Lar Golo and his ruthless Fishborne Pirates [DiD] (Chapter XVIII up, game finished)

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Lar Golo and his ruthless Fishborne Pirates [DiD] (Chapter XVIII up, game finished)

Post by RyuKazuha » Sun, 7. Mar 10, 02:17


I Sow the wind...
II Grand Theft Scout
III Pirate Alley, here we come!
IV Blasto's Fate
V A Feast for the Crows
VI Azula
VII Doors
VIII Hi Jack
IX Steamrolling
X Breakthrough
XI Lar Golo's Joy
XII Sadness and Sorrow
XIII Duck and Cover
XIV Below the Rader
XV Resurface
XVI New World
XVIII Phantom Menace

A little Q&A on Evy

X3:TC 2.6 modified

Boring Boron

Xtra Ship and Station Pack
Advanced Navigation Software
Improved Boarding
Move To Coordinates
Station Camper
Emergency Transporter Extension
NPC Bailing Addon
Salvage Commands & NPCs
Marauder Shipyard

- DiD
- only save at stations
- only sell pirated wares or illegal goods
- all non-boron Ships need a extended Life Support System (CLS installed) in order to allow Golo to fly them for over an hour
- no RL-use on Capital Ships
- M6, M7, TL, M2 and M1 have to be boarded with Marines

- assemble a crew (Mechanic/Engineer/Hacker/Rowdy)
- aquire a Boron Angel as Private Yacht
- steal a TL
- get access to Terra
- rule the world



[Operation: file_open #registry]
>access denied<
[Operation: file_open #registry +auth]
>enter password<
>access granted<
>File: #registry
>OWNER: Nala Fi<
>IFF: boron<

[Operation: Delete]
>access denied<
[Operation: Delete +auth]
>enter password<
>access denied<
[Operation: Delete +auth]
>enter password<
>access granted<
>proceed? Y/N<

>#registry deleted]

>ERROR: file not found #registry<
>file recovery #registry<
>file recovery failed<
>ERROR: file not found #registry<

[Operation: create #registry]
>create #registry<

[Lar Golo]
>File: #registry<
>SHIP-ID: YM5J-82<
>OWNER: Lar Golo<
>IFF: boron<

[Operation: reboot]

[Audio Log]
Ehr... hey there

My name is Lar Golo and as the name suggests, I'm a member of the borons third sex. Despite the fact, that I've various degrees in all important areas of science, nobody wants to acknowledge me. But I don't care, because I have a goal.

I will become renown as a mighty King of Pirates! Yes, I will become pirate king one day and I already stole my first ship!

I dont want to interrupt you, Golo, but you didn't steal this thing, you found it on the scrapyard.

Ehr... well, okay, I found it, but it was still assigned to another pilot so... whatever. Where did I stop?

You said you wanted to become pirate king.

Yes, that's correct. By the way, this cute voice is Evy, an AS and I programmed her.

I wasn't intended to become sentient.

She'll help me on my way to fulfill my dream.

As if i had a choice...

Shut up! You ruin my legacy! Someday kids all over the Commonwealth will strive to become free souls in the ocean of stars! Don't make them laugh at me.

Don't make it so easy.

I said SHUT UP.
[End Audio Log]

End one, start the next, sometimes I think I might be a bit addicted to this game. But whatever...

Since All-In Company got to end before I even got my first personal kill and was basicly a pure economic game, I'll this time start more of a fighting oriented game.
You already got to know two of the main characters, Golo, a highly intelligent but rather clumsy boron Lar and Evy an AS (Artificial Sentience) he created by accident and who likes to pick on him.

All-In Company was a "pure" log based DiD, this time I'm not quite sure wich form of presentation I'll choose in the end. Audio logs like the one above will occur, the most will be more of a narrative. Maybe switching between Golos and Evy's first person view, maybe plain as 3rd-person narrator.

I don't know if there will be a join-in-component when Golo assembles his crew now, I think I'll base that on the feedback I might get until then.

