[Script] Hack Target Systems v1.00 (01.08.2010)

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[Script] Hack Target Systems v1.00 (01.08.2010)

Post by xiriod » Sun, 1. Aug 10, 16:07

Hack Target Systems v1.00 - (Released 01.08.2010)

Being frustrated with enemy ships having defense systems ready for you if you try to board their ship? Having marines shredded by Internal Security lasers, thwarted by Hull Polarization or having problems hacking that final computer because of Advanced Firewalls? Here is the solution for you!

Hack Target System integrates with the Special Command Software MK1 to let you hack enemy defense systems before you let your marines board the ship. You need to bring 10 Microchips per system the target has, and the procedure is so delicate that it is either all or nothing. So if the targeted ship has all three devices installed you need 30 Microchips to be successful. You also need to be within 1500 meters of the ship, and their shields must be below 10 % to initiate hacking.

Since the Central Core computer is not open networked, it still needs to be hacked on-site by your marines as you normally would during boarding procedures.

Now go get those ships!

Version history:

v1.00 Initial release


Unpack the 7zip-archive to your game directory.

If you haven't done so, you need to enable the Script Editor by renaming your character to 'Thereshallbewings' and wait until it finish initializing. It will freeze for a short time, and you will get control back. That's how you know. You can set a hotkey for hacking in Options.

There is a script for un-installing the hotkey if you want to remove the script later. Just save game, exit, delete script and copy setup.uninstall.xi.hotkey.xml from the 'scripts.uninstall'-directory and run the game.



Disclaimer: I may, or may not, expand upon this script. But as far as I am concerned, I have achieved what I wanted to do and thus it is not very likely. So don't get your hopes up. ;) Anyone wishing to use this in their mod or otherwise is free to do so as long as credits are given where credits are due.
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Post by jocan2003 » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 00:38

THAT is awesome :D

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