X3TC 2.1 astronauts/pirates/TP question

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X3TC 2.1 astronauts/pirates/TP question

Post by Rangoon » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 18:03

I just capped my first ship, and it happened to be a TP. I picked up the astronaut who had bailed and he is now in my cargo hold.

1. What can I do with him? Ransom him? (said the ship was pirate, ship is Paranid built - Hermes I think) Should I keep him? Eject him?

2. Could my M5 have also taken the astronaut on board? Or would that have killed him just running over him? Or....which ships can pick up random astronauts or those who bail out? Can any ship take on a passenger/prisoner if it has life support in the cargo hold? Certain size...S/M/L cargo? Only TP?


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Post by delray » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 18:08

1. You can enslave him in a Pirate Base or just throw him out into space and let him die out of oxygen after two hours or so.

2. Which M5 do you have? Does it have Cargo Lifesupport installed? Is it capable of carrying M-size goods?
Where is it?

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Post by Rangoon » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 18:14

I think he is a Pirate - they won't just buy him back from me? I have read that you can ransom people to Split or Paranid I think....is that with a mod? Or in vanilla 2.1?

My M5 is the Argon Discoverer I started out with. I think just S size goods. you need M or higher and Life Support in Cargo?

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Post by Carlo the Curious » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 18:18

A Discoverer can carry M-class cargo, but you'll still need Cargo Lifesupport System installed (and enough free cargo space).

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Post by BeidAmmikon » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 18:36

delray wrote:him die out of oxygen after two hours or so
If the sector has no station that he can dock at, like President's End. Otherwise he'll... limp to the closest station. If his oxygen runs out before reaching the station, then... better luck next time :D
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