I'm open to any kind of suggestions concerning new rules, scripts or goals for the Fishborne Pirates. ;)
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Post by Rednoahl » Sun, 7. Mar 10, 12:11

I could be wrong, but I think the only ship where Lar can be comfortable is an Angel (which could lead to some interesting situations for character development if you include it.)

It might add some weight to your character if the only ships you could fly personally were Boron due to the special requirements Lar need not being on other races ships.

Good Luck

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Post by RyuKazuha » Sun, 7. Mar 10, 13:00

I'd doubt Lar can only be comfortable on a Angel, since the Angel Class was only constructed recently and Lar existed long before that. Also, the "boring boron" introduces you as a Lar not used to the lifestyle of the royal family and not part of the government, what I included in the conception of Golo.

But I'll include, that he wants to have an angel for himself, just as a symbol of status. A pirate King without such a TP would be indeed not worth the title. :3

As for the 2nd suggestion:

I'll add a rule regulating that. I don't like to disclaim other races ships, but special life support sure is an issue.


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[Capter I]
Sow the wind...

It was the first time in Golo's life, that he left his hometown, water and the planet he had belonged to for several decades. His spacesuit felt uncomfortable, fitting tight around the typically bellied figure of his body, and since he wasn't able to afford the fee for boarding the Orcas Passenger Decks, our hero had to wait pent-up in his "stolen M5" and was unable to see anything other than the shiny Angel-Class TP docked right in front of his not-so-shiny old rag of an M5.
"That's not fair." he snarled suddenly, causing Evy to notice his mental status as upset. Ever since his application for civil service had been rejected by the competent authority several months ago, Golo held a deep grudge against everything in connection with the boron government and the royal family. As a Lar, Golo thought of serving the Kingdom to be his right and duty. Rejected, he now considered himself cheated of his rightful position - and the associated life style.

"This ship has 100MJ of shields. Shall I calculate your chances to harm it with Blasto?" the AS asked kindly, but clearly ironic. The "Blasto" was completely unarmed and it's engines were running even below the average of their potential. Even ramming the Angel at full speed wouldn't have done anything to it's shields, but severely damaged Blasto itself. "No need." Golo replied with a sinister undertone. "We've time."

The Orca broke free of Nishala's atmosphere after about half an hour after leaving the planetary ocean and opened the massive doors of the docking bay's.
Moments later, about a dozen of small civilian fighter craft left the ship, followed by several Shuttle Services' TPs and even a couple of Dolphins. The "Blasto" was among the last ships to leave the Orca, mostly due to Golo's lacking skills in steering the ship.

"I recommend you take some flying lessons. There's a Instructor nearby." Golo stared icily at the monitor, where the face of a cute female boron represented "Evy". "Yes you need them." she answered, before the question was asked. "At the moment, I'm a way better helmsman than you'd be." Another snarl left Golo's mouth, before he told his AS to steer the ship to the instructor.

Several hours later, the crash course was considered complete, while it was not. Without even the smallest gun on his ship, Golo was unable to proceed within the plans of his instructor and had to take his leave. With only 2000 Credits at hand, he needed to make money, fast. The Boron quickly scanned the channels for public offerings.

"Found something! A request to return an derelict Iguana. I'll steal it!" Before Evy was able to intervene, the Lar already accepted the mission and steered towards the nearest gate. "If you try to steal it, the police will be after you." she remembered him, but Golo was content with his decision. "We've enough time to get it to a shipyard and sell the problem to someone. Or do you think I let go of the ships worth and take this puny reward instead?" A chackering giggle filled the ship. "No, I think you're lucky if you even reach the ship before the time runs out. We've only got 30 Minutes to get the ship from Atreus' Clouds and back to Kingdom's End. My database lists the average speed of such a ship at ..." "Cut it. We don't need to return, we'll just get it to the nearest shipyard and take the money." "The nearest shipyard I know of, is located in Kingdom's End as well."

