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Most likely DiD end scenario

Death by jump gate accident
Computer crash/power failure/technical faults
Underestimating a mission and getting destroyed by superior firepower
Collision with station/undocking EPIC FAIL or A.I ship
None of the above, you can do it rebel!
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Die-Hard...Suicidal Squid DiD...SPOILERS!

Post by you_rebel_scum » Sat, 24. Jul 10, 17:17

Hi all! If any of you have read some of my posts i've prob mentioned DID's waaaay too much but this is the last time! promise.....lol. Anyway, this is a work in progress and I won't start it till the new DID mode becomes a reality on steam. Sooooooooo I'd like for the community, if interested, to set me some rules, I'm not crap at the game but by no means a master (see my stats)

Below is a list of rules i've already come up with. Anything that the community adds will be considered and incorporated. If no interest is to be found then ill make my own rules and still post results although not rly in a fictional way, rather more a tactical approach, my thinkin as i play.

PRIMARY GOAL: Die Hard steam achievement (finish 9! plots in DiD mode). Evidence will be via a screenie of the ach popup

GAMESTART: Suicidal Squid


Vanilla (HAS TO BE FOR ACHievement)

No cloning
No derelict ship caps
No niv mining exploiting
No apologizing exploit when capping ships
No police licenses

Can only build in pirate or unknown sectors and can only be Teladi factories

Can only use and pilot yaki/pirate/Duke's reward ships, therefore all ships capped that aren't yaki or pirates must be sold and sold only at the shipyard in Senator's badlands or at Teladi shipyards

Can only buy and sell off the Teladi and pirates/yaki/Duke's. Everything else must be found or stolen including non teladi/pirate equipment, shields, weps and lasers etc.

The first pirate ship that bails is to become my new personal ship and i have to get rid of the gamestart ship (can't sell it, must be destroyed).


Cap xenon j, k, q and fill m1 with l's n's, lx's etc

Cap deca M1


Allowed to cap 2 M7M's (for secondary goals) - If lost then tough luck and future secondary goals will be failed.

TL's/TS's/TP's must be capped, as no pirate versions of these

Unique ships (for example vidar/truelight seeker) can be taken but only for reverse engineering purposes, they will not be used or sold, including equipment that you get with them (these items will be dumped into space). Need something to do if I hopefully pull this off and I like collecting blueprints.

Sure i missed some out but will update the rules as i think of them...Also I'd like it to be hard but in a fun way, not something like oh u have to do it in an M5 but...


Ok just have to w8 for some posts, ideas and the update 8)
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Die-Hard...Suicidal Squid DiD
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Post by you_rebel_scum » Sun, 8. Aug 10, 23:45

Not one suggestion? :(
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Post by cj-spartacus » Mon, 9. Aug 10, 00:33

Here's an idea you can toy with if you like.

Aldrin Adventurer Start. ([Edit]: Although this will defeat your 9 plots idea)

1. Can only pilot/repair ships from the Aldrin shipyards. Any other ships must be AI and repaired in their own race's shipyards.

2. Can only build in Terran unknown sectors and in Aldrin and Aldrin 2 and can only use Terran stations.

3. Cannot hold a police license for any of the commonwealth races.
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Post by you_rebel_scum » Mon, 9. Aug 10, 10:23

Interesting ideas thanks!

Start: Yes i can't do this one since i wont get the steam achievement

1: Might do this with whatever race i choose
2: This is rly interesting, might do this except not Aldrin 1 due to bad fps, could build only in those 4 unknown sectors in terran space
3: Thats fine, depending on what race i chose. It will be limited to that race only for license or if terran then sure no commonwealth licenses.

Keep them coming :)
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Post by eldyranx3 » Tue, 10. Aug 10, 06:11

Just a suggestion, but I would wait till they iron out any kinks in the DiD Steam game start. Its WAY too easy right now for a plot related bug to ruin your DiD progress, especially if you are looking to complete ALL the main plots.

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Post by you_rebel_scum » Mon, 4. Oct 10, 19:23

Thanks for moving to the list dragondream, ok it's out on friday yay! and so I'm going to be making an introduction this week. The rules have been finalized and look pretty dam tough now but I know with luck I can do it!

The biggest hassle will be getting jumpdrives, In theory I only need about 7 max

3 for my superfrieghters assigned to my chip plex

1 for a TL

2 for the M7M's for deca capping

and my personal one.

Hope anyone reading likes the rules and introduction coming this week!

