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[script] broadcast return home

Post by seedee » Tue, 17. Feb 09, 13:36

this is return.home command

Wanna tell all the fighters owned by a certain carrier to return home ?
They're all across the galaxy and there's a ton of them ?
You don't want to search for them one by one (carrier property list is just too long) ?
This script have the answer !

This script adds two commands :
one in the Ships "general" command and one in the stations commands
execute it on a carrier or a station to see all of their property return home.
Ships will use their jump drive like any other ship would do if you'd issued the commands yourself : ship will jump if able to AND set to.

megaupload SPK version
megaupload ZIP version
filefront hosted SPK version

languages :
33 - french
44 - english
44 language used if else with spk manager
t-file used :
command slots used :

repaired french text files (deleted accentuated chars, replaced with regular ones as X3 TC don't like them)
added loop to check if ship's already docked => if so the ship will do nothing but stay home
added check to know if ship has docking rights => if not i will escort (carrier) or fly to (station)

Hope it will be usefull,

edit :
added filefront hosting solution for spk file
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Post by Walterses » Tue, 17. Feb 09, 15:21

does this have any bugs?
Would someone kill those dam fighters all ready? Those flack cannons are giving me a headache :s

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Post by seedee » Tue, 17. Feb 09, 20:26

only one i can't get rid of without a really heavy loop test is that ships already docked will want to undock and redock,
won't really matter OOS though

(still working on it, if i can't get a "sexy" way of resolving that i might want to go brute force checking wich could be you know, kinda ressource freak for a big array of owned / docked ships)

edit :
found no way do deal with the "already docked" check without comparing owned ship VS docked ships one by one.
placed a new check to tell if owned ship has docking rights on base, if not, if ship => will escort, if station => will fly to
repaired a text file error with french version (X3 TC don't like "à" "é" "è" :()
currently uploading, files will be ok in 5minutes max

PS : reports on bugs are appreciated if found

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Post by IceFire909 » Mon, 18. Jan 10, 21:26

The filefront hosted SPK file is broken.
Megaupload still works though.
Incoming Message (4 New Messages)
Your Xenon K has Blue Screen of Death'd.
Your #deca CPU ship has 404'd.
Your Xenon P was docking and has stopped responding.
Your #deca.cefa has limited or no network connectivity.

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Post by Kriegmarine » Mon, 1. Feb 10, 06:28

now make a script/hotkey that launches all landed ships w/o going into teh command console. maybe even a script that has all player-owned drones return to the ship it/they were launched from

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Post by Figge04 » Thu, 2. Jan 14, 13:37

Links seems down
sounds like a handy little scrpit trough

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