At the end, Evy was once more the one with the better judgement. While Golo was able to retrieve the ship, there was no way to get into safety before a wolf pack of police ships made quick work of it.
The next assignment turned out better. A boron from Atreus' Clouds wanted our hero to retrieve a Octopus Vanguard from Antigone Memorial. This time, he was able to get the ship to it's destination way before the time expired. Of course, it's destination wasn't the owner, but the Shipyard in Kingdom's End.

"It seems your actions have been noticed. We've lost access to most wares, including all kinds of shielding and weaponry." "What, why?" "They accuse you of theft of two spacecrafts. Given your low notoriety, this is obviously enough to do so."
Golo sighed and undocked from the shipyard. The ship turned aimlessly west and accelerated to about half of its top speed. "If I can't buy weapons, I'll sit in this can forever. So what do we do about this..." "I recommend you actually help a member of the kingdom." Golo shook his head. "Be quite, I need to think."
Was there a way to gain the trust of someone, without doing something? The only way would be to trick him into believing you actually did something. The public channels offered some assignments for scanning asteroids, contracts to retrieve stolen ships, even assassinations, all of them not suitable for his ships outfit and his abilities. Without proper references, he'd not be able to fake 'roid-data, and killing someone or capping a ship wasn't possible with an unarmed M5.
"I receive a distress call from BHAPD-49." Golo raised his head to open the sector map. "What do they want." "They call for assistance against a incoming pirate raid. Promising everyone who wants to help them 743 Credits." A raid? They'd come from the gate near to the station. And come across a shark half way through. "We'll help them." "We are not armed." "I know, but they won't unless you tell them, just do what I said." Golo's grip around the control column tightened the moment he turned the ship into the direction of the shark. "Transmitted. They have accepted the offer. But how do you intend to do anything?" The boron smiled. "I don't need to. I'll just pretend to do something and wait for this shark to finish the pirates of." "I don't understand." "Nor do you, neither do I want you to."

"Blasto" quickly closed the distance to the shark. Golo contacted the ship via the short range intercom "This is YM5J-82 to Military Shark. We've some pirates tailing us. Would you lend us a gun?" "We don't mind some target practice YM5J-82." "Thanks, I'll transmit target data." "Data received, targets confirmed, leave the rest to us." "I'll stay back and watch." Golo giggled and stopped his ship in the shadow of the Carrier. With a content smile, he watched the first volleys of photon pulses being fired at the incoming swarm of M5.
Of course it didn't hit the fast fighters and it also didn't made the incoming ships alter their direction the slightest. They kept going until they closed the distance just under two kilometers, before the Shark brought it's Flak to bearing and turned the whole lot of them into dust with the first volley.

"You received a message. It seems, the principal is content with your 'work'. We've been payed according to the proposition." Evy wondered. Golo hadn't done anything and still got payed. "Why didn't they just contacted the authorities themselves?" she asked. Golo just gave it a shrug. "Don't care. Do we have access to buy IREs now?" "Yes." "Okay then, let's get us some upgrades and weapons."

A few minutes later, the Blasto had docked at the nearby Military Outpost to get it's rudders and engines tuned to about half of the maximum, leaving just enough money to top it off with a single IRE.

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I need more. :)

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[Chapter II]
Grand Theft Scout

"I'd prefer to stick to the normal docking procedures." Golo ignored the AS steering the Ship right to the entrance of the docking bay. "Dock requested. Permission granted." Evy sighed. Golo dived into the stream of ships docking and undocking to and from the Military base, much to the discontent of the other pilots. "We got multiple transmissions containing foul language." His increasingly scarce attempts to dodge didn't seem to bother the Lar in the slightest, until he nudged another M5. "Muddy Boron! Pay attention you squid!" At last, decreasing the speed, Golo managed to dock the ship with only a small scratch. "Well done..." "Quite. We need some engine and rudder tunings, and some weapons." "We can't afford both." "Balance it." "Tuning the ship to 350m/s and a usefull turning speed would leave us with merely enough cash to purchase one Impulse Ray Emitter." "Order them, I'll buy some food in the meantime. Contact me, when they are done." "Certainly."

