The X3:TC Video Competition [CLOSED]

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The X3:TC Video Competition [CLOSED]

Post by Bernd » Wed, 22. Oct 08, 21:15

UPDATE Competition now closed. UPDATE

No more new entries for the competition will now
be accepted while we will review all videos.

This is a list of all entries in the apropriate English and German topics. The list is in no particular order...
* These entries do not take part in the competition.

UPDATE Competition now closed. UPDATE

The X3:TC Video Competition
Show us your skills

Today we have something special for you: The X³:Terran Conflict Video Competition.

The aim is to find out who can create the best video of X3:TC? Tell an exciting story or show an epic battle! Let your creativity flow and upload your video to YouTube, then post a link to your video in the competition thread on our forum. A jury, consisting of the X3:TC developers, will evaluate the videos and choose the best ones.

The grand prize will be a Matrox TripleHead2Go adapter! With this adapter you can connect 3 monitors to your PC and stretch one application across three monitors! Surround Gaming will become a reality.

But we got also lots of other cool prizes!

Several books:
Bardioc. Perry Rhodan 100. (german)
All-Mächtiger!: Faszination Perry Rhodan (german)
X:Farnham's Legend
X3:Yoshiko (german)
Nopileos (german)

The following PC-games:
Lost Empire Immortals
Tarr Chronicles
Perry Rhodan
A signed copy of X3: Terran Conflict

And DVDs!
Astronaut Farmer
Battlestar Galactica - Part one
Farscape - Season 1
Farscape - Season 2
Farscape - Season 3

Some prizes are German only, some are English only so the pool will be assigned accordingly.


1. Each participant can upload only one video and the video shouldn't exceed 10 minutes in length.
2. Egosoft staff and their dependents are excluded from the participation.
3. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. Closing date is the 30th of november 2008.

Videos uploaded to YouTube can be a maximum of 10 minutes long and 1GB in size. A short instruction manual explaining how to upload and create a video you can find on the Egosoft forum at the following address:

Deadline for video submissions is 30th November 2008.

Quick start manual for Fraps.

Note: A detailed manual about how to use Fraps you will find at the following address:

- Download Fraps from and install it.
- Start Fraps and go to „Movies“.
- Select the folder where Fraps will store all movies in. By default this folder is the same as the directory you installed Fraps into, but you can customize it to save anywhere on your disk. Click the Change button to select a new folder, or the View button to show the current contents of the folder.
- „The Video Capture Hotkey lets you assign a button that will record movies of the game. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to be assigned this function.
- The option “Full-size” will store the movie at the same resolution as the game screen up to 1152x864.
- You can choose the frame rate of the output movie from 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, or a custom value up to 100fps. Higher values result in smoother playback but will increase the file size. A value between 15 and 30 should be sufficient.
- Selecting "Record Sound" will save the game audio along with the video. You can disable this option if you are planning to add your own sound to the video.
- Start X3 Terran Conflict.
- To record a video, press the key you specified in fraps. To stop the recording, press this key again.
- You will find the recorded video in the folder you specified in fraps.

The AVI video file created by Fraps will be quite large. You will need to compress it. Best to convert it to mpeg or divx.
The program VirtualDub is one program you could use to achieve that. VirtualDub is available at:

Using VirtualDub is quite easy. To create compressed versions of AVI files follow these steps:

• Start VirtualDub
• Select File->Open and choose the AVI in the Fraps directory you wish to compress.
• Select Video->Compression and choose the codec you wish to compress with (usually divx)
• Select File->Save As AVI and specify a filename for the new AVI

Quick start manual about how to upload files to YouTube.

Note: A detailed manual about how to use YouTube you can find at the following address:
If you have not got a YouTube user account, then please create one.

Once you've finished editing your video, made sure that it's less than 10 minutes long, smaller than 1 GB in size and in an acceptable format, you're ready to upload it.

1. Click the "Upload" button in the upper right-hand corner of any YouTube page.
2. Enter as much information about your video as possible, including Title, Description, Tags and Category. The more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!
3. Determine if you want your video set to Public or Private.
4. Click the "Upload a Video..." button.
5. In the next window, click the "Browse" button to browse for the video file. Select the file you want to upload.
6. Click the "Upload Video" button.

It can take from a couple of minutes to an hour for your video to upload to YouTube.

If you receive an error message when uploading, you should ensure that you're attempting to upload a file type that's recognized by YouTube. YouTube accepts video files in the .AVI, .MOV, .WMV and .MPG file formats.

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 16:40

Other Points - Most computers come with at least one form of video editing software. Even Windows Movie Maker will work pretty well for simply splicing FRAPS video, but people might want to look into other tools like VirtualDub.

I have a suggestion for the egosoft types, Video Making would be considerably easier in a custom non-dynamic universe. I do plan on fiddling with the Galaxy Editor in furtherance of this but I've not touched it before and this seems like a good thing to have widely available if we're having a competition.

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Post by bounty_hunter66 » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 21:41

where can i sign up?

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Post by Rmaccc » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 08:26

i think theres a flaw in this competition.

to make use of a Matrox Triple Head2Go adapter you need 3 monitors all the same.
or do they come with it ?

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Post by Vitez » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 17:35

If I'm going to miss this competition because of the postal system, the God help the mailman. :skull:
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I don't love Steam.
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Post by SSwamp_Trooper » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 20:08

I think i will have a go now i upgraded my computer :D

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Post by AkrionXxarr » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 20:17

I'd love to do this, as I've made videos for X3:R before. But the FPS issue has to be resolved first. >.<

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HD Video

Post by JRod » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 01:46

Is it possible to use vimeo as it provides HD video sharing? You're stuck with 500MB sizes..but...its HD! This is a beautiful game so HD can only do it justice, if I hadn't just started playing less than two weeks ago I might take the time to make a video, but I still have too much to learn to start something new in X3.

Hope I'm not derailing the thread by suggesting/asking about this, its a free service just like youtube. Caught my eye just two days ago when I saw the new Macbook Pro demo'd in HD!


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Post by YukiN » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 07:26

I am soo in :lol:

although the prizes are kinda crapy, because i don't have nor plan to get 3 monitors , not to mention that i don't read German at all... :?
but i will do it for fun :roll:

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Post by heldar » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 12:08

gah and i dont get my copy of 3xtc till the 31st thanks to stupid swedish store not getting any copys in till then

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Post by Darkaar » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 02:15

oh ! :o

isn't it too soon :?

anyway good marketing thinking :twisted:


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Post by reanor » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 15:44

3 days left - time to get on it.
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Post by SSwamp_Trooper » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 19:12

reanor wrote:3 days left - time to get on it.
From first post:
Closing date is the 30th of november 2008.

Anyway now to my post: I have nearly finished my video, where shall i post it, shall i post it in this thread?

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Post by reanor » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 21:20

Oh, yeah sorry. Why was I thinking that Novemeber = October? :oops:
“The dark and the light, they exist side by side." ... “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars."

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Post by SSwamp_Trooper » Tue, 28. Oct 08, 00:12

This video is a teaser video of my extended one, hope you like. I won't be submitting this one into the competition. Something you have to beat :P

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