[SCRIPT] Manipulate Object v1.09

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[SCRIPT] Manipulate Object v1.09

Post by edwardecl » Fri, 13. Jan 12, 03:59

Manipulate Object v1.09

A script that adds a custom command to manipulate objects.

Main uses of this are:
* Remove annoying objects (Unkillable Flight School ships, bugged ships)
* Moving stations close to other objects
* Bulk naming ships/stations to remove parts such as 'Your' and 'alpha'
* Bulk moving stations to grid
* Bulk moving ships to grid
* Move objects to position (like SPERG)
* Use K/k after number inputs to input in thousands
* Find stations/wares/ships for sale in stations
* Integrated support for Luckies Complex Planner (mines not currently listed)
* Filter result from the station/ware finder by text input (case sensitive)
* Send ships to station with station/ware finder

To use this target an object (or not), then use the command console -> custom -> manipulate targeted object, then navigate the sub menus.

Note: Trade command software MKII required for stations/ware finder, tractor beam required for object manipulation for obvious reasons.

Google Drive - should never be deleted...

It uses <t id="762">COMMAND_MANOBJECT</t>, so does not conflict with anything (I hope).

Update 1.01: Added target selection for ships/stations in any sector if no target is selected (press t to deselect target). A confirmation requester and logbook output added so you don't accidentally remove your cat.

Update 1.02: Added a sub menu, with an additional option to remove all ships with the same name as selected target from the universe (borrowed huge parts of Grax's findfreeships script to scan sectors).

Update 1.03: Added searching for ships by text input, which uses basic REGEX to search for ships. So now you can just type in "Flight" and it will find all those silly flight school ships from all races which is what I wanted. Type in "Argon" and well you will probably end up removing anything argon that is not docked.

Update 1.04: ?

Update 1.05: Changed the name, and added some features to move the positions objects (main use stations) near other objects which is great for aligning stations for making complexes. You can edit the distance (default 2km) to anything you want, it will tell you if it has collided with something. Also added string stripping to remove text such as "Your" and "alpha" and will search player or other races if required.

Update 1.06: Added moving groups of stations in a grid type formation, added number input using K (thousand) just type in K after the number. Cleaned up and fixed a few things. Menus now work properly and do not dump you back to the command menu on command completion. Interface now also has a bit of colour to make it more readable. Better logging.

Update 1.07: Fixed a stupid mistake in the cube calculation (x*x*x not x^x), added offset options when moving to grid, added options to move ships to locations (can cause game freezes with >20 ships be warned!!!, and never ever move loads of ships to other sectors, entering that sector can cause freezes if you do!!!, or you could wait for them to leave). Added Station/Ship/Ware in stations finder (functional but not finished and requires "Universal Best Buys/Sells Locator".

Update 1.08: Fixed the station finder so ships actually go to the correct station when sent. Added my own docking script which also fixes the undocking->jumping problem (no longer requires Universal Best Buys/Sells Locator). Added integration with Luckies complex planner to make it easy to find/get planned stations. Optimised the menu in station finder. Made all menus close when ship is sent to station.

Update 1.09: Fixed docking ships in stations without huge docking ports. Added automatic configuration of station finder for TL class ships and non-TL class ships for finding wares. Added unfinished detection for inactive ships (can't really remember what I was doing there).
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Post by xittix » Sat, 14. Jan 12, 19:15

Works great! I used it to remove a bugged Pirate.


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Post by edwardecl » Tue, 17. Jan 12, 05:27

I hate bugged pirates too, LOL.

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Post by edwardecl » Fri, 20. Jan 12, 05:41

Update to 1.06, fixed a load of things and added others if anybody is interested that is :)

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Post by edwardecl » Sun, 29. Jan 12, 02:27

Update to 1.08, makes the station/ware finder: sending ships to station actually usable, also adds complex planner's (by Luckie) project list into the station/ware finder so you can easily find the stations for sale, although this does not include mines, (but you can also just search for mines in the races/cheap section instead).

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Post by Mrreg » Fri, 25. May 12, 19:01

Would this be useful in fixing a situation in which I tiredly bought the wrong size of mine and want to replace it with the correct size without destroying the asteroid?

Hm. Seems the download link is dead.

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Post by edwardecl » Wed, 25. Jul 12, 16:57

Hmm sorry it is dead :(.

Not played the game in a while, it will not help you with already deployed mines when I say move stations that's all it does just moves and not across systems unfortunately I believe there as some other scripts that do that.

Will re upload the file anyway...

Hopefully on a place that don't delete it for no reason.

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Post by ptb_ptb » Fri, 9. Nov 12, 15:45

I tried this with X3 AP and it nearly worked. It that whatever values I enter for X, Y, Z are ignored and the object I'm trying to move to a position ends up in the exact centre of the map (0,0,0). :(

I was starting a new game with nothing else installed except for Cycrow's Cheat Collection Package (for AP).

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