The moment Golo left the ship, he felt relieved. "Blasto" served him good, but he was sure he'd need something bigger to take on his plans. A single IRE was an onset, but still nothing serious.
Swimming trough the station, breathing the fresh atmosphere thousand times better than that created by the small ships life support system, he made his way to shopping decks to buy some BoFu on the market. It wasn't his favorite food in any way, but long-living and easy to store even in the confined space provided by the Octopus.
After the shopping was done, our hero headed to one of the observation decks, to enjoy the view on the blue pearl named Nishalla. A pearl, He'd never again set tentacle on, until he'd have reached his goal.

"The tuning is finished and the IRE was installed. The ship is ready to set out." "Set the ship to standby. I'm already on my way."

Two hours after a rather harsh docking and still slightly dented, the "Blasto" left the military outpost and headed aimlessly into the sector. "We need something to test the weapons on." Golo decided and looked at the gravidar. A bypassing civilian octopus seemed suited well enough for target practice. Golo accelerated to top speed and again made his first move, before Evy realised what he was up to.
The first volley however failed to hit the target and passed a couple of dozen meters starboard of it into the void. "Damn, I can't aim with this." "I'm glad you fired at this ship, in the middle of the Kingdom surrounded by police forces in all directions, ON PURPOSE. Not to think what trouble some inadvertent hits might have caused." "Don't be picky. Help me target." "I'm not designed to take control of the ships weapons. I could calculate the necessary vectors and draw a reticule though. Still, I do not recommend attacking boron ships in boron space." "Whatever, just draw the reticule."
And she did. On the second go, a stream of impulse rays hit the targeted ship and ate good four fifth of the shields. On the next attack the shields broke and the pilot bailed without even being able to alarm the police in the process. Golo smiled, steering the ship next to the abandoned one, while the pilot crawled away.
"Are you able to take control of the ship?" "I cannot access the ship through any of the open channels. But if you open a port manually, I could be able to access and overwrite all necessary functions." "So a spacewalk it is. Eject me."
5 Minutes later, the ship changed to the ownership of Golo, just when he reentered his ship. And much to his content, there was something useful left on the ship:


"A freight scanner. How convenient." The boron grinned and steered the "Blasto" away from the other ship, to make sure they wouldn't collide. "Send the ship to the shipyard and follow it." "A 'please' would be appreciated." Despite not getting it, Evy obeyed the command and piloted both ships safely to the shipyards docking clamps. Soon after, the booty was sold and the freight scanner incorporated into the "Blasto" enhancing Evy's "senses" further.

Golo was already out for the next coup, but this time, he considered Evy's objection about the local police forces and set course to course to Rolk's Drift after the purchase of three more IREs at the Military Outpost.
Upon entrance, Evy had to filter the public channels for salvage requests and found one without problems. A Octopus had been left in Kingdom's End for no reason. "Blasto" made a 180° turn and headed right back into the gate it came out of just one and a half minute ago. According to Golos plans the ship was claimed and repaired, since there was only a burned power coupling, and afterwards sold at the shipyard. Another easy 30.000.

"We are no longer allowed to purchase weaponry of any kind." "Again?" "I would recommend to proceed without involving boron property." Golo gnarled, but he had to admit Evy was right. He would need money and sufficient notoriety to purchase a better ship, so it wasn't a good idea to tick off his people to much.
Considered and decided, the "Blasto" turned it's back to boron space and proceeded to Argon Territory to seek new opportunities. It was not until Argon Prime, that our hero ran into another salvage request, sending him to emperor mines. Following the direction, he visited home of light and reached Ore Belt after a couple of minutes flight.
"Proximity Warning. Hostile M5. IFF Paranid." The boron targeted the ship. It didn't seem to have any hostilities towards them in mind, but that wasn't based on mutuality. "It's legal to attack paranid ships in argon space.""It's even appreciated." Evy corrected. "I don't see any particular dangerous freight. Only two IRE are installed." Golos Eyes turned inwards for a moment. "Let's get him."
On the third go, the fighter finally turned into a flashing fireball, leaving nothing behind but an improved reputation for the Argon.

