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Copy Protection
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PostPosted: Mon, 6. Oct 08, 17:43    Post subject: Copy Protection Reply with quote Print

For the convenience of owners of the game a NoDVD patch has now be issued and is included in the 2.5 update. Applying the 2.5 patch is the simplest way to avoid copy protection related problems. Installing the 2.5 patch after installing the game but before running the game for the first time will ensure that the TAGES drivers are not installed on your system.

The rest of this post is now here purely for information for users of previous versions.

The copy protection system used by all versions of X³: Terran Conflict, including those downloaded from Steam, is TAGES. If you have any problems with the copy protection system or the activation process then you need to visit the TAGES site and click on the Activation link near the top of the page. The TAGES pages include troubleshooting information and instructions on obtaining support for the copy protection system and the activation process directly from TAGES.

Technical support for the copy protection system and the activation process cannot normally be provided on the Egosoft forums, but if you have a technical query relating to either of these which is not covered anywhere on the TAGES site then you may post it here. Please bear in mind, however, that you are quite likely to be redirected back to TAGES support for most such issues.

Note that discussion of other aspects of copy protection, such as personal opinions on the merits or otherwise of specific copy protection methods, is not welcome on the Egosoft forums because it inevitably ends up with someone justifying piracy or other illegal activities.

Toshiba HD-DVD Drives: If you are getting problems with the DVD not being recognised when the disk is in the drive and you have a Toshiba HD-DVD drive (models SD-H802A/SD-L802B/SD-L902A/SD-L912A/TS-L802A) then TAGES support will be unable to help you. These drives have firmware problems that cause them not to function correctly with some commands required by the DVD standard. Unfortunately (perhaps because they are HD-DVD drives) Toshiba appear to have "abandoned" them and no firmware updates are expected that might solve the problem. If you have one of these drives and are getting problems with the disk not being recognised then please PM me (CBJ) and I will provide you with a means to switch to online activation. Please note that these are the only drives known to have compatibility problems, so if you have a different drive then you should contact TAGES support instead. When contacting me about this issue please ensure that your game is registered in your user account and that you have provided a DXDiag report with your request.

Windows 7: The version of the copy protection that comes with the 1.01 DVD version of the game does not work correctly under Windows 7 as the presence of the DVD in the drive is not recognised. TAGES have now released an updated version of their copy protection system which does work with Windows 7. Please note that although this is an official release, has been tested with currently released Beta versions of Windows 7, and is likely to work with subsequent Beta and RC versions, TAGES does not yet officially support Windows 7 and are unlikely to do so until Windows 7 is released as a retail product. As with other copy protection issues, if you have any problems with the copy protection under Windows 7 then please contact TAGES directly.

Online Activation: Download versions of the game, including Steam, use the online activation version of TAGES rather than the disk check version, for obvious reasons. There is a limit on the number of activations, but the activation limit is automatically reset after a certain time so for the vast majority of people this should never be an issue. In the unlikely event that you reach your activation limit and need to have it extended, you can request a manual reset. For the Steam version only you can email us directly on activation@egosoft.com. For other download versions you will need to contact KochMedia or TAGES support. Please include your TAGES activation code in any email so that your request can be processed with minimum delay.

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