[WIP] set state of news article page = <Var/Number> id = <Var/Number> to <Var/Number>

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[WIP] set state of news article page = <Var/Number> id = <Var/Number> to <Var/Number>

Post by mark_a_condren » Fri, 10. Sep 10, 11:00

set state of news article: page = <Var/Number> id = <Var/Number> to <Var/Number>

page = <Var/Number>
id = <Var/Number>
to <Var/Number>

Enables or disables a BBS news article – sets whether or not it is currently being shown on the BBS network.
The 'to <Var/Number>' can be set to [TRUE] or [FALSE].
[TRUE] can also be denoted by 1, as [FALSE] can also be denoted as 0.
Scripts are used in conjunction with the game's internally hard-coded BBS engine to make news articles come and go. (note: This all needs to be check for currency as there is no BBS engine anymore)

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