[Script][AP] Stock Exchange "Good ol' Days" Limit Remover

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[Script][AP] Stock Exchange "Good ol' Days" Limit Remover

Post by xeranes » Fri, 23. Mar 12, 19:31

Hello X forums! If you are like me and have played with the original stock exchange mod before Albion Prelude then you must have been a bit saddened by the forced limits on the number of each stock you can buy... I know I was! This tiny modification flips the switch that was previously made available to players: the ability to own an infinite number of any stock!

A few notes: You might see the stocks available tab going into the negatives, this is completely harmless as far as my testing has shown! Also, your X3 may hang for a second when selling massive amounts of a stock (1million+), but it will snap out of it! This hang increases in time based on how much stock you are selling, so sell in smaller bursts! My tests have shown that selling over 3million can hang for about 10 seconds... I have yet to determine the cause. It might be an issue with the sell script calculating each stock individually.

WARNING: Some people may consider this a bit of a cheat, because if you use this right you could end up with a majority share in the universe... :roll:

Installation: simply extract the .rar to your scripts directory in your Albion Prelude folder! The .rar only contains one script! Remember to delete the old one (if you get no overwrite warning) as this xml file is not compressed as a pck!

Image via Mediafire


Image via dropbox!

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Post by apricotslice » Sat, 24. Mar 12, 06:22


Create a temporary mod in Modmanager, then add the xml script to the mod with compression turned on. This will create a pck.

Then extract the pck with compression turned off, and it will remain a pck.

This will then overwrite the game script, so no forgetting to delete the pck problem exists.

Its only really needed when your modifying an egosoft script. If both pck and xml are found, the pck will be used.

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Post by matic » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 17:29

Hi, this is a great idea - but links are dead. Can you relink please ? PS: I know this is from ages ago :)

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