[Tutorial] Using AL Plugins

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[Tutorial] Using AL Plugins

Post by LV » Sat, 7. Mar 09, 21:39

Turning A Plugin On/Off to Install/Uninstall


Go into Artificial Life Settings


Both of these plugins are ON


Now the Medusa plugin is off

A plugin needs to run for a while before it installs or removes itself from X3

An ALP is run from a timer, it can be anything from 1 minute to 4 hours (actually as long as you want)

Most run at about 10-20 minute intervals, some very quickly

If your script uses an ALP option it will need to be turned off before an uninstall script will run usually, if you are having problems removing an ALP ask in the thread it's from!
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Post by Sk_2013 » Wed, 5. May 10, 06:51

Um. Crap. I can't access my AL menu. It shows, but won't run. Need help here.
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