Super Slave chips?

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Super Slave chips?

Post by DHSkully » Tue, 10. Jan 12, 16:55

Just a quik one. Does any one know the Stock exchange that trades in Super Slave chips? I have looked at most of them and they do not seem to be traded. I know they are not bought or sold, but come under naturals in the threads I have read.

And I have posted in here as my game is ***Modified*** as I run the SCS script :oops:

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Post by Borsek » Tue, 10. Jan 12, 23:01

No idea but I doubt it. AFAIK Slave chips are a prohibited ware, so no Argon-Boron-whatever stock exchange will have them.

Might find one in a pirate/yaki stock exchange, if one exists (don't think so here).

Alternatively, try to find a stock exchange with a sector in the list which has a pirate station/slave port/rehab facility.

Or just use cycrow's cheat manager and add cash to player account, it's about as immersive and interesting as the stock exchange imho.

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