Mods cripts and station/ship upgrades

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Mods cripts and station/ship upgrades

Post by Jimpiff » Thu, 5. Feb 15, 05:42

would like some help with:
1. increasing my M6's speed...mod or script...
2. how do you activate the booster engine purchased from the pirates?
3. have bought an Equipment do I get it to do the ship upgrades?
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 6. Feb 15, 19:31

1. Check the Index of X2 Community Plugins at the top of this forum. There you find LV's Cheatpackage, which has a "Supertune" option to increase the speed of your ships.
2. IIRC there should be a command entry in the additional ship commands to activate the Fusion Injector.
3. I don't know, if there's a script to do that for X2.
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