Then the "great theft" began. The Octopus Vanguard in Emperor Mines was secured first. Second was a Harrier Sentinel, left in Herrons Nebula by a Worker from Ringo Moon and a Pegasus Raider abandoned in the Hole by a Miner from Herron's Nebula.

Upon returning to Herron's Nebula, a Vulture crossed Golos Path, owned by a member of the paranid race. "Evy, give me a scan on that one." "A single IRE. Four Drones. No cargo aside from that. I do not recommend attacking." Golo shrugged off his AS judgement like he was used to. Four drones and a IRE, just what Blasto would be able to handle.
Weapons blazing he approached the vulture from the the side and made a slight turn towards the nose of the freighter. After passing the ship making some distance, he performed a full turn and repeated the whole maneuver. "Leave your ship and I'll spare your life you pitiful Priest!" "Don't dare to attack me, Lowlife! You'll pay for this insult!" "Force me." "He launched the drones." Golo laughed it off and had Evy to target the drones, one after another. "Shields down to 50%." The first two drones exploded, another full turn brought the ship to face the third. "Shields down to 5%" Only one of the bees was now left, but it turned out way more elusive than its comrades. Soon, the first shots burned the hull of the Octopus chasing it, but Golo managed to keep his cool. "Evy, reverse thrust in 3 Seconds." "3,2,1." The ship was suddenly stopped, causing the drone to crash right into it, in the blink of an eye the cockpit turned red with warnings lights flashing on almost every panel.
"Okay... that wasn't the way I planned it, but I guess it... worked..." The warning lights shut down. "We've lost no vital systems, but hull integrity is under 50%." Golo smashed his tentacle on the eject button. "I'll mend the dents, make sure you keep track of that vulture."

Swinging his repair laser like crazy, our hero managed to put his ship back into a more reasonable shape and reentered it after only a couple of minutes, with the vulture still in sector.
Shouting "Pray my prey!" at the Paranid, Golo harrased his target once more and kept up until the enemy finally realized, that bailing would be the better option, leaving our hero to claim the next ship, before escorting it into the safety of Kingdom's Ends Shipyard and selling it along with the other stolen ships.

"How are things going?" Golo asked, undocking from the Equipment Dock. Selling all the ships made a lot of money, but upgrading the Octopus to the maximun munched away a good portion of the profits. "We still haven't the money nor the notoriety to afford an M4 as you wanted to." As expected by the boron. Selling Ships and spending money at the EQ raised his notoriety with the kingdom, but there was more to do.
The Gate to Rolk's Drift was passed and like the last time a salvage request popped up in the public channels. A time limit in the hours and the ship was located in Kingdom's End. "Take it. I wonder if I will ever again enter that sector more than 5 kilometers..." The ship turned and sped back through the gate and to Kingdom's End to recover the damaged Harrier.
"There go our 30.000 Credits..." lamented Golo, when Evy programmed the Ship to return to its Owner. "The gain in reputation is worth a lot more. I already found and confirmed another assignment. The target is floating idle in The Hole." "I didn't allow you to take assignments yourself!" "You didn't forbade it either. Besides, to the timing being you took every single mission containing these parameters." Golo hit the "I don't care, just shut up"- button (he actually prepared one after Evy ruined his legacy). "Alright, alright I got it. You took the mission, you always wanted to fly, fine with me, I'll take a nap until we are there."

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A little Q&A on Evy:

Q: What is Evy?
A: Evy is an Artificial Sentience.

Q: What does AS mean?
A: Artificial Sentients (AS) is used to refer to non-natural entities who are self-aware. There are two possible types of AS:
Top-down would refer to AS such as Evy, created by Sentient Beingins to be Sentient (although Evy became what she is unintentionally, she is still programmed to be)
Bottom-up would refer to an AS such as |01| from eldyranx' "The first Question", AGI that developed sentience by enhancing their programming.

