[INFO] Building - The Economy and how you make a difference

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[INFO] Building - The Economy and how you make a difference

Post by Bernd » Fri, 30. Sep 11, 18:26

Building modular stations

With X Rebirth, we wanted to add a whole new level of depth and complexity to building of space stations.


Build platforms - Decide on a category

The first step in building a station is similar to what one would do in our previous games. You hire a large ship. This ship, however, does not contain the whole factory in a single large module anymore. Far from it.

This ship is a so-called 'builder platform'. It hosts a large amount of welder ships and works as a hub during the process of constructing your station.

When you buy a builder platform, you decide on the category of station you want to build. After you have decided on the place to start the new building, you can then land on the platform and discuss what station from that group you want to start building.

[ external image ]
Farm built from many individual production modules

You can already see what resources are needed to build the modules of this station and estimations on how expensive this will be, but you don`t just "buy" a station anymore. You really build it.


The build process - Supplying and missions

Every module of a station is built by welder ships. Transporters bring the needed resources for building and only once the resources are there, can the welding begin. You can see how your new station is created literally wall by wall.

[ external image ]
Inside view of a single production module

At every step of the way you can (together with the NPC who operates this for you) decide whether you want to bring resources yourself or if you simply put up an offer to buy the resources from other traders.
While the station is being built, you sometimes receive special missions to progress the building process. Once the first module is finished for example, you can search for the best manager to run the new station for you, pick him up and personally bring him to your new station.


Build stages - Decide on a strategy

Now we just talked about building a first module so far. And that is actually the biggest new feature - Modularity!
Stations can be built in different orders according to your plans. Do you want to focus on the production and build a chain of modules that support each other, where one produces the resources for the next?
Or do you plan your station more like a huge warehouse and focus on big storage capacities?

[ external image ]
Communication component extends range of control for your station

Then there is always the question of how much effort to put into the protection and the military capabilities of your station.
Each module you build is an important strategic decision.


Expansions - Going into detail

On top of that modules can also be expanded.
The surface elements that we described in the ships and stations section, all play an important role for your own stations as well.
Invest in turrets, equip the surface of your station with shield generators and add more capabilities to your station by building more things on the surface of your station.

Building ships

In much the same way as you build a station you can also build your own capital ships. You can control every little detail of a new construction if you like, but of course you can also make your life easier and leave many decisions to the NPCs working for you.


We provide the universe, and you decide how you want to play it.

[ external image ]
Refinery module shows the production process in great detail


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