[MD][TC] Terran Trader Starts for Terran Conflict

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[MD][TC] Terran Trader Starts for Terran Conflict

Post by dillpickle » Wed, 12. Sep 12, 17:05

Terran Trader Starts for Terran Conflict

Two trader starts for those wanting to play as a Terran.

Includes a rep fix to tie in ATF rep to your Terran Rep, to allow greater access to Terran Systems without relying on the plot.
Also (should) stop your ATF rank being reset to the lowest level if/when you start the Terran Plot - it's not amusing when you have dozens of ship/stations that the Terrans suddenly shoot on sight... :P


Extract the zip folder into the X3TC root folder.


I have moved all my downloads to NexusMods, in an effort to ensure they are still available to anybody that still wants to use them:

Dillpickle's Mission Director Collection for Terran Conflict


director / start.xml
director / 2.006 Terran Plot Scene 0.xml

L / true / gamestarts.xml

Game Start ID's:
251 - Miner Misfortune
252 - Terran Trader

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