[SCR] Align ship with ecliptic

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[SCR] Align ship with ecliptic

Post by Gazz » Sun, 20. Apr 08, 18:04

(Das entsprechende deutsche Topic ist hier)

Many spacefighterflygames have a key to align your ship with "the plane".
True 3D is very hard to display on 2D screens so most games (including X3) use basically flat sectors.

There is an Ecliptic Projector but it's implementation leaves a lot to be desired...

This script provides 1 Hotkey.

Allowed Targets:
* If you have one of your own objects targeted then this one will be rotated.
* If not, your own ship will be rotated.

Press Hotkey 1x:
Ship is rotated and aligned with the plane of the ecliptic.

Press Hotkey 2x within 3 sec:
Ship is rotated, aligned with the plane of the ecliptic, and turned "north".

Press Hotkey 3x within 3 sec:
Blahblah . . . "east".

Press Hotkey 4x within 3 sec:
Blahblah . . . "south".

Press Hotkey 5x within 3 sec:
Blahblah . . . "west".

* This script runs as a perfectly normal autopilot command so you can interrupt it at any time.
* Stations do not have autopilot commands so you can not interrupt the script for them. If they appear to lock up you should leave the sector and let the script complete.

* Speed is set to zero. This is not a combat script.

* The turning speeds are roughly equal to the normal turning speeds of the ships.

* It's nice if you can properly arrange your fleet for a screenshot or just don't want to fly upside down. =)

* If you rotate or position stations it can be pretty useful if you can normalize the orientation of your own ship.

Image ZIP, SPK

Resources used:
1 Hotkey

Rotating objects in the vicinity of other objects may be hazardous to their health. Gazz cannot be held liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or any action taken in reliance on this script.
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