Q: Wheres the difference between AI, AGI and AS?
A: AIs are basically programs that are able to solve problems in non-linear ways. You give them a task, they figure out how to do it and do it.
AGI are basically AIs that are allowed to alter and improve their basic programming. They are able to learn and develop themselves beyond their original means.
AS are either AI or AGI who became self-aware.

Q: Who created Evy?
A: Lar Golo. He wanted to create an AI to help him handle a research project. A coding error led to Evy becoming self-aware.

Q: Is Evy bound to the ships computer?
A: No. Evy's core functions are processed by a portable quantum computer. She is able to access all of the ships functions and make it her body, but she's not bound to the ship.

Q: Is Evy able to travel through the communication networks?
A: Nope. Evy is not allowed to alter or copy her core data, so she can't "leave" the computer she's running on. She is able to use the ExtraNet in any way a normal sentient being would be able to do though, as long as she's connected.

Q: Is Evy mortal?
A: In a sense, yes. Destroying her Core Data one way or another would kill her definitely and instantly. Altering Core Data and altering/or deleting her memories would probably change her personality significantly an somewhat "kill" the Evy known to us. But as long as her data is preserved, she can't really die.

Q: Wich programming language was used to create Evy?
A: Maybe Python. :P But I guess it was more likely a boron one.

Q: How does she look like?
A: Like a hot, sexy chick of course. A boron one though.
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RyuKazuha wrote:
Q: How does she look like?
A: Like a hot, sexy chick of course. A boron one though.
Is there any other kind?

:oops: :arrow: :boron:

(EDIT: Also, can you add an asset list at the end of each chapter? Hard to keep track of all those capped ships. :P )

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I will add one as soon as Golo keeps more than "Blasto". Until now he sold every of the ships or returned it to its owner, so there's not really a reason to list them as assets.

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The only suggestion I can think of is to make a new paragraph each time someone speaks. The colored text is great, but sometimes the block of text gets long. Example:
RyuKazuha wrote:"Well done..."

"Quite. We need some engine and rudder tunings, and some weapons."

"We can't afford both."

"Balance it."

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@eldyranx3: I don't really feel comfortable about ripping the text apart like that, so I'm afraid I won't change it, until it is requested by a number of readers. But thanks.

[Chapter III]
Pirate Alley, here we come!

The "Blasto" flew at half of its max speed through Antigone Memorial. The Ship from The Hole had been recovered and Golos thoughts oscillated between returning to boron space to take on several more missions to gain the needed notoriety with his Kingdom to purchase a better ship.
Evy was the one to give him a direction. "The local EQ-Dock sells many things to enhance the ships capacity. Your attacks on the Paranid have improved our reputation, we should make use of it." Golo nodded and allowed the AS to dock the ship, unwilling to risk another scratch. In open space he'd proven to be a rather good pilot, but maneuvering in confined space just wasn't his thing, as the boron had to admit.

The list of purchases wasn't long, but it brought major improvements. A duplex scanner probably brought the most joy to Evy, since she had nagged about Blasto's sensors being less helpful than the visuals from the kameras for a while, especially when crossing nebulae.
The Fight Command Software Mk1, Special Command Software, a Mineral Scanner and a Trade Computer completed the list.

"How do you feel?" "Great. The galaxy feels a lot more alive now." The boron could tell Evy was overjoy just from the way her voice changed.
"The Scanner Range doubled and I am able to latch into any of the local trade networks." Golo leaned back and initiated the undocking sequence. "Sounds useful." "It is. But I think you'll like this one better: With the Fight Software upgrade, I'll be able to actively assist you in aiming." "Good to know. Is there something in the public channels? I'd like to get the money back in." "Yes, a salvage request, Harrier, Atreus Clouds." "We take it." A split messenger passed by and was noticed easily on the new scanner. "And show me a bit of your aiming assistance..."

