play sample: incoming transmission <Var/Number>, from object <Value>

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play sample: incoming transmission <Var/Number>, from object <Value>

Post by mark_a_condren » Tue, 21. Sep 10, 14:03

play sample: incoming transmission <Var/Number> , from object <Value>

<Var/Number> = The id number for the required sound file.
<Value> = The object sending the transmission.

Sends a voice message to the player with news of a hail, incoming transmission, scan, or SOS depending on <Var/Number>.
<Value>, The obvious intention was to also support informing the player of which ship originated the message, but as of version 1.4 of X² – The Threat, this does not function.


play sample: incoming transmission [IncomingTransmission.Message], from object null


play sample: incoming transmission 1361, from object null

The player will recieve the "Incoming Transmission" speach when either of these commands runs.

Further information:

There are four constants available in the script editor's “Select Constant” list that are specifically for this instruction:

Incoming Message Constants

Code: Select all

Constant Name                     Value   Message Spoken
[IncomingTransmission.Greeting]   1362    “We are being hailed”
[IncomingTransmission.Message]    1361    “Incoming message”
[IncomingTransmission.Scanned]    1363    “We are scanned”
[IncomingTransmission.SOS]        1360    “Emergency message from”
The values for the constants are taken from the text list found in the general XML language file for the game (xx0001.XML where xx is your language code) under page 13.
See the speak text instruction for more information.

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