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[MOD](beta 0.71) Captain Jacks Mod NOW ALSO IN ENGLISH
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Nicolo Golo

Joined: 19 Apr 2008

PostPosted: Thu, 26. Aug 10, 22:46    Post subject: [MOD](beta 0.71) Captain Jacks Mod NOW ALSO IN ENGLISH Reply with quote Print

There's quite an interesting mod made for the german version 1.4 ox X2 The Threat. Even not too old.

See the original release thread here : http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=245812.
A still working download link is provided there.

On personal request I took it to make an english language file for it and now have the permission of the mod maker to offer it to the public.

First, perhaps as a little teaser, the translation of the original release thread :

Installation & Start

ATTENTION: You should ABSOLUTLY READ the instruction of the so called .txt (folder Zubehör)

1. extract data
2. Move "JacksMod.cat & JacksMod.dat" from folder "mods" to folder "mods" in your X2 directory
3. Move scripts from folder "scripts" to folder "scripts" in your X2 directory
4. On starting Menu choose "JachsMod"from Mod Packet and start new game
5. At the X2 Menu choose "new game" und then under selecting Mod Universe choose "X2-Universe"

Purpose and usage of scripts from folder "ScripteOptional":

These scripts are only needed if you keep the Artifical Life settings. They are to my mod adapted versions of the original AL-scripts for sectorpatrol and passengerships.

1. Go to X2 maindirectory and move all scripts beginning with "!al." into a backup folder.
2. Then copy MY scrips into the scripts folder.
3. Now you can - as usual - switch Patrols and Passengerships on or of ingame under "Artificial Life Settings".

If you don't use these scripts.
After starting game it is absolutly necessary to DEACTIVATE ALL Patrols and Passengerships under "Artificial Life Settings"!

Zubehör (Additionals)

In the mod folder you can find a map of my galaxy as well as a ships-list in Excel-format.

Further usage of this mod and it's components

My own mod components can alltime be used for other projects, as long as their source is mentioned in the credits. Also I would like to be informed with a short message (via PM),
what will be used and what for.

Mod components from other moders can only be used with their permission. They are mentioned in the credits in the second post of the release-thread at the EGOSOFT forum.
There you can see what's from whom.

Securits advice

Usage of this mod at your own risk. I take no resposibility for eventual damage of savegames, other installed programs or your system.


The mod is NOT savegamecompatible

The mod is NOT storycompatible

The mod is NOT compatible to scripts, that are related to sectors and stations from the original X2.

The mod is NOT compatible to other mods as far as they change anything on ships, lasers, stations and/or wares.

Thanks Giving Wink

Many thanks to all the other moders who gave me permission to use their ships and stations !

What's in the mod

New Universe

In the release thread look at the map in full resolution. Otherwise maybe not all jumpgate connections will be shown due to scaling.

Order of race territories from below left to upper right: Paranid, Argon, Boron, Split, Teladi.
Xenon & Khaak = red, Pirates = brown, Unknown = grey, conquerable Xenonsectors = purple

All the time I had some problems with the X-universe. First that disturbed me, it's relativly small (up to and with X2 at least), a problem aggravated by the jump drive, another thing, the

distribution of the territories of the 5 races. Some sectors here, some there, and enemy sectors inbetween. IMO totally unrealistic. That's why I created for my mod a completly new univers after my

own ideas.

All the races now own a single, compact region. This region is ramified as we are used to fron X2. Sectors with 4 jumpgates are still an exception.

The universe is concepted an open circle with the territories of the 5 races lined up. That way long routes and very high jumpkosts will be generated between the farest races. So the universe will

feel much bigger than the original.

The Xenon are settled at the "inside" of this circle, what gives you the impression, that they control the whole region of the inner circle. A "corridor" as a shortcut thruogh Xenon-space (right

across the circle) was planed at one stage, but has been scrapped to keep jumpkosts high.
The Khaak are settled at one corner outside the circle and can be reached by jumpgates thruogh a serie of unknown sectors.
Pirates sectors scattered, a few inside the circle, a few outside.

In some sectors the jumpgates are - alike X3 - not neatly aligned to the ecliptic.

More "specialsektors" and "specialstation", some player sectors.

There is somewhere a Goner sector with a shipyard, where you can buy some special as well as Xenon ships.

Some Xenonsectors can be conquered by the player. JUST Destroy each and every Xenon ship (ATTENTION: NOT THE TWO XENON POWERPLANTS IN "FIRE OF ETERNITY" !!!!) in the sector and wait until the

script in charge signs the sector to you. The script starts automatically with the game. No need to activate it manually with the scripteditor.

