How to link and test avatars and signature files

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How to link and test avatars and signature files

Post by Reverend_Vader » Thu, 13. Feb 03, 18:45


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Firstly your avatar MUST be less than or equal to 80x80 pixels in size.

Secondly avatar AND signature images together must not exceed 50kb in file size.

If either of these two factors are not adhered to your avatar will not link.

To link your avatar you must upload to your own webspace so the address looks like this

NOT C:/mydocuments%20/avatar.gif as many people do.
(this means the pic is actually stored on your own system not the internet ;)

If you do not have webspace or your webspace provider does not allow remote hyperlinking of pictures it will not work.

If you want your avatar hosting because you do not have the means to host it yourself, send user LV a Private Message (PM) and I will not only resize it to its correct size but also host it for you. :)

To link your avatar, Log in and go to your profile.

Insert the link to the avatar where it tells you on the profile page and it should then appear under your screen name.

Signature Files
The same rules apply to signature files.

They must be uploaded or hyperlinked from either your own site or a host site. (remember the site must allow remote hyperlinking)

to insert a signature image into the message body paste the link into the box on your profile page that says "Signature"

the code should look like this

Code: Select all

To display the image the Image bb code tags must be placed around the link

Please note that extremely large pictures in both size and filesize will not make you very popular with us 56k'ers ;)

When you wish to test an image go to either "New Topic or Reply"

Once you have put your code into your profile type a few words of text check the attach signature box and press "PREVIEW" instead of submit.

Your signature image should then show up in the preview and there will be no need to create a "Sig Test" post. You can just press back on your browser.

Always press CTRL+F5 on the preview screen to clear your browser cache.
This will wipe the image from your own systems memory and reload it again to check that everything has been done correctly.

Many people can see their own images while everybody else see the little red X due to them not checking this ;)

Troubleshooting :-

The main three factors why images do not work are

1. You are hyperlinking from a site which does not allow remote hyperlinking.

2. The image is not uploaded but is infact still on your system (you can see it we can't) remember C:/mydocuments%20/avatar.gif

3. you have forgotten the bb tags or made a typo in the code. Image
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