<RetVar/IF/START> speak text: page =<Var/Number> id =<Var/Number> priority=<Var/Numbe

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<RetVar/IF/START> speak text: page =<Var/Number> id =<Var/Number> priority=<Var/Numbe

Post by mark_a_condren » Tue, 21. Sep 10, 15:10

[START|[skip|else] if [not]|while [not]| <RetVar/IF/START> = speak text page = <Var/Number> id = <Var/Number> priority = <Var/Number>

[START|[skip|else] if [not]|while [not]| = The possible 'Conditional' statements that can be used with this command.
<RetVar/IF/START> = A variable can be used if a return is required for this command.
<Var/Number> = The page id containing the required text / spoken message.
<Var/Number> = The text id of the required text / spoken message.
<Var/Number> = You can set the priority that this command will be run at.

This instruction can play any game voice message.
It can be used to do the same task as play sample: incoming transmission, and with some good scripting, can give the player the source of the message.
It can also play the same voice clips as the send audio message instruction, although it will not display the video.

The common denominator to any message played with this instruction is that the text for the
message is stored in an XML language file.
If the player has not turned off the displaying of subtitles, this instruction can display as a subtitle the text from any message in any language file – even user-created language files supplied with scripts. If the message has a corresponding audio component, it is played at the same time.

The file nn0001.XML (where nn is your language code, 44 for English) contains the text for all the phrases where there is a corresponding audio or audio/video recording


[START] speak text: page = 13 id = 9 priority= 100

The above example would result in 'No station for docking found!' being spoken.
Due to [START] being used, the script would continue on and not wait while 'No station for docking found!' is being spoken.

Speech Samples Catalogue of a breakdown of most of the playable voice clips.

The charts containing a list of messages from the built-in X² language files for which there are corresponding speech or video can be found in the original MSCI Handbook. The messages are divided up into pages, where each page generally contains all the phrases for one particular theme or purpose.

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