[Script] Warehouse v1.0 by Nividium 12/20/08 Discontinued

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[Script] Warehouse v1.0 by Nividium 12/20/08 Discontinued

Post by Nividium » Sun, 21. Dec 08, 09:16

Name of Script Package: Warehouse
Version Number: 1.00
Date Released: 20/12/2008
Script Created For: X3 Terran Conflict v1.3+
File Package Available: X3 Plugin Manager "SPK"

Download Warehouse

Discontinued due to unpopular response from public


This script package allows you to buy a Warehouse from any race's Shipyard. You buy it just as you would any other station using your own TL or by hiring one and having them dock at the Shipyard. Then you buy the warehouse. But, the station is not called a warehouse. It is actually an unknown object that has been captured and towed back to the race's shipyard for refurbishment and resale. So, you will be looking for an "unknown object" within the list of available stations for sale at any race's shipyard. The warehouse cost is 64 credits.


- Unlimited storage unit capacity (billions of units).
- Unlimited storage types of wares capacity (store hundreds of kinds of wares).
- Wares are stored in the back cargo bays and quantities are not displayed up front.
- There are no docking ports so it prevents ships from accessing your wares.
- Prevents other races from accessing your wares too.
- Wares stored in the warehouse are indicated on the station info list but show "0" quantity.
- A report is available on demand to show the types of wares and quantities stored in warehouse.
- Simple and easy to use Import and Export process.
- No need to dock your ships at the warehouse to import or export wares.
- Just have your ship within 10 km of the warehouse to import or export.
- You can be In Sector or Out Of Sector and still Import/Export wares off your ships.
- The warehouse has it's own built-in Transporter Device, so no special equipment is needed.
- This warehouse is not compatible with my "Auction Services" script.
- Adds a Station Command [Warehouse Commands]
- Comes with the following 3 easy to use menu sub command buttons:


WARNING: These warehouses are designed for single stand alone use only, do not add one to a complex of any kind.

Installation: Use the X3 Plugin Manager.

Uninstall: Use the X3 Plugin Manager. There is an uninstall script to remove the warehouses from you game. It will examine any wares left inside a warehouse and sell them (at average price) and deposit the credits into your account. It will then refund you the 64 credits purchase price of each warehouse owned. Finally, it will remove the warehouses from space and from the various race's Shipyards. Save your game to lock in the changes. Exit the game and activate the X3 Plugin Manager, it will advise of uninstalled uninstal scripts, select yes and exit the X3 Plugin Manager.

Version History:
Version 1.00 Initial Release.

Command Slots Used: <t id="1129">COMMAND_TYPE_STATION_29</t>

Text File Used: 7236-L044.xml
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Post by Thrandisher » Sun, 21. Dec 08, 11:08

W00t. Thanks!

I remembered something like this from before and was hopeing for it.
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Post by Tasolth » Sun, 21. Dec 08, 22:33

Excellent. My only wish is for a version that can be added to a complex so I don't have to manually import export. I'm lazy :P

But otherwise Using an external logistics transport I can load up a TL and transfer from that every now and then.

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Post by Nividium » Mon, 22. Dec 08, 03:25

Tasolth wrote:Excellent. My only wish is for a version that can be added to a complex so I don't have to manually import export. I'm lazy :P

But otherwise Using an external logistics transport I can load up a TL and transfer from that every now and then.
Yes, this warehouse script works outside the realm of normal and there is no way that I am aware of to make a station that can be added to a complex and still maintain a feature of millions of units storage capacity and endless ware type capacity. I know if you had to use the warehouse alot, it could become tedious to maintain. Your plan of bulk deliveries once and awhile sounds like a good plan.

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Post by Anticept » Mon, 22. Dec 08, 09:23

Nividium, how about this?

Use a regular station. When a person ties it into a complex, it then increases the stored wares that the public or other buildings in the complex can see (the one in the info menu). At this point, the script will try to keep those wares 1/3 away from empty/full in the amount roughly equal to the largest TS cargobay (TL if possible, love the bulk transport upgrade).

