[WiP] <RetVar> = <RetObj> get rot gamma

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[WiP] <RetVar> = <RetObj> get rot gamma

Post by EmperorJon » Fri, 10. Sep 10, 11:02

<RetVar> = <RetObj> get rot gamma

<RetVar> = The variable where the requested information is put.
<RefObj> = The object to check for the information.

Checks the alpha rotation value of the object and writes it as a numeric variable.

Rotation is out of 65536. (0-360 degrees with 65536 being 360, which is of course the same as 0.)

Alpha is Yaw, Beta is Pitch and Gamma is Roll.

For Ships:

- Alpha and Beta are for the direction the Ship is looking to
- Gamma is for the Rotation around the own axis of a Ship
- Alpha is for the Rotation on the ecliptic level (or when gamma = 0 left and right)
- Beta is for the rotation up and down from the ecliptic (or when gamma = 0 )


$PlayRotA = [PLAYERSHIP] get rot alpha
$PlayRotB = [PLAYERSHIP] get rot beta
$PlayRotG = [PLAYERSHIP] get rot gamma

Would find the exact direction your ship is facing.

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