In the race territories are also some special stations, that sell wares and ships, which are not available anywhere else.
Some ships are only available at ONE shipyard.

Complete rebalancing of ships, weapons, rockets.
Aims have been:
a) offer mor variety
b) making fights last longer, more difficult and thrilling and
c) in general making the ships of the same class more balanced (no useless ships, no superships anymore)
The different classes are now further apart about their abilities. Now it is much more difficult to kill a M6 with a M3, as it was in vanillaX2. And forget about M1/2 with smaller ships (perhaps

except with PSG).

Furthermore I removed ALL TUNINGS ! The reasons for :
- always the player tunes newly bought ships up mto max., so they are mor or less useless here.
- enemy ships are most of the times NOT fully tuned and that way an easy booty. Now some of them are of fastest and most agile ships in the universe, (twisted evil)

New & replaced ships

Here was diversity also an important factor. New are not only additional ships for existing classes, but also some light(er) carriers and destroyers as well as "attacker" and "Defender" variants

for the 5 M3 of the races.

Another goal was, to make the ships look better and more different from each other. Some race ships have been rebuild and/or resized, some have been completly replaced by mod-ships. Well, that all

question of taste, but IMO some real cool stuff is flying around the universe, al least compared to original (never been a fan of X2 ship design of M6 and above).

Seven new production facilities


Shield Pro. facility 500MW (1x per race)

All stations can be bought as usual, but have to be activated via script. The necessary scripts are included in the mod. See the "Anleitung/instrutions.txt" in folder "Zubehör".

Sieben neue Fabriken

New shield

500MW shield for big battleships

What's left

A script to replace all the new ships
Some of the new ships are flying around as sector guard right away from starting game. IMO they won't be replaced, when destroyed. So there's a script needed, otherwise these ships will vanish over


Known problems

Ships too big
Some of the new ships are grown a bit big and cause docking problems. It's known up to now, that Xenon L will be destroyed on narrow and rotating dockports. Also the Split Dragon and Paranid

Nemesis fit only narrowly to the equipment docks. Remote docking can help here.

=> will not be changed

Praises, critics and ideas for improvement are always wellcomed !

Cpt. Jack Sparrow

The mod file you can download from the original thread is made only for the german version.

I have made an english language file for it with the translation of ship descriptions and sectornames ( no sector descriptions in the original so far).

IF YOU are interested X²

send me a PM with your e-mail adress and in return I will send you a zip file containing the read me above, a translation of the "Anleitung.txt" in
the folder Zubehör"
and of course
the language file 440001.xml. To install it you will need any kind of .cat/.dat extractor and packer ( i.e. X2Archiver).

- extract "jacksMod.cat"
- put the 440001.xml into the folder "t" in the extracted archive
- RECOMPILE to a .cat/.dat archive
- install the mod as decribed


Personally I have no part on the creation of the mod. It#s all Cpt. Jacks.
I only made the translation.

If you have troubles using the "new" 440001.xml file, please post here. Smile
I am no modder at all, so my knowledge isn't much to speak of. Embarassed
Everything that exceeds the usage of of a plain text-editor already gives me a headache. Pisa-Studie live

Am I a man ?
I am a man. House, wife, children, everything,

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Chris Gi

Joined: 20 Sep 2006
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Location: Home of Light
Thank you for registering your game
PostPosted: Fri, 27. Aug 10, 11:10    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts to break down language barriers. Some mods are only known to the English or German (or whatever) community, just because they were never translated. Thank you for your efforts to spread this mod too (along with the X.P.D. mod).

But you should bring Cpt. Jack Sparrow to include your translation because many people still feel uncomfortable with tools like X2ModManager for example.

Once again: thank you Thumb up Star


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Nicolo Golo

Joined: 19 Apr 2008

PostPosted: Fri, 27. Aug 10, 16:45    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Many thanks for your thumbs up .

I've already talked to Cpt. Jack to get his permission for this here.

As he's kinda busy he thought this to be the most conveniant way for him, ATM. Neutral
It's still called 0.7 BETA. who knows Wink .Maybe, if I could give him a number of questions for the translation ?)

All the advice I can give here, as a totally nerdy moding NOOB, is

USE THE X2Archiver,

it's so damn easy to use, that even I managed.
It works well for me with the extracting and repacking of .cat/.dat archives WITH changed files.
Tested it with changed language files on some mods and so far I didn't run into any troubles with them.

This is the site with a working download link for the archiver : http://seizewell.de/viewtopic.php?t=128
(don't know any other, if there's a working link somewhere here, please moderators feel free to change).

Am I a man ?
I am a man. House, wife, children, everything,

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