Do you think TC should have Multiplayer?

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Should Terran Conflict have Multiplayer?

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Do you think TC should have Multiplayer?

Post by Cyph3rs » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:05

Just wondering what other people thought on this? Personally I felt if they added a Multiplayer to TC that'd be amazing. With game modes like Team Death Match, FFA, Assault the stations (each team has a station and they have to defend theirs, and try to destroy the other teams station)
Or maybe even a mode where its EXACTLY like the X3 singleplayer, but other people can play with you, maybe 16 other players. And you can dock at a station, save and quit, but the other players can continue playing even though your not there. (obviously adding dedicated server support might be a good idea)

If TC had those stuff I'd but it instantly. Even if it cost £70.
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Post by elwayno » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:08

Dunno coz ull get noobs who cause trouble. Itll be tricky to make a mp x-game.
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Post by Fresshness » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:13

Yes, in the sense that there should be an option to play a multiplayer game (I prefer LAN multiplayer, instead of wider internet multiplayer).

No, if it would mean X3TC is a MMO game... but that won't happen. perhaps X4 will be like this. In which case I will not play it.

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Post by quanta_nomad » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:16

Making an X game multiplayer means making another Eve. i think X is the kind of game best enjoyed alone. If you want a persistant world with other human players, EVE is the way to in i hear (not that i can play EVE thanks to my slow net connection.
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Post by pjknibbs » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:39

My answer to this is the same every time it comes up: I want Egosoft to spend their time improving the single player game, not implementing multiplayer.

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Post by Al » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 13:52

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Post by XanII » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 14:04

Agree on that. forget multiplayer. X was never meant to be multiplayer. Just keep daydreaming people.

Dreams are better than trying to pull this stunt for real.

Edit: The moment X gets multiplayer, you will notice that others did it better. Thus lowering X below games like EVE, while it now resides above them when it comes to single player experience.

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Post by Observe » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 14:33

No for reasons discussed zillions of times in polls with same question over the years. :thumb_down:

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Post by Terpoma » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 14:39

While playing X3 I'm always left thinking that it'd be 10x more fun if I could play the custom singleplayer mode with a friend over LAN. I don't care much for deathmatch or internet play, but having the ability for someone else to join your universe, compete with your stations, antagonise your interests, or ally with you against the likes of the Xenon, well... that'd be the best thing ever.

At least, that's what I'd like to see out of X multiplayer - the idea that it'd have to be just space combat, battles or like EVE, is silly. I'd just like it to be X, but with your friends joining in.

Roderick Gibson
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Post by Roderick Gibson » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 14:41

I say NO as I do not get to play that often, so I like the fact the universe stays the same whilst I am not there. I would hate to play for ages, build up my empire a bit the have to go off for a week or so and find everything I have done smashed by people who can play every day :(

Also it is great that I can do things my way, there is no real right or wrong, just how I do it, which is often very inneficient, but hell it is my game!

Shannon Maricle
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Post by Shannon Maricle » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 16:34

I would LOVE to see a small co-op like option.

For instance you can "join" a friends "universe" but only bring 3 ships. So...maybe you take a Frieghter, and 2 M3's to "help out". Help position stations, help with a mission or 2. Etc.

A huge MMO like would totally destory the X for me :/ But the thought of being able to fly with a buddy and help out in some fights would be brilliant.

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Post by Sindai » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 17:45

No. It's not worth the effort when the game was built entirely for singleplayer originally and is as extremely unbalanced as X3 is even after many large patches.

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Post by DeadlyDarkness » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 17:56

I honestly wouldn't mind some kind of deathmatch component ala tie fighter. I doubt that would be too difficult to implement. A single sector battle to show who's the best dogfighter.

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Post by Darkside1 » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 18:26

I think as stands X couldn't handle a multiplayer mode. There's just not enough missions in the universe to handle two people. You'd end up fighting over who is gonna do what mission.

Saying that if the universe was made much bigger and missions were more readily available a co-op mode would be great although I wouldn't prefer it over a more complete single player experience.

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Post by Gazz » Thu, 3. Apr 08, 18:31

You don't need X for head to head dogfighting. Get StarWars Battlefield (or Battlefront - one of those BF games anyway!) and you can dogfight all day long on a space map.

I wonder... if the fliers dogfight, do foot soldiers catfight?

I'd rather see other new features for X3. Maybe an economy that has an origin and a goal. Not the stage acting there is now.
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