This DiD starts Friday! :)
Die-Hard...Suicidal Squid DiD
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Post by you_rebel_scum » Sat, 9. Oct 10, 02:20

Ok, after some long and hard thought about whether to go through with this due to the likely event of system and or steam crashes....I have decided to screw it and hope it will go my way on the highway....Not to mention gate crashes, suicidal TS's and the like. So here it goes finally, I totally uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well just to be sure. I'll be exporting my statistics after every round as well.

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fulltimenoob/


My name is Black Beard Jnr, for a squid, living the life of a microchip thief is pretty tough. I had it all, a fancy M2 Brigantine and a whole host of loot. Had I not stayed for that last round of Jon Kayean's exclusive brew I wouldn't have woken up in this prison cell on route to a super max prison facility. I don't think the Terrans think too kindly of drunk squids stealing their microchips, something to do with evil robot propagation or something or other.

Luckily for me, my stupid captors had been rudely looking through my cargo bay and found something too tempting to not try...Prototype space weed is hard to come by and the Terrans mustn't even know what it is, or what it can do. After going through a whole 1 S size vol of the stuff they decided to play a game of press shift+J and then to close their eyes, randomly press a button and then press enter.

X is a common letter in this universe after all....But still it was bad luck to choose a Xenon sector

The shields go down pretty quick, not only on the ship but on my prison cell as well. This gave me the chance to find my old recon ship and escape just in time. I just make it to the gate when the explosion of the Terran ship causes some sort of malfunction in the gate system propelling me into some unknown Boron sector.

Time to start over, my entire cartel is destroyed or missing in action and my bank account is dry. Good thing I have some space fuel on board.

Task 1: Upgrade this baby so it is at least capable in some way

Task 2: Get hold of a pirate ship...in an octopus...gulp


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Post by kgkosio » Sat, 9. Oct 10, 03:46

One thing I have noticed, always use the menu/command console to jump or move through a gate. It seams to make sure the exit point is clear prior to initiating the exit into the sector.
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Post by you_rebel_scum » Mon, 11. Oct 10, 23:54

kgkosio wrote:One thing I have noticed, always use the menu/command console to jump or move through a gate. It seams to make sure the exit point is clear prior to initiating the exit into the sector.
Thanks, but I prefer to do it manually, gives me time to evade. Also I just fly as close to the edge as possible. I don't trust auto pilot anyway, never trust a machine :)


So, here we are again, nothing but a crappy M5 and a world of pain and sweat ahead of me. I really don't fancy trading E-cells for a million years and so I head straight for Teladi space knowing that they will at least trade with me, but first I'll need something to trade with, this space fuel is no good so that goes down the pipe straight away. I feel so small right now in this massive universe.....


As I arrive in Grand Exchange I can already see that the Xenon are busy as they try to invade. The Teladi may be slow but they sure know how to fight. I almost cry with joy as I see a good few wares dropped, some remote guided warheads and a firestorm, sigh at least my pitiful ship can hold the warheads. These get traded straight away at the Military Outpost in Merchant Haven for some IRE's and a shield. Hmm should I buy some mosquito's.....

I can fight now at least, well maybe fight a spacefly. What I need is a ship with style, something with a paint job. What I'm looking for right now is a pirate buster or kestrel. After doing some cheap fight missions, I've finally tuned the octopus to a decent standard and so I decide to make the long trip to Yaki space and pick up more jobs that suit me along the way, hopefully Paranid one's as they are currently blocking my path to the Yaki.

On the way I spot a lone pirate elite, very nice ship but on closer inspection I notice a frag launcher in it's turret, I cut the opportunity and back off...Maybe there will be further opportunities on the way to Yaki space.

Nearing Omicron Lyrae the message indicator goes off and it looks like the Argon need help integrating the Terrans into their way of life, I'm helpless right now and need the money so I graciously accept their offer even though it was the Terrans who got me into this mess. The mission is a simple escort but obviously things go wrong and we're attacked by a small pirate group, hmm a buster and a harrier. Circling round the back of the harrier I drill him in the back with my weak IRE's, to my sheer delight he bails. The ship is too damaged and I'm in the middle of a mission to take it right now, so I quickly claim it and send it to the nearest station for later.

On the way to Heretic's I consult the encyclo and compare the octopus to the harrier, hmmm, the harrier is slower and has slightly smaller laser generators, but it has more shields and a massively larger cargo bay. Who cares, it's the paint job that seals the deal.