Two quick runs later, the messenger was dust. Golo somehow felt obligated to praise his AS a little. "Not half bad." The little picture on the screen turned its eyes inside. "Thanks. By the Way, someone is offering star charts for sectors we've none." she replied. The boron nodded and told Evy to buy the charts, adding Elena's fortune, Cloud Base South East and Slit Fire to the Ships Data base, along with some improvements on the map of Herron's Nebula.

I found two fact's tha i think might interest you." Golo turned eyes to the screen. Evy's animated representation was gone to make room for the galaxy map. Split Fire was framed by a flashing cursor. "Slit Fire is mentioned to be one of half a dozen of sectors belonging to a route nicknamed pirate alley." The cursor changed position to Herron's nebula, opening the sector map short after, showing one of the factories indicated by the update. "And Herron's Nebula Contains a Space Fuel Distillery." "Space Fuel is illegal in the most parts of the commonwealth." "And therefore pretty valuable. Ever since the practical prohibition was put into place, pirates made a fortune smuggling it." "I know what you want to say, fine, let's head for Herron's Nebula, let's see if we can find something."

They couldn't. At least there was no place to sell the ware with a reasonable amount of profit to justify the risk, so the Blasto headed out of Argon Territory to claim the ship in Atreus' Clouds.
With the help of the local police forces, a lot of fog and some dumb pirates, Golo managed to "protect" two stations in Atreus' Clouds and Rolk's Fate, pushing his reputation with the kingdom even beyond the needed.

After that, our hero decided to proceed south to Elena's Fortune an into the "legendary" systems known as "Pirate Alley". Along the way, another poor messenger, this time associated with the paranid, met his end in several volleys of IRE-fire.

Exiting the gate into Brennan's Triumph, Golo fired the engines of his M5 and steered towards the systems main trade lane. Most traffic crossed the sector from the north to the south or in reverse.
The pirate station "Outlaws Haven" was located about ten kilometers to the east of the sectors center, stating clearly who was in charge of the area.
"Quite a busy place." Golo wondered and set course for the pirate base. "If the traders frequent these systems like this despite of the ongoing raids, it sure has to be a important route." It was. Connecting the most races core spaces with each other, the lawless systems of pirate alley where very much worth to risk trouble for the sake of time saved. Especially to the Paranid it was important, being the only connection to their allies' core system and the only way to boron territory without passing argon space.
But also as a viable connection to the "new world", the eastern colonies.

Golo docked to the pirate Station and got himself out of the can called "Blasto" leaving Evy behind to watch of the upgrades he ordered, before he left the ship. An additional life support system, capable of making even the cargo bay inhabitable and enhancing the ships standard LS to make it less unpleasant.
The boron floated into a bar next to the hangar bay's and took a seat at the bar. "Hey there squid, whad'ya want?" "I..." "Froged id, we've only fuel anyways, here ya go." "Ehr, thanks." "Ehr? Pirates don't 'ehr', pirates 'har'. Wanna be a pirate, then har. Har." "What?" "It's 'What? Har." "What har?" "This! Har!" At this very moment, Golo experienced for the first time, what could be named total confusion.
"Don'd ya mind him. Da old man likes do confuse da rookies." The human bartender said with a face spanning grin and a wink. "Don'd ya?" "Har!"

Golo let his view wander around the room. He was the only boron in a colored mass of Split, Humans and Paranid, some clearly Pirates, some more like smugglers. Even a lonesome goner staring into a half filled pint of fuel.

"Who's in charge of this place?" he asked the bartender. "Azula-hime id is. Don'd call her Amazon Lily for no reason. Leading da Blue Fire Clan for a decade now an' no sign of retiremend yed." The boron grabbed his glass and took a quencher. "Do I have to report to anyone, if I want to do business around here?" he asked afterwards. The bartender laughed him off. "Ya in da free secdors now, no repord do anybody. Jusd sdick with da rules and ya welcome." "Wich rules?"
"Ya sure are a rookie aren'd ya? Okay, lis'en: Dhere are dhree rules ya wan'd do follow:

1. Don'd ya f*ck with Azula, or she'll f*ck you up da ass. And nod in da good way.

2. Don'd ya pick a fighd on da station.

3. Don'd ya expecd any help if ya ged in a fighd.

If ya condend widh dhad, ya not gonna be in trouble ya don'd wand do. Bud id wouldn'd be half bad if ya do some jobs for da local clans. Makes dhem more unlikely do pick on ya."

