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Script & Mod Requests

Post by Gazz » Mon, 11. Aug 08, 14:25

This is where mod requests are collected so they don't scroll off into nirvana. (and clutter up the forum =)
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Ideas for Vanilla-friendly Game Modifications

Post by SirDeity » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 02:45

Hello, Everyone! I hope you are all as thrilled and excited to finally be playing X Rebirth! I started playing earlier today and I'm already hooked! I noticed this forum is currently empty so I wanted to start things off with this thread for people to make basic, "vanilla-approved" modifications for the game.

First some ground rules! No negativity! This means no insulting or derogatory comments in response to anyone's suggestions. If you don't like a suggestion, ignore it. If you do like it and think it should be added, give it a thumbs up so the developers out there can get a sense of which features are in the most demand! Lastly, let's follow a simple numerical format so we can keep track of all the great suggestions that will no doubt come pouring in to this thread while easily distinguishing them from general comments:

1. Improved NPC models: Let's be honest, they do appear very dated. I'm betting these were one of the first 3D models generated during development many years ago. Let's give them an overhaul and dramatically enhance the eye candy!

2. Hide cockpit camera: Sometimes you just want to enjoy the beautiful ships and stations. This is also useful for recording game footage! This featue may already exist, but if it hasn't, let's add it!

3. Captain's Log: It would be great if you could access your ship's computer and type freely, saving your documents in the form of a Captain's Log. This would be useful for personal note taking, reminders, or simple role-playing!

4. Framerate Drops: My framerates drop significantly during warp tunnel travel. It would be great if this could be optimized somehow. If necessary, we could dramatically reduce draw distance temporarily while in warp transport, then return the draw distance to the saved setting from the options immediately upon leaving the tunnel.

5. More Stations: It would be fantastic if there were more interactive consoles and elements to explore from within the Pride of Albion (player's primary ship). I was unable to open the microwave, view any of the computer terminals, or even open doors or climb the ladder. Hopefully the ship's size will grow as you progress through the game, but more interaction with basic nonessential hardware when exploring the ship would significantly enhance the immersive qualities of the experience!
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Post by HyperionXL » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 04:05

Not neccessarily things that need to be added to a bonus pack, but things that need to happen as mods.

1. A way to apologize for or ignore a low amount of damage done to a station when shooting pirates around them. I just lost an hour of progress on an escort mission because maybe 5 of my shots hit the station (with the noob cannon, mind you) and I instantly went to -29 status with them.

2. Autosave. I just can't believe this wasn't just ported over from X3TC/AP. When you dock it should autosave. Thank god they got rid of the silly insurance thing. You can quick save, but quick saving overwrites your last quicksave even if you are playing a different playthrough (story vs free).

3. Lower the amount of station traffic. I'm almost sure this is what is causing the slowdowns as the CPU power it takes to manage all that AI is probably too damn high. I've got a GTX690, so I know it isn't a graphical issue.

4. A sprint key. Give me turbo boost while walking around stations please.
Better yet, give me a mod that lets me interact with everyone inside the station without having to get in the station.

I haven't gotten very far in the game (mostly due to getting stuck, missions being bugged, or forgetting there is no Autosave and having to restart, so these are all the suggestions I can give for now).

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Post by snwboardn21 » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 04:51

HyperionXL wrote:Better yet, give me a mod that lets me interact with everyone inside the station without having to get in the station.
^This x1000

I spent 2/3 of my time playing walking around a station... :evil:
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Post by VMayhem » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 05:13

Since there are pieces of planetary debris in some sectors, I say planetary mining might be an idea for implementation, giving several gazillion tons of ressources. That is, if someone really can confirm that these objects really are massive planetary objects and not just pictures in the background.

Also, I don't know how big these stations can get. It might be of interest to consider this planetary mining for the real juggernaut stations. Give it a week and the first people will come with massive stations. Now, with the new engine and lots of modules instead of Station-factories and pipes...

The sectors are several million (or Billion?) kilometers away from each other. Which essentially means that, with the old tractor beam, they could be moved. It would take forever, since it would take forever if you leave the super Highways midway and had to FLY to the other side by engine... But it would be possible.

And since we now have several modules instead of station and industries we could implement thruster modules in order to move the platforms inside the sector from one field of ressources to the next or create jumpdrive Generator modules with excessive energy cell usage to make the jump into another sector.

These are of course, only suggestions, I don't know if any of these modules would make sense in the endgame.


Another thing would be to implement some sort of fleet control to the game other than a squadron. Let's say you have the capital ships and their respective captains in a conference session while looking at a strategic map, while you hand orders to the captains and outlay your tactic.

Further the ability to steer Xenon ships like drones would be nice since they have no Crew whatsoever.

That's it for now... Frankly we should first see what the game has to offer as a whole before we think of enhancements that might be there already.

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Post by Chobittsu » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 07:22

NPC clutter, just scripted to walk around. And with much more variety than a few different sets of clothes with a palette-swap.
And my uncle has more hair than most of those woman... and less wrinkles. Get some facial variety

That aside, we need more races, I want to see at least rare scattered Boron (unless there's lore about that I haven't gotten to yet), and Paranid I can murder... >w>

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[Request]Autosave on docking.

Post by Silmaril » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 10:14

As I've been suffering from random crashes, and lost 4 hours of gameplay, can I request someone point me in the right direction of how to write a script that would autosave every time you dock?

I've had a look through the tutorial and couldn't see anything that was along these sort of lines. Anyone got any idea how this might be done? :gruebel:

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Post by r4m0n » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 10:34

Haven't seen any action to trigger a [quick]save/load from the scripting side so far, it doesn't seems to be possible to do from the XML script side (though it may be able to be doable from the Lua scripts, haven't been able to see those yet).

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Post by Silmaril » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 10:59

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep my fingers crossed someone finds it is possible!

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the first thing that modders should implement :D

Post by lordpixxie » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 11:53

more gunz!!!

because c'mon. 4 guns? that's all we've got for a 4x "sandbox" game?

i demand moar gunz!!!
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Re: the first thing that modders should implement :D

Post by jwt22 » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 12:55

lordpixxie wrote:more gunz!!!

because c'mon. 4 guns? that's all we've got for a 4x "sandbox" game?

i demand moar gunz!!!

you dont need more guns you need a bigger gun :P :D
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Post by nuttyprot » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 15:11

Fantastic idea shame not on vanilla game hope some modder comes out with a way to do it.

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Post by galatei_tf » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 15:43

I want new, bigger ship and to be able to set it to autopilot, and walk around, look outside - enjoy the view, do other things, i.e. property management and stuff, hell even eject if I like.

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Post by Ketraar » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 18:04

There is not even a mention IF there is going to be a Bonus Pack AT ALL, never mind adding some things that are spammed here. Seriously, frame rate drop, more races? If you really think this is something you can/should add to a Bonus Pack you have no business posting suggestions to it.

People have to get a grip and THINK before they post random nonsense and hope anyone close enough to make it happen will even read it. So here an advice if you truly care then you will go and have a look at how the previous Bonus Packs were made and how their organization was set up, then stop and THINK about your suggestions and if they fit in a similar way, ONLY then post them.

Anything else will be looked at as random spam.



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Millenium Skunk????

Post by stevensred5 » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 18:26

How long before we can run about inside the Millenium 'Skunk' Falcon?? I would die a happy man just to see that round chess board & smuggling compartments.......HERES HOPING

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