Upon finally arriving in Heretic's we get more company from the Xenon, small group, not a problem me thinks except after taking down half of the M's shields, it decides to pull a full 180 and drill me with pac's, I take hull damage and run away. For the rest of the mission it was following me, I felt like patting myself on the back when it fired a missile at me, thank god for buying those mosquito's! The dumb ass chick with the really bad blonde wig arrives at her destination and offers me some more jobs but I decline for now because I can't wait to get into my new ship.

The octopus gets sent on a fond fairwell into Xenon territory, good bye Old Faithful :cry: and......Hello New Faithful :)


Now I have 2 options:

Option 1: Get a better ship like a kestrel or a buster

Option 2: Do some hard mission grinding and save up for a Yaki Chokaro

Either way, both options require me getting to pirate space which is bad enough, but to get there I'm going to have to traverse Xenon space....


to be continued......


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Post by you_rebel_scum » Tue, 12. Oct 10, 22:34


I'm currently sitting outside the shipyard in Senator's Badlands thinking about how I got here in one piece. This is the first time I've been able to gather my thoughts and relax. As the caimen I claimed in pirate alley makes its way slowly to Ministry of Finance, I access the situation and what's happened so far...

Before being captured by the Terrans I was a microchip thief and used to make tonnes of cash illegally raiding high tech transporters, there was no hiding from me. But when the terrans re-connected to the gate system, I couldn't help but try to have a look at what tech they had. So I ended up being captured and escaped through sheer luck. As soon as I found myself with a fresh start, the pirating side of me snapped into gear and I've done nothing more than do what I do best. Hmmm should I stop now while things are looking good or should I continue down this path and live a short but glorious life....Either way I'm about to get a nice command ship from my friends the Yaki, I haven't been trading with the commonwealth as I've been trying to keep a low profile, the Teladi are an exception, they don't care who they trade with.

Getting here from Queens has been nothing short of a heart attack. Going through Xenon territory was scary to say the least, the gate was clear but the gate where I was going wasn't...


I felt pretty confident though, the harrier is fast and they were busy with split traders. However when they were blasted a Q decided to fire a missile at me, I papped myself and desperately tried to find it and fire my own back at it, I began to sweat when the missile missed and I tried to take evasive action. Luckily it was only a rapier and I was able to get out in time.

After leaving Xenon territory, I was kept company through Argon space by a strange friend

Pirate alley was insane, from crazy fighter drones attacking me to galleons trying to chase me. When I got to Brennan's there was some nice loot to be had. Plenty of helpless traders, I manged to single out a split trader in a defenseless dolphin, he bailed easily and I went in to claim it. Just as I was about to eject I got a missile warning...


A typhoon! I've never used one but people rave about how destructive they are, so with that in mind I left the system to return later. My ship was faster but I just didn't have time to claim the ship, which was badly damaged anyway, and escape in time.

Whilst biding my time I did some milk runs for the paranid to give me access to their sectors, not that I'd ever want to voluntarily but they owned the Yaki border territory so it was a necessary evil. Nothing much just some quick assassinations to rack up that guilty conscience.

Returning to Brenan's the galleon that fired on his fellow pirate was way off at the other end so I grabbed the caimen and escorted it to paranid prime where we parted ways. Would have liked it to be honest but it gave me the credits to get that chokaro and my quest for galactic conquest will begin! NO No no...I'm gonna be good this time....get a factory, have a few little plexes, go clean.

So here we come back full circle and the caimen has arrived in one piece and it gets sold to get my new ship! and I breathe a sigh of relief...for now things are looking pretty good.


But my harrier looks lonely, he needs a friend....so its off to pirate alley again. That clean life is gonna have to wait a while.


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Post by you_rebel_scum » Wed, 13. Oct 10, 11:49


To cut a long story short, my escapades in pirate alley didn't go too well, no one wanted to give me their ship and I often ended up on the receiving end of pbg's, not very nice even behind 200 Mj's of shielding. I was sick and tired of all this war and death and capping and assassinations....it really was time for a change. Behold! the once fearsome Black Beard Jnr being reduced to endless taxi missions in Boron space, which were actually pretty nice. Of course there are always problems....

Helping out my people gave me a sense of purpose not felt since I first stole that flask of space fuel off that drunkun beggar in Home of Light...It felt good and after sometime the Queen gave me a full pardon and was pleased to have me helping out, albeit without allowing me access to warships, which was fair enough, I wasn't in a fighting mood anymore and was making more money as a taxi man than I was as a pirate...

