Argon Buster paper model

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Argon Buster paper model

Post by the4ce » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 19:17

I hope this is the right forum...

Since I started to play X, (X2 and X3) I wanted to have a model of one of the ships. After some years I found(accidentally) a software(Pepakura Designer) that you could make paper models from 3D files...after asking some questions on the forum I learned how to extract the models from X3: Reunion.

I have edited the model a bit to make it a little easyer to build and then I put it in the software to unfold it.

Here are some pictures with the build model:


This is the result after months of work. I haven't try to make it perfect(I am sad of this now :().

I will upload the model if the moderator's have nothing against

EDIT: The model has been approved. Here you can download it: X-Universe News

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Post by A5PECT » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 19:19


What is this program of which you speak?

What kind of paper did you use?

Oh, and this might belong in the Creative Forum, but I believe it is awesome enough to be placed here, as well. :D
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Post by boebi » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 19:19

Its awsome!

Did it take you months to assemble it? Or how long did it take you to assemble it once printed?

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Post by the4ce » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 19:22

Thank you! The software I used is Pepakura Designer...And it took me about 3 months to assemble and 1 week to design it. :D
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Post by Choljah » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 20:19

Not bad, not bad at all. But if you really want to impress, lets see ya do a Teladi Condor! :D

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Post by Rapier » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 20:29

Awesome as it is, this does belong in the Creative Forum, so we'll be moving in a moment...
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Post by softweir » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 20:56

That is quite stunning! The amount of effort that went into that is very impressive indeed - congratulations!
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Post by Terre » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 22:27

That is really good, very impressive. :thumb_up:

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Post by jannix » Mon, 8. Sep 08, 23:53

Wow. :) Some of you guys on the Creative section like yourself are so unbelievably creative!

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Post by CBJ » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 00:21

Wow! Just wow! Permission has been granted by the man himself (Bernd) for you to upload the model. Egosoft is also willing to host the files if you like, with due credit to you of course.

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Post by SOTS » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 00:41

Holy crap.

The patience... that looks so damn fiddly, I think I'd just end up breaking it.

I think this thread has filled its quota for superlatives, so let me just say this: It's alright.


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Post by The_Abyss » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 01:38

I'm almost ashamed to say that words fail me. What a stellar example of dedication to your task, and a fantastic result.

Simply a great effort.
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Post by fiksal » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 01:39

so say we all! :wink:

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Post by AjaxDude » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 02:32

What a great model!

I dare you to to build a Nova now!
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Post by eladan » Tue, 9. Sep 08, 05:43

I can but echo the other comments. Amazing work. :thumb_up:

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