That DDhelp Error makes me mad

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That DDhelp Error makes me mad

Post by Weedy » Mon, 5. Jan 04, 03:38

What Ever i do installing dx or display drivers DDhelp not going away.
've got ddhelp errors when i save a file.
when i do nothing they come. Sometime i am alow to play a couple of hours but i wanna play day after day without ddhelp errors and desktop crash and save coruptions.

Never had ddhelp errors before in my game play.

DX and display drivers are updated so don't tell me that's the reason.
It isn't


:evil: :headbang: I wanna play without starting over again and again

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Re: That DDhelp Error makes me mad

Post by SnowGhost » Mon, 5. Jan 04, 04:22

Weedy WeedCloud wrote: DX and display drivers are updated so don't tell me that's the reason.
It isn't
Hate to say it, but Microsoft think it is a Viedo card driver and/or DirectX version problem. See ... bContent=1

If Microsoft think it is, then there is a damn good chance they are right. If your unwilling to consider that this is correct I doubt you will solve the problem.

I assume you are running DirectX9.0b. However it may not of installed correctly (Yes, shock horror, this can happen). Try re-installing it, if you haven't.

Click Start --> Run. Type in dxdiag.exe Run through all the tests and ensure that all the version numbers match, and that there are no reported errors. On the 'sound' tab, move the 'acceleration' slider down one spot, and try again. Repeat until it either works, or you cannot slide any further down. This was a reported fix in my googling of your problem.

What OS and patches?
What version of Internet Explorer? If it's not 6, upgrade it. If it is 6, do a repair (Control panel --> add/remove programs --> Internet explorer --> remove option and then repair).
What video card do you have, and what driver revision? Maybe an earlier driver version will work?

Try playing the game in a different resolution.

Other things to try, with lower expectations of success. But all this should be on your list of general house cleaning duties anyway.
Run ad-aware and check for spyware.
Run an anti-virus. Try for a free online scanner. I suggest this, because not all AV programs are as good as each other. Maybe you have a virus that your current scanner isn't picking up.
Delete the contents of your temp folder (C:\windows\temp) You don't need anything in here, unless you put it here yourself.
With zero probablility of doing anything useful, run a scandisk and defrag from safe mode. It won't help, won't hurt, and it's an all round good thing to do anyway.

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Never Had ddhelp errors before

Post by Weedy » Mon, 5. Jan 04, 05:57

Sorry m8

I install so many times dx9 i even install whole windows again.
The problem still stay.

Is not normal to get a ddhelp error when i save or do nothing

This is the first time i have dderrors. And yes is hal in hell ;-)

I run a ti 4600 Gforce

But i get crashes with out ddhelp error msg looks like the same routine as with a ddhelp error msg.

Install 2x windows
Lots of time dx9
and my display drivers 2

All my other games are working great (no errors)
Oh sometimes i can play for hours on without errors (If i not save and load between)

Thanks 4 the nice list with tricks but i try everything what was in your tips before even more but it won't help
Still say it's the loading and save issue what's makes the crash

Yeah its
:evil: :headbang: :headbang: again

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