[SCRIPT/CHEAT] Create Universal Trader v1[13-12-2010]

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[SCRIPT/CHEAT] Create Universal Trader v1[13-12-2010]

Post by vukica » Mon, 13. Dec 10, 17:28

These scripts are essentialy gonna be utillity for a script I'm curently working on, but I'm gonna release them separately if any one wants to use them or... just cheat :D

What this script need/uses is:

- activated script editor


- open script editor
- find script called a.createUT and press r
- select ship type, enter amount, and enter ship names(e.g. Baldric UT or MyCorp UT)
- than start universal, sector or local trader for each ship...

NOTE: created traders are not maxed out but they do have a high enough level

download rar

Just unrar to your X3tc root dir and roll the game.

If you find bugs or strange errors, please report them!
If you have suggestions or ideas on how to better this script, share your idea!

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