X:AP - how to obtain terran Orbital Laser?

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X:AP - how to obtain terran Orbital Laser?

Post by mr.WHO » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 00:29

Is there a way to buy Terran Orbital laser?
Does anyone actually saw it in action? Is it powerful? Coz in description it says that it supose to be superior anti-capship weapon comparing to commonwealth laser tower.

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Post by ConCorDian » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 00:43

the way i think the two laser towers are supposed to be is that the Terran "lasertower" has 2 PBC's (it shows 2 slots on the Models Veiwer at least) and has a 1Gj sheild but is slower at turning than the Commonwealth model. the commonwealth model has only 1 PBC and has only a 200Mj sheild but a higher turn rate.

this leads me to think that the Commonwealth LT is looking at targeting M6/M8 and maybe some of the less Agile fighters (i still dont think that its turnrate is enough to truly worry the better pilots on here if they get in close enough) whereas the Terran one looks more M6 upwards as a target because its turn rate is as small.

or at least thats my thoughts on the matter

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Re: X:AP - how to obtain terran Orbital Laser?

Post by Gazz » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 00:50

mr.WHO wrote:Is there a way to buy Terran Orbital laser?
AFAIK, it cannot be bought and there is no factory that produces it.
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