[SCRIPT] Refuel Ships (fixes broken vanilla)

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[SCRIPT] Refuel Ships (fixes broken vanilla)

Post by Graxster » Sun, 9. Nov 08, 21:24

These two scripts will fix the broken vanilla command: Special > Refuel Ships.
  • Equip a ship with Special Command Software and a Transporter Device.
  • Select Special > Refuel Ships
  • Select the target ship, then type in a number for the jump range you want your supply ship to look for energy cells.



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Post by Baleur » Sun, 9. Nov 08, 22:47

Thanks :D
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Post by ediko » Sun, 1. Feb 09, 13:47

Thank you :wink:

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Post by xathros » Sat, 18. Apr 09, 14:58


i used this command and my suppliers head to a nearby spp and stay there, they don't come back to target ship to refuel it.

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Post by Benounet » Sun, 5. Jul 09, 16:22

Same here, it just go to some random station (not even a solar plant or a trading station and then notifies me it did it works)

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Post by X1000 » Sun, 5. Jul 09, 19:36

Thanks, but i have having the same problem as above.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 5. Jul 09, 21:43

Looking at the date of author Graxster's first and last post on this thread, I would say that the script is not necessarily updated for use with the Egosoft stock move and trading scripts for 2.0 onwards.

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