[SCR] Attack All Enemies upgrade

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[SCR] Attack All Enemies upgrade

Post by Gazz » Tue, 15. Jan 08, 02:52

Das entsprechende deutsche topic ist hier.

Attack All Enemies... by Gazz v0.51

[ external image ] (ZIP + SPK)

This script upgrades 3 Egosoft combat scripts.
These files are not overwritten so the script can be uninstalled without fuss.

Altered Commands:
* Attack all enemies
* Attack all enemies and land
* Attack one enemy and land

New features:
  • * To find a target a patrol craft scans it's immediate surroundings
    * ... then it's maximum scanner range
    * ... then taps into the satellite network and scans all areas covered by Advanced Satellites.
    * If you see it, so does your local patrol. No more holding hands.
    (Like dooood, that's why we have satellites for!)

    * If a fighter can not detect enemies and returns to it's Homebase it will use a docking computer if installed.
    It will fly towards the carrier without slowing down and dock instantly. Just like a player would.

    * If it can not dock with it's Homebase when it arrives (all docking bays full) it will switch to Protect.
    This way your fighters at least stay with the carrier and don't get lost somewhere.
    Previously, the standard action was to stop dead in space and... wait.

    * Suicide prevention.
    Ships are sorted into 3 categories.

    The order of preferred target selection is:
    Cap ships: M1, M2: attack cap ships, medium, small, stationary ships, stations
    Medium ships: M6, M7, TL: attack medium, small, stationary ships, stations
    Small ships: Fighters attack small, stationary ships

    This last part still needs tweaking in case your ships are attacked by a heavier target. They do not fight back, yet.
    But anyway, they probably wouldn't win if they did. =P
This script is not intended to replace any of the major fleet / carrier management packages and will not grow far (if any) beyond it's current capabilities.
It does no rearming / refueling but merely makes the standard scripts useful.
If an M6 is patrolling a sector with complexes and pirates show up on the satellite scan, I can bloody well expect this M6 to take care of them. Right?

Landing computer use has been a pet peeve of mine for along time. I finally got it right to the point where the ships approach their target at full tilt boogie and dock.
No hanging or waiting scripts any more, as I've sometimes seen with -eni-'s (very good!) Command Upgrade script.

Since this script only controls target selection and returning to base you can still link it to one of the improved Pilot AI scripts for the actual fighting part.
It's just one script call.

Delete the script files or hit Disable in Cycrow's Mod Manager.
The normal Egosoft scripts will reappear the next time you load the game.

Script only available as SPK because this one is automatically overwritten by the old Egosoft commands as soon as it's disabled.

T-Page ID: 7030
Task ID (ships): 7030
Logfile (if enabled): 7030

No (user) command buttons or wares used since it replaces the corresponding old commands.

Version history:
0.51 First release. No bugs!
My complete script download page. . . . . . I AM THE LAW!
There is no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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Post by Liath » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 18:01

Hey Gazz... I tried this script out and I dunno why (tried debug but no messages get posted to log... dunno why, and I'm *certain* that it is indeed calling your script.

The ships set to AAE just... float around with thumbs firmly inserted in their rear. A1E,L script kills the enemy, but then goes to 0 speed and... yeah.

Dunno if you've updated this script or not, but do know that th eone that I got from your site is... broke :(

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Post by richardh » Mon, 19. Jan 09, 09:54

Would very much like to see this TC'd (if it doesn't "just work"). Those crazy pilots on my Tokyo carriers always seem to get fixated on the nearest Xenon Q... and then win the X3 AI Darwin Awards for their trouble. Having a more selective "Attack All Enemies" underneath those dodgy X3TC wing commands would be great!


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