[MOD] Cap Ship Shielding Upgrade 1.0 (June 6th 2010-v3.0 compatible) - updated links

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[MOD] Cap Ship Shielding Upgrade 1.0 (June 6th 2010-v3.0 compatible) - updated links

Post by ezra-r » Sat, 5. Jun 10, 16:05

[MOD] Cap Ship Shielding Upgrade 1.0
Version: 1.0 [June/6th/2010] Compatible with X3:TC 3.0

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This mod is free to be reused in your scripts/mods as long as you give credit in your topic/mod/script 
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AltDownload at Google Drive:
[ external image ]

This mod is an evolution of my M6 Upgraded mod, as I was tired of seeing capital ships fights lasts seconnds I thought a revamp would fit in nicely.

I have been trying this mod for a while and results are very pleasing, making the game feel more like it should be.


Fed up with your capital ships dying too quickly?

Tired of buying expensive M7's for patrols which die in less than a minute when the first tough oponnent show up?

Be no more!

With this new mod all CAP ships get shielding about twice what they have now.

The results are impressive, cap ship fights will last longer now and your huge expensive hard to get fitted M2 will be very hard to bring down so quickly. Fights will last longer making them more enjoyable in the process.

Changes made:
  • M8. I know these are not cap ships, but are missile boats are two easy to kill, specially in those defend missions.Now they get the shielding they deserve. Around 2x200MJ shielding, the bastards will be hard to bring down so keep an eye on them now.

    M6. Basic M6 ships get also a speed , cargo and manuvering upgrade, making them become more Fast Response-Interceptor like M6. Average of 8x200MJ shielding. Average speed 170m/s (The P gets 208m/s...)

    Warning! SpringBlossom has been nerfed!!! Poor shielding, less speed, much less weapon power. It becomes a expensive trading M6 rather than usable for much fighting, still it can defend itself pretty well and scape from any situation, considering it was meant for Aldrin space I think it does its role pretty well now.

    HM6. Heavy M6's are heavily shielded, these will be M6 tanking ships. They get an average 10x200MJ shielding.

    TL. TL's upgrade from 200MJ to 1 GJ shields. They get Average 3x1GJ shielding.

    M7. Some have 1GJ and some 2GJ, some have less 1GJ shielding but these shields are more effective and recharge faster, while some others get more shielding as 2GJ shielding which reloads slower. Average is around 8GJ.

    M1. 2GJ shielding. They get around 5x2GJ shielding.

    M2. 2 GJ shielding. They get around 8x2GJ shielding.

    * Plus some minor tweaking to a few smaller ships with incorrect shielding and weapon power and stats.

  • M6 becomes more effective and resilient and even the hardest capital ships will have to stay alert in case a well arranged wing of M6 attacks them.

    Only Strong fighter wings will be able to take down M6's.

    Capital ship fight last longer and the M2 become the mighty ships they should have always been.


This can be installed in an active game, although the effects on ship stats will affect them inmediatly, only the complete amount of shielding will show up on newly spawned ships.

The distribution of this little mod comes as a false patch, you just have to add the .cat and .dat file in your X3 Directory and rename them to the last number available of files of the same extensions, for instance if your last number is 11.dat 11.cat you have to rename these to 12.cat and 12.dat, alright?

files included:

If you have any other mods that touch TShips they are incompatible with this mod unless the changes are merged.

Recommended mods
Recommended Tools
If you like the changes but would like to modify some of them to your needs/play style, you can easily do with the help of doubleshadow's tools: X3 Editor 2 and X-Mod Manager.

Thx to doubleshadow. Without his tools this mod would have not been possible.

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Make backup of your saves and please don't blame me if something terribly wrong happens to your game, Im just a part-time modder.
If by any chance you want to share this mod or include it in your own mod, please let me know.


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Post by unknown1 » Tue, 8. Jun 10, 16:25

is this fully optimized/? i mean did you take into account every ships shield and power generators?

if yes then great job

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Post by ezra-r » Tue, 8. Jun 10, 20:36

The power generator of big ships is high enough to cope with the increase of shields.

Give it a try.. I play with it and haven't seen any problems.

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Post by imung » Sun, 8. Dec 13, 15:09

Hi, I want to going back to X3AP, found this one but link for download gone already.

Could you still support the download?

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Post by Kadatherion » Sun, 8. Dec 13, 16:23

Imung, this wouldn't even remotely be AP compatible anyway.
Wonderful necro, though.

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Post by ezra-r » Tue, 7. Apr 15, 12:07

links updated (ubber necro!)

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