Golo nodded and emptied his drink. Right in time. "The new Life Support is installed." Evy commed. "On my way. Here's your money guy, thanks for the info." "Don'd ya mention, rookie. May da wind fill your sails."

"Blasto" undocked from the pirate station and made his way along the trade lane. Soon the first opportunity popped up: a paranid weapons dealer was attacked by a wolf pack of Blastclaws. It launched a full load of drones and got the pirates distracted, but unarmed and with only it's two Pegasus escorts left, it posed a good target for Golo.
"Let's do this." Blasto sped forward and evy targeted the first Pegasus escort. As soon as he was in range, Golo unloaded the IREs into the enemies shields and scared not only the crap out of the pilot, but also the priest out of his ship.
The second was more persistent, mainly because he was in a better position than his mate, when the fight began. Golo turned the ship and brought is weapons to bearing, but wasn't able to take out the shields on the first go.
Still not used to high speed dock fighting, Golo told Evy to handle the shooting and concentrated on steering the ship into the right position without giving up the advantage in speed for a single moment. As soon as his hull dropped under 50%, the second priest bailed his ship, leaving only the dolphin with the weapons dealer.

Unfortunately, the pitiful priest was unwilling to bail, until the explosion of his ship ripped him apart.
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Chapter III completed.

Today I learned that proper pirates would have to end any sentence with "har!" from a friends little sister. It was just way to cute to leave it out. ;)

Edit: The suffix "hime" indicates a noble woman. It would translate roughly to Princess Azula or Lady Azula, but I left it in japanese of the sake of immersion

Also, if you find any of the many references to more or less well known works of film and literature, go ahead and mention it, I may reward you with virtual cookies or even a cameo. :P

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Okay guys, I feel it's time to get winged.

I never really liked to go pirate in vanilla, so I'll add some Scripts to the game that I think will spice things up and make them more fun.

Let's see what I've got:

Advanced Navigation Software, Move To Coordinates and the Station Camper, all made by Cycrow, will give me a bit more control over my ships and are justified by Evy's abilities as an AI. Basically I just want to spare myself some unnecessary work with these. (Had enough with the micromanagement in the last game :P)

The Emergency Transporter Extension by Cycrow is a must have for any winged DiD, if you ask me. It keeps you alive, while allowing you to get into the action. I'll set the emergency transport to 1 - 5% Hull, to make sure it won't allow me to just go crazy and careless.

Last in the Package are Improved Boarding, again by Cycrow and the NPC Bailing Addon plus Salvage Commands & NPCs by ThisIsHarsh.

Improved Boarding will make TP-Boarding possible once more by adding transporter boarding and will allow me to add enemy boarding parties later on.

NPC-BA will be used to allow pilots to bail in NPC battles, to allow NPC-Crews to leave capital Ships (with a VERY LOW possibility) and to make sure the Pilots don't pack all equipment into their space suits. Instead, the amount of destroyed equipment will now be calculated through hull damage taken.
The second script by ThisIsHarsh is solely used to add NPC-Salvagers to help balancing NPC-Bails and add competition. This way I'll have to claim everything I get to bail asap.

This also leads to a new rule:

I'm forbidden to claim idle capital ships the normal way (not possible most of the time anyways), I have to board them with marine regardless of their state.

I'm still not sure whether to stick to Improved Races or Race Response Fleets, but I'll figure it out until it becomes important.

And I'm still open to suggestions.

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Lurker aboard. Keep it coming.
Fan of the save game manager by badger
Best Steam DiD death: Fly into a TL repeatatly while repairing it

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