salvage yard. Drones will begin to salve any wreck ships. Next order a research station, it will automatically be built near any alien wreck. Once deployed it it begin scans of the wreck of the alien ship and send drones to retrieve samples of computer data or key parts and armor.

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