If that ware gets 2/3 full in the public storage, the script removes some of the wares and stores it in an unseen warehouse. If the ware falls below 1/3 full, it will withdraw some wares from the warehouse. There will be a need for a command which the player can see the status of the warehouse + public storage.

Also, if possible, could you create a command which adjusts the price dynamically based on what is in the bank AND in the info panel, and allow the player to set the min/max price (be nice and tell us what the min and max are for said ware in the title when we are prompted :3) ?

Finally, if the player wants a ware in the complex which isn't sold or bought, he can use a console command to access his cargo directly and store it away :).

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Post by Enuo » Wed, 24. Dec 08, 08:38

as much as i love this idea, with the inability to dock that makes this station incredibly difficult and full of hassle to use. with ability to dock as a regular station you can at least assign cag ships or buy/sell for best price ships to the base to supply it. otherwise its a PITA to use =\

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Post by amirite » Fri, 26. Dec 08, 17:55

Agreed. Great idea, terrible execution.

Main issues:
- Will not work with any stock commands and can't participate in automation at all.
- Lame buying price
- Lame in-game name
- Model chosen doesn't reflect the mod purpose whatsoever
- Clunky way of displaying stored wares
- No docking ports (a warehouse should have, you know, doors)

The Import and Export commands have potential but right now they only exist as a crappy replacement for adding and removing wares.

I don't mean to be a douche. I would love, love, love to see this improved (or rebuilt). Your other mods are so good, but this one is just backwards and counterproductive.

Jelani Gunju
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Post by Jelani Gunju » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 04:10

ROCKIN!!!! Used this in ReUnion - Was hoping to get it back!!!
Jelani Gunju
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Post by -Villain- » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 05:44

i like the idea but i'm with the other guys. I would love to see a version of this that can be attached to a complex and with a limited capicity. I have seen some of my smaller complexs stockpiling 300,000 e-cells. Maybe even and option to choose what sort of goods can be warehoused, so it doesn't fill up with stuff you don't needs tons of.
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Post by bounty_hunter66 » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 10:16

to bad no one can buy from it. I was expecting for some enhanced trading station script. store mined nividium there with no limit and ppl will buy from you

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Post by Nividium » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 13:57

Due to unpopular response to my Warehouse script, it has now been removed for future downloads.

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Post by Enuo » Sun, 4. Jan 09, 11:25

err we didnt say it was bad or unpopular! we just wanted two small tweaks to it, like being able to dock with it so we can assign traders to it, thats all! wed use it if we could dock traders with it

Simon Prater
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Post by Simon Prater » Fri, 17. Apr 09, 03:21

Hey Nividium

Forget the idiots. Pls bring back. :)

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Post by -Villain- » Fri, 17. Apr 09, 10:29

hey, i was all for this, i just wanted a more realistic one.

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Post by Nividium » Fri, 17. Apr 09, 15:07

Given the way this script uses arrays to store wares, it does not use or cannot take advantage of using a station model that has docking ports. I could change the model to one that you could dock at, but this is useless as the warehouse would not be able to use that functionality of ware transfer via a regular dock system. So, this prevents any CAG or other automated ship software from being able to use the warehouse on an automatic basis. If there is a way to piecemeal the wares from many arrays over to the standard menu system and allow for automated ware transfer, it is beyond my level of scripting ability to make it so. Also, this warehouse cannot be joined to a complex at all as you would lose all control over it's functionality then. As a result the warehouse needs to be used as it is with manual intervention and email reporting of ware stock levels etc. In other words, I cannot change the script at all to make it better or more realistic or anything other than what it currently is. Given that users don't like the warehouse the way it is and that I cannot change it to be something that it is not, it is best to "discontinue" and retire the script. There are a few good scripters out there and they are free to persue a replacement warehouse script if they are good enough to script one, all the more power to them. As it stands now, my warehouse script has been retired and will not be made available for download by any future X3 players. You are encouraged to make "script requests" in the forum for "warehouse wanted" etc to catch the eye of other scripters who might want to take up the challenge and create a new warehouse script that satisfies the end user more closely than the one I have created.

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