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Report# DD-105854 - AIManager-crash - Feedback Request
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PostPosted: Thu, 8. Jan 15, 13:34    Post subject: Report# DD-105854 - AIManager-crash - Feedback Request Reply with quote Print

If this is your first visit to Egosoft Technical Troubleshooting, then please read the Introduction.

Problem Description

The specific crash you have experienced appears to be script/mod related.

Feedback Requested

Please try disabling all mods and see if the crash still occurs. From our tests so far, it appears that everyone who experiences this crash has (at least) the following mods installed:

Egosoft official Rebalancing Test (now obsolete)
LibMJ - Madjoker's Lib Scripts
Shields for L/XL Larger ship hulls
No Jump Fuel for Player Ships (Kein treibstoffverbrauch)
Player Shipyards (Spielerschiftwerften)
Real_War (Echter Krieg)
UFO - Ultimate Fleet Overhaul

If you can narrow it down further, please contact us with the name of a specific mod you think is (or is not) causing this crash. If possible we would also like a savegame in which it crashes reproducibly a short while after loading.

You can contact us by mailing crash@egosoft.com with subject "DD-105854" and including the requested information. Alternatively you can click here and upload your savegame and extensions folder to us. Feel free to include any other information you think might be useful.

Savegames can be found in the "My Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth\{steamID}\Save\" folder where "{steamID}" is a string of numbers corresponding to your Steam account ID. Mods can be found under "c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X Rebirth\extensions\".

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