X3:R Building Trading stations

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X3:R Building Trading stations

Post by Hickabooboo » Fri, 22. May 15, 22:12

Just curious, what's the point? I rarely use them other than once to get my police licence. How do they affect the game?
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Post by pjknibbs » Sat, 23. May 15, 08:09

They don't. About the only reason for getting one is bragging rights--"Hey, I have so much money that I can drop tens of millions on building a useless station!".

(To be fair, the unlimited docking potential for fighter craft might be of some use to you--that's about the only advantage one of these stations has).

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Post by jlehtone » Sat, 23. May 15, 08:41

It does depend on what we are actually talking about.

A station built by player is a player station. It is not the same thing as an NPC station. It is different.

Trading Stations and Equipment Docks belong to station type "Docks". The other common station type is "Factories".

NPC Docks can sell police license and ship tunings. Player Docks do not.

Each NPC Dock has fixed list of items that they trade, and the prices are fixed at "average". However, the wares that they do store are like Secondary resources at Factories: they do dissappear at certain rate. The NPC Docks are sinks that remove wares from circulation. A Factory converts Primary resources into Products. An NPC SPP is a source that generates ECells from nothng. Wares flow/convert from sources to sinks.

Player Docks do not demolish their wares. Player can set the price for each ware. Every Player Dock can have a stock for every ware, but the stock sizes are rather limited.

The PHQ is formally a Dock too, but its storage is similar to a ship. You can have all wares in it, but they compete for the "cargobay estate".

In other words: one cannot judge the "point" of player Dock based on the features of a NPC Dock.

The player Trade Docks from different races differ by their docking capacity and price. Argon and Teladi have infinite internal fighter bay. Equipment Docks have two capital ship piers.

A player that is into micro-management may see Docks as a means to craft finely controlled trading networks. This is the opposite of Trade Mk3 UT's that roam freely everywhere and trade whatever they fancy. Apricotslice's guide book (see the Guides sticky) should contain couple Giskard's essay's. Those predate Bonuspack, so don't make use of CAG and CLS. Docks + Bonuspack is (odd kind of) fun. :roll:

An another version of the "point story":

* Early games did not allow the player to own Capital ships. That possibility was added.
* Early games did not allow the player to own Docks. That possibility was added in a patch to X2.

Were they purely ideas from the devs or did they answer the prayers of the players? Was there any point in stating: "I want"? Were the wishes granted as expected, or in the almost-but-not-quite manner?
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