It wasn't long before I was at the highest level that a Boron could be within our are culture. The day was about to end when I stumbled across a nice ship return mission, however it was in split space...Now I'm still not friends with the split in fact they hate my guts...regardless I head there and manage to grab the prize, a nova vanguard with which I have absolutely no intention of returning, a few missile warnings here and a cheaky police patrol to evade at the gate there....and I'm back with a cool 1.5 mil in hard currency to play with with.

Things start to go wrong when I return to Queen's....


I'm not sure if they followed me or whether they were fully launching an attack on the Boron nation, doesn't mean anything to me right now, thats too much and I run away as fast as possible leaving a noticeable brown exhaust fume behind me. It isn't long before things settle down in Queen's, perhaps the 2 threshers and shark gave the split something to think about. I was tired now and it had been a long day...but theres always something left unfinished, something that you feel that you could fit in before the day is done....thats when I stumble across 5 taxi missions in one sector, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up on. The last pickup however was a split...hmm strange, why is he here? Had to be a spy but I needed to repair relations with the split and fast, it was just getting to dangerous with me jumping into huge fleets and all.

I drop off the passengers and only had the split left to get to Hollow Infinity...it was....an interesting trip...

We didn't say much, years of war and pillaging on both sides...yes both sides...had strained relations somewhat, however we both respected each others distance and personal space, albeit perhaps something to do with my tentacle placed firmly on his ejector seat and his hand on his blaster rifle AT ALL TIMES. We arrive in Hollow Infinity to find nothing interesting other than the ore mine that he wanted to get too, somethings wrong...We both notice jump signatures on the radar and visually see ships jumping into system...a lot of them. Looking bewildered we both agree to look whats happening and whats jumped in system, that was a mistake....the Boron shouldn't be concerned with the split anymore, they had bigger fish in their territory


Not only that but they were heading straight for us, it was a difficult call but i left the split at his destination and got the hell out of there. I wasn't going to be able to return to Boron space for a long time and I was angry, I had tried to live a quiet and peaceful life but it was all predetermined that I should face a life of mass destruction, and so in my anger I headed towards Omicron Lyrae where I had heard rumblings of a counter strike against the Kha'ak.


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Post by you_rebel_scum » Thu, 14. Oct 10, 04:53


The anger begins to subside as I near Omicron Lyrae, even with the Kha'ak invasion still fresh in my mind. As I calm down, reason begins to kick in and I feel that jumping head first into a full on counterattack would be stupid to say the least, but I had little choice and no other options. As I near the west gate in Circle of Labour I receive a message...who could that be I wonder to myself.

MESSAGE READS: Howdy pilot, I think your gonna need a bit more firepower, something like what you had before you were reduced to escorting civilians. Going to war now would make you nothing more than another statistic in the obituary. The commonwealth is gonna need some help too, things don't look to good for them right now, perhaps you should reconsider helping the Terrans and in return asking for their help with the Kha'ak, just a thought...MESSAGE ENDS

Who the hell was that? I thought to myself...regardless the mysterious unknown had a point and I was near Terran space but how did he know me and my situation...

In Omicron I look out at the fleet that was mustering, it wasn't gonna be enough I thought to myself, the unknown was right and so I turn northwards towards Heretic's End. Two things that I wasn't looking forward to right now, flying through Trans Orbital Death Accelerators (TODA'S) and exceedingly long patrol missions...I asked a USC guy called Plinters whether the Terrans would help out against the Kha'ak only to be told that they had bigger problems right now. I was pissed off but after doing some missions for them I saw that the AGI were just a big a threat as the Kha'ak...

Things had changed in Terran space since I was last here...things weren't exactly right, the last time I was in Terran space it was full of wonder and had a strong economy, now it had all fallen apart for some reason, even the new ATF designs were strange. Plinters explained that the introduction of space weed from the commonwealth was the biggest disaster that had occured to the Terrans since the birth of the AGI and that he himself was under the influence at this very moment in time....a little worried and knowing that we were in the middle of a patrol, I decided to slowly fly away from him.

After a long and arduous set of patrol missions I finally left Terran space to be sent on a top secret sneaking mission...I ended up following the slowest Nova in the universe to a secret pirate base where I got attacked, a few silkworms later and I even had a pirate nova bail on me, my kestrel now had a friend, but not for long because as soon as I saw the max upgradable speed, it was sent straight to the nearest Teladi shipyard.
After scanning a pirate base I headed back to Heretic's to be given another patrol mission, I spat at Plinters and refused to fly through another TODA again, he told me that he loved me and that I should mellow out. Seriously disturbed by this and the state of the Terrans I decided to leave to Kingdom's End to tell the people of the Queen's pending doom, on my arrival I met a strange but famous squid by the name of Mahi Ma.

