<RetVar> = string <Var/String> to integer

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<RetVar> = string <Var/String> to integer

Post by mark_a_condren » Thu, 16. Sep 10, 16:52

<RetVar> = string <Var/String> to integer

<RetVar> = The converted string.
<Var/String> = The string you wish to convert to an integer.

Important when reading numerical data from a TFile. Those are always read as strings.

Known Limitation;
If an integer is read from a text file or converted to a string using the '[RetVar] = convert number [Var/Number] to string' command and it contains commas, which it will if it is longer than 3 characters, this command will break at the first comma it encounters.

12,345,678 will be returned as 12. Everything after the first comma will be ignored.


$number.string = read text: page= $page.id id = $text.id
$number.integer = string $number.string to integer

This allows you to read in a number as a string and convert it to an integer for used in calculations etc.

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