[SCRIPT] Scan all Asteroids in the Universe

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[SCRIPT] Scan all Asteroids in the Universe

Post by Graxster » Sun, 26. Oct 08, 02:43

Run this script and it will set all the asteroids in the game as already scanned. You're gonna scan them all anyway, so why waste time? :D Enjoy!



Cyrus Deacon
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Post by Cyrus Deacon » Fri, 4. Sep 09, 19:09

i cant get this script to work. i followed the read me perfectly. after highlighting the "cheat.scan.astroids" and pressing r, it sends me to a screen with text about the script, but does not activate it.


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Post by fud » Fri, 4. Sep 09, 20:08

Highlight it in the editor, "r"-->"enter"-->"enter", that should do it.

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