I thought that he was on space weed combined with space fuel when he asked me to go into Xenon space looking for his clearly dead friends. Realising that we needed both Bali Gi's genious and Brennan-san's charm I headed over there, but not before stealing his ship as payment and buying a fresh set of trousers that I'll surely be needing very soon.

1 pair of freshly ruined trousers later and I end up in the strangest sector I've ever seen....


Mahi Ma explained to me that this was a hub and could intersect any gate in the universe, it was damaged however and asked me to get a few things (more like a few thousand things). He also explained that due to the damage the Xenon may have been invading sectors for raw materials to get it back online. With this machine I could get rid of the Kha'ak I thought to myself and decided to put all my efforts into gaining control of this weapon. With the power of a star at my fingertips I began to think about how I was gonna pull the resources required to get this thing up and running again...


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Post by you_rebel_scum » Fri, 15. Oct 10, 06:33


With my mind set on now putting all my efforts into gaining full control over the hub, I began to form a strategy. Before all this happened, back when I was a fearsome pirate I had a huge empire, how did I get to that point? By stealing everything! It wasn't all me that enabled my dominance, it was due to the hard work of my soldiers, who fought long and hard, night and day to get me to where I was before, I had no idea what had happened to them and so I decided to look for new recruits, but not before spotting this guy, 3 guesses what happened next....

I arrived at the nearest pirate base and began looking for potential candidates to form my new secret squad of mercenaries, this squad was to be codenamed FOXHOUND.

Only three stood out as having a decent enough record:

Jako Jerigan a.k.a Wako Jacko
Ra t'Nnk a.k.a Rat
Daborah Kellar a.k.a The Demon King

Rat only had 3 stars in fighting and so I approached him to discuss his potential recruitment. He explained to me that his friends called him rat, I retorted by telling him that I would never have guessed and that he no longer had any friends other than a disintegrator rifle and that his new codename was Splinter.

With the King of PoP and the King of the underworld under my servitude I began to feel a little more confident, they were sent off to a distant military outpost to learn some hacking skills. The rest of the day continued in the same manner. After a hard days work I had a nice compliment of 20 hard core marines working for me, it was going to be a while before they were combat ready and so I set off to help the Terrans once more.

"Oh God, not you," I thought to myself as I saw the mission commander, nothing had changed. As we helped a scabbard reach its destination, I couldn't help but ask Plinters why his scimitar was going at only 79 m/s. He told me that whilst he was being paid well, there happened to be a new variation of space weed called ENHANCED SPACE WEED, it troubled him a little that this new type came out just as his pay check did and so his engine tunnings would have to wait till next month. Appalled by this I cut the comm channel. After a few Xenon attacks I ended up going deep undercover for the ATF, Plinters begged me to not destroy the space weed guild and I told him that we had to to help a Teladi and in exchange he would help us get access to a secret military installation holding one of his operatives, regardless of this he began threatening to to put a banana in my exhaust pipe and so with that in mind I promised to give him any space weed drops, that settled him down and the mission went ahead without a heartbeat being skipped. The space weed guild put up a fight and tried to off me but my silkworms had other ideas...


We managed to free the operative and escape with ease, whilst the Terrans decided on what to do next, I dropped off the collected enhanced space weed for Plinters, he was extremely grateful to say the least. This of course was a diversionary tactic to rob him of the advanced discoverer that he had been upgrading.

FOXHOUND had barely learned to take off the safety on their rifles and so I realised that more time was required....this resulted in me accepting yet another mission from the Terrans, we were to go to split space and drop off some satellites, hmm didn't seem to bad and so I set off for Zyarth's Dominion....


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Post by One-village-idiot » Fri, 15. Oct 10, 08:34

how are you getting those pics of the hubs exterior? Don't you insta-die by the time you cross the shields?

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Post by you_rebel_scum » Fri, 15. Oct 10, 10:51

One-village-idiot wrote:how are you getting those pics of the hubs exterior? Don't you insta-die by the time you cross the shields?
select the hub, press F3 and then zoom out, this was new to me, I was surprised too. If u do it with asteroids u zoom out massively too, its how I found the Aran
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