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Post by DJ_D » Fri, 12. Jul 13, 14:56

They should work. You have any other mods installed that change weapon classes or add new lasers?
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Alliance Normandy SR2 Mod

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Post by Chris122990 » Fri, 26. Jul 13, 09:16

Nope it's a clean install.

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Post by Mannschaft » Tue, 27. Aug 13, 01:45

Hey this thing is sweet. Running it in AP with XRM. One thing though. The ship info says it can equip 4x 1GJ shields. I have 4x 1GJ shields and the ship isn't using them. To test it out, I bought 4x 5MJ shields. It immediately equipped them.

Bishop Weyland
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Post by Bishop Weyland » Wed, 28. Aug 13, 14:19


take a look at these page :

Could you add all Alliance ships ?( Dreadnought,Cruiser,fighter,Dropship)
I think the models are from Cpt_Carmal he is a member here.

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Post by Jack10069 » Tue, 29. Oct 13, 11:47

I take it that this mod is not compatible with cadius's ships pack considering when i try to use them together the game crashes on startup

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Post by BambiSlayer99 » Sat, 9. Nov 13, 06:35

Okay, so I've tried installing this ship using the script editor, but whenever I try to launch my savegame the game crashes and I receive an error message saying that the savegame is corrupted. :evil: It works again once I uninstall the xsp ship.

For clarification, I'm using the XRM v1.30 mod over Albion Prelude 3.1. I know little about coding and am fairly new to modding games so I'm totally lost. Can anyone please explain how to install this (and maybe other xsp ships like Serenity) out how to install this. All advice appreciated. :)

EDIT: Nevermind, after searching SOOooooo many guides I finally got this beautiful bastard installed. One question though, when I summon the shift through intergalactic magic (cheat script) it shows up as the "Longsword Mk2". Is that the intended name or a mistake with my install. Thank you DJ_D for this fantastic mod. :D

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Post by xSpeedx » Wed, 20. Nov 13, 00:21

I could install this ship using the X Plugin Manager and it appeared in game without any crash. But I cannot use the A/B/G-Kyon Emitters. How can I fix this and increase the max. laser energy? Because it's just a joke to shoot with 8x SSC and having to wait for a full recharge. Can't imagine how this ship should survive a Xenon fight with all laser slots equipped.

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Post by VaporSnake » Sun, 24. Nov 13, 14:22

What is the ship's name in game supposed to be? I installed the xsp with plugin manager and I'm using AP with XRM. I've looked through the M7 ship list in the cheat menu and there doesn't seem to be any Normandy. Did I miss a step in the install process?

EDIT: Wow, I don't know if it's just incompatible with AP or with XRM, but installing this to AP folder totally corrupts my Plugin Manager cat/dat files. I have to delete them to get Plugin Manager to run normally again. I have no trouble installing it to TC though and the ship appears in game and all.

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Post by popalemih » Thu, 19. Dec 13, 18:30

Hello! Does anyone else have this problem with the shadows? It looks like the ship is somehow ignoring the direction the light is coming from. As you can see in these screenshots, Normandy is in the middle, the other 2 being Saitama and Longsword mk2. The other 2 ships are receiving light and casting shadows correctly but Normandy looks like is inverted.



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Post by ionut2jany » Sat, 25. Jan 14, 23:46

Can i make the ship smaller? And how? Because i would like to make an m4-m5 class of it.
And as "popalemih" sayd the ship lighting is inverted.

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Post by gastovski » Sat, 15. Feb 14, 23:35

Doesn't work with XRM:AP.

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Post by Hausser » Sun, 21. Dec 14, 10:41

I dont understand,why they didnt include that great ship in XRM mod...On my opinion,the most beautiful ship...Would greatly appreciate if somebody could make it operational for X3AP XRM.


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Post by ibor » Thu, 25. Dec 14, 13:59

Now i pick up the topic you may have forgot……the alliance ship mod………i'm dying for ME ships and had found nothing before i saw your post……it's perfect and i create a laser that normandy should use and i found your ship was available in the X-tra ship mod and it is said that the saitima cruiser is a ME ship.however im very looking forward to your ME Mod for AP

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Alex Corvis
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Post by Alex Corvis » Sat, 10. Mar 18, 10:28

Hi all,

I know this thread is quite old, but maybe anybody is still reading this.
So I wondered if anybody still has this mod? The links in the first post lead to nowhere or to just 4k small files...


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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 10. Mar 18, 16:22

I uploaded the files to xdownloads:

Image (original)

Image (no decal)

Image (decal unpacked (.rar))

Image (no decal unpacked (.rar))
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