Stop Fighters from Launching on combat

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Stop Fighters from Launching on combat

Post by TonyEvans » Fri, 10. Aug 12, 01:25

I looked for a good bit but can't find any solutions.

I usuallu run Codea, and if I have any fighters in the universe, they're on a Codea carrier. Codea's nice, few to 0 problems. My issues are with the fighters. Here's the bit...

I order my fighters to retreat so my Assault, Escort, and Patrol fighters are all docked. Done.

I spool up my FTL (wow, I watch too much BSG) and start my fleet's jump.

Some fighter, M6, missile, something, hits my carrier. Less than 10 seconds later I've got half of my docked fighters in the air and attacking the nearest fighter. Seconds after that, my carrier's jumped, leaving behind anywhere from 10-20 ships, some of which aren't even supposed to be used as front-line combat (my escorts and patrols). 4 out of 5 times I lose at least a few fighters. The end result is, though, that I have to jump the entire carrier group back to the previous system, pick up my fighters, and repeat the process.

Is there a mod or anything that can make it so fighters don't launch to defend the carrier they're docked at? It's an M1, seriously, it can take a bit of damage from an M4 or an M6 until the jump is completed.

Thanks in advance

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Post by Jams79 » Fri, 10. Aug 12, 01:31

You can tell CODEA to disarm landed fighters which should prevent them from launching unless ordered.
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Post by TonyEvans » Fri, 10. Aug 12, 01:34

You